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Subscribe To IP-based Messaging Solutions:
  • Popwatch - Subscribe To Email-To-SMS Forwarding With Spamfilter
  • DesktopSMS - Also For Group And Mass Mailings Form The Desktop
  • OutlookWatch - Poll Email From Behind Firewalls On Desktop Machines
  • PaymentReminder - Integrating Accounting With SMS Pay-Reminders
  • DatabaseSMS - Send And Receive SMS From Within Any Webpage Or Databas
Mobile-Based Consumer Centric Solutions:
  • Flight-Beep - To Notify Departure/Arrival Of Fights (Airline, Travel Agts
  • Alert-Beep - SMS-Alert Any Appointments/Reminders (Dentists, Payments Etc.)
  • Hotel-Beep - Find Last-Moment Hotels By Price & Promotion Nearby
  • Dine-Beep - Find Restaurants By Price & Promotion Nearby.
  • Fun-Beep - Find Last-Moment Pubs&Parties By Price & Promotion Nearby
  • Chat-Beep - Horoscope-Match Friends/Partners match Chat-and-Meet
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