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4th edition of the offline website: April 7, 2004. This new edition includes all files that have been added since July 25, 2003, plus updates to older files.

Each edition runs the website as it was at that date:
4th edition April 7, 2004;
3rd edition July 25, 2003;
2nd edition January 8, 2003;
1st edition December 18, 2002.

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If others are conspiring to impose World Government or World Empire, the people of the world need to know what they're up to, before it's too late. If "human rights" has any meaning at all, this "right to know" is the most important of all.

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If you have the 3rd edition (July 25, 2003), you only need to download the 3rd-to-4th UPDATE zip files, unzip & place these files in the same folder as before, overwriting those with the same names.
3rd-to-4th update files (two, one for html and one for jpg):
(html) (6.8 Mb)
(jpg) (800 Kb).

If you have the first edition (December 19, 2002), or the second edition (January 8, 2003) you should do the first-time download.

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(jpg) (800 Kb) (small; unzips to .doc - read it in a Word Processor) (small; unzips to .doc - read it in a Word Processor) (small; unzips to .doc - read it in a Word Processor) (small; unzips to .doc - read it in a Word Processor)

3. Unzip those 8 files, placing the unzipped files in a single folder of your choice. When upzipping, place the files into the folder you created for the purpose. Choose "select all", then "extract".

4. To run the website, find the file called "index.html", and double-click on it.

5. You can burn CD copies of it, and give copies to friends. The website will run from CD, or from your hard disc.

6. Please report any problems - you might also let me know of your success with this operation:

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