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(1) Mike Stathis is an expert on Finance
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(3) Who Owns the Fed? Elements Of The Jewish Global Banking Mafia - Mike Stathis (2010)
(4) The Zionist Jewish Mafia And Its Enablers - Mike Stathis (2010)
(5) Obama, Puppet Of The Jewish Mafia - Mike Stathis (2010)
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(8) The End of Jewish Separatism? - Reply to Paul Bustion
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(1) Mike Stathis is an expert on Finance

Note some of Mike Stathis' books:


The Wall Street Investment Bible Volume 1

America's Healthcare Solution: An Investment in Your Future


Mike Stathis is an expert on Finance. He knows Wall Street, and he knows Jewish financial dominance. He wrote the articles included below about 2010, and since then has gone to ground. His writings on this topic are no longer online, but are preserved at the Internet Archive.

But since 'he who pays the piper calls the tune', Democratic societies must know who's paying the piper - otherwise, democracy is an illusion. For that reason, I have put this material online.

(2) Mike Stathis wikipedia webpage deleted October 2015



Mike Stathis the chief investment strategist of AVA Investment Analytics, a financial research firm catering to financial institutions.[1][2]

He also serves as the managing principal of Apex Venture Advisors.[3] [...]

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America's Healthcare Solution. 2010. ISBN 978-0-9822579-0-6

The Wall Street Investment Bible. 2009. ISBN 978-0-9755776-9-1 [...]

The Startup Company Bible for Entrepreneurs. 2005. ISBN 0-9755776-0-3

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(3) Who Owns the Fed? Elements Of The Jewish Global Banking Mafia - Mike Stathis (2010)


Elements Of The Jewish Global Banking Mafia

Wednesday, December 15, 2010, by Stathis

I will be expanding this data over the next several months. For now, have a look. I have presented this information for you to keep so that he next time someone calls you an anti-Semite for saying Jews run the world's banking system, you can back up your claims with facts.

I will be compiling similar data regarding the media, corporate America, academia, Washington and other centers of Jewish power.

In the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference, the World Bank and IMF were created. While both are international organizations, they are headquartered in Washington DC. The World Bank is led by Americans while the IMF is led by Europeans.

World Bank is a Jewish-run international bank whose stated purpose is to assist developing nations in need of humanitarian relief, with the stated purpose of reducing poverty, although this serves as a front for its power-grab. Headquartered in Washington DC, the World Bank is really an extension of the Washington crime syndicate.

Currently, the World Bank president is Robert B. Zoellick, a Jew and former Goldman Sachs managing director, PNAC and CFR member, former Deputy Secretary of State and US Trade Representative)

Former World Bank Presidents
Paul Wolfowitz
2005­2007 (JEWISH and former Deputy Secretary of Defense, spearheaded Iraq War with PNAC)
James Wolfensohn 1995­2005 (JEWISH and former Solomon Brothers executive, founder of Wolfensohn & Co)
Lewis T. Preston 1991­1995 (JEWISH and former president and CEO of JP Morgan)
Barber Conable 1986­1991 (JEWISH and former congressman and US senator)
Alden W. Clausen 1981­1986 (JEWISH and former president, chairman and CEO of Bank of America)
Robert McNamara 1968­1981 (not Jewish)
George Woods 1963­1968 (JEWISH former First Boston Bank Chairman)
Eugene R. Black, Sr. 1949­1963 (JEWISH and Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve)
John J. McCloy 1947­1949 (not Jewish, but was very close to Paul Warburg and other Wall Street Jews)
Eugene Meyer 1946­1946 (JEWISH former owner of the Washington Post and Chairman of the Federal Reserve)

International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a Jewish-run bank designed to take over the political power and societal norms of nations in financial distress. Although it claims to be an international fund, it is really an extension of Washington.

The current president of the IMF is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a Jew.

Former IMF Presidents

Rodrigo Rato 2004­2007
Horst Köhler 2000­2004
Michel Camdessus 1987­2000 (?)
Jacques de Larosière 1978­1987 (?)
Johannes Witteveen 1973­1978 (JEWISH)
Pierre-Paul Schweitzer 1963­1973 (JEWISH)
Per Jacobsson 1956­1963 (JEWISH)
Ivar Rooth 1951­1956 (JEWISH)
Camille Gutt 1946­1951 (JEWISH)

The Global Jewish Banking Cartel (Primary Shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank)

Rothschild Bank of London ­ Jewish owned and run
Rothschild Bank of Berlin - Jewish owned and run
Goldman Sachs Bank of New York - Jewish owned and run
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York - Jewish owned and run
American Express - Jewish owned and run
Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris - Jewish owned and run
Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy - Jewish owned and run
Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany - Jewish owned and run
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam - Jewish owned and run
Former Lehman Brothers Bank of New York - Jewish owned and run
Chase Manhattan Bank - Jewish owned and run
Former Bear Stearns - Jewish owned and run

"Give me control of the money of a country and I care not who makes her laws." Meyer Rothschild

Wall Street was formerly controlled largely by the Italian mafia decades ago, although there was still a significant but less conspicuous control by Jews. Over the most recent decades, Italians have been pushed out, retired and replaced with Zionist Jewish mafia.

Chairmen of the Federal Reserve Bank

(Paul Warburg, JEWISH was also a huge force behind the Fed)

Charles S. Hamlin (August 10, 1914 ­ August 10, 1916) JEWISH
William P. G. Harding (August 10, 1916 ­ August 9, 1922) JEWISH
Daniel R. Crissinger (May 1, 1923 ­ September 15, 1927) JEWISH
Roy A. Young (October 4, 1927 ­ August 31, 1930) ? E
ugene I. Meyer (September 16, 1930 ­ May 10, 1933) JEWISH
Eugene R. Black (May 19, 1933 ­ August 15, 1934) JEWISH
Marriner S. Eccles (November 15, 1934 ­ February 3, 1948) not Jewish
Thomas B. McCabe (April 15, 1948 ­ April 2, 1951) JEWISH
William McChesney Martin, Jr. (April 2, 1951 ­ February 1, 1970) not Jewish
Arthur F. Burns (February 1, 1970 ­ January 31, 1978) JEWISH
G. William Miller (March 8, 1978 ­ August 6, 1979) ?
Paul A. Volcker (August 6, 1979 ­ August 11, 1987) JEWISH
Alan Greenspan (August 11, 1987 ­ January 31, 2006) JEWISH
Ben S. Bernanke (February 1, 2006 ­ ) JEWISH

Federal Reserve Board of Governors runs the Federal Reserve

Benjamin S. Bernanke, Chairman - JEWISH
Donald L. Kohn ­ JEWISH
Kevin M. Warsh - JEWISH
Randall S. Kroszner - JEWISH
Tarullo (recently replaced Frederic S. Mishkin) ­ both JEWISH

Presidents of the 12 Federal Reserve District Banks

Boston: Eric S. Rosengren - JEWISH
New York: Timothy F. Geithner (now the Secretary of the Treasury for Obama) - JEWISH
Philadelphia: Charles I. Plosser - JEWISH
Richmond: Jeffrey M. Lacker - JEWISH
St. Louis: James B. Bullard - JEWISH
Minneapolis: Gary H. Stern - JEWISH
Kansas City: Thomas M. Hoenig - JEWISH
Dallas: Richard W. Fisher - JEWISH
San Francisco: Janet L. Yellen (promoted to Board of Governors) - JEWISH
Cleveland: Sandra Pianalto - non-Jew
Atlanta: Dennis P. Lockhart - ?
Chicago: Charles L. Evans - non-Jew

Among the 12 Federal Reserve District Banks, the New York Federal Reserve Bank is the one with all of the power.

Directors of the Federal Reserve Regional Banks (as of 2010)

John F. Fish - JEWISH
Michael T. Wedge - JEWISH
William D. Nordhaus ­ JEWISH
Kirk A. Sykes - JEWISH
Henri A. Termeer - JEWISH

"We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent." Jewish Banker Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate.

(4) The Zionist Jewish Mafia And Its Enablers - Mike Stathis (2010)


The Zionist Jewish Mafia And Its Enablers

Thursday, November 11, 2010, by Stathis

I want to be crystal clear about things. What I am about to discuss has been stated in bits and pieces in the past in some of my previous articles. Here I want to bring things together so that you understand the big picture. And I want to do this by providing you with hand-selected videos that demonstrate these ideas.

This is an article that will take you a couple of hours to finish due to the number of videos I have posted. As you might imagine, I already knew what I wanted to say so virtually all of the time I devoted to this piece was spent selecting the right videos. This took several days.

Hopefully, you will understand why I have sacrificed such a large amount of time preparing this piece. I could have spent this time towards income-generating activities, or at the very least for recreational time. Thus, I hope you spend time to watch each video at least once, and use the piece as a catalyst for further research.

I hope you will also pass this article to everyone you know. And ask them to examine the facts and address the issues rather than impulsively label you as a racist, as they have been programmed to do.

The United States of America is run by a huge crime syndicate, whose center of command includes the Federal Reserve Banking System, Wall Street, corporate America, and the Council on Foreign Relations. It is the Zionist Jewish mafia, and it has been in existence for quite some time. Please have a look at this brief article which discusses the early days of this mafia. Here, I attempt to show you just how powerful and dangerous this mafia has become.

"Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board, a Government Board, has cheated the Government of the United States and he people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt. The depredations and the iniquities of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks acting together have cost this country enough money to pay the national debt several times over. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States; has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the maladministration of that law by which the Federal Reserve Board, and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it".

Louis T. McFadden, the Chairman of the House Banking Committee, June 10, 1932. Source: Congressional Record, House pages 1295 and 1296.

Here is data showing the control of the banking system by the Zionist Jewish Mafia http://www.avaresearch.com/article_details-661.html

The enablers of this syndicate are the media and the CIA. The now declassified Operation Mockingbird project serves as evidence of this.

Now have a look at this staged media segment on the Gulf War in the early 1990s. It's a complete dog and pony show. Notice the fake set designed to make you think they are in the desert. Also notice that about 6:15 into the video, the fraudulent reporter states that the alarm is coming from the hotel. This further confirms the broadcast is taking place from an indoor set within the hotel. Notice the terrible acting job by the two clowns about 7:00 minutes into the video. It's truly comical. There's a good reason why CNN is known as the CIA News Network. But don't think it's only CNN has been taken over by the CIA. The fact is that the control of the entire media establishment in the U.S. is shared by Washington and corporate America.

The Zionist Jewish mafia utilizes its vast network from the media, government, the Federal Reserve and corporate America to misled investors, commit insider trading and other forms of securities fraud. The Federal Reserve creates asset bubbles, and Wall Street pops them. Throughout the process, this mafia extracts enormous amounts of money from unsuspecting investors.

Because this mafia also runs Washington, they rarely go to prison for securities fraud, unless they turn themselves in like Bernie Madoff. Other times, they spend a couple of years in club fed for the right to keep hundreds of billions of dollars they siphoned off from Main Street like Michael Milken the infamous junk bond king of the S&L crisis. Today, he is regarded as a humanitarian and philanthropist when Steve Forbes lists him in the annual Forbes 500. But in the vast majority of cases, they never see jail time for massive fraud such as that seen during the dotcom and real estate bubble. They have their agents in high positions in the SEC, FINRA, CFTC, FTC, FBI, CIA, FDA and hundreds of other government agencies. They use part of these stolen funds to buy off Washington. And when Israel wants war, Washington is ever so happy to send U.S. troops into the Middle East. Washington also dips its hands into the pot through back-end deals with their friends from America's military-industrial complex.

The Israeli military attack on the USS Liberty more than forty years ago served as a precedent for many false flag attacks since then, including the two attacks on the World Trade Center. The now declassified Operation Northwoods adds additional evidence to the CIA's role in many other events, both domestic and global that has resulted in a variety of responses from Washington, including the Patriot Act.

You cannot change the facts. I advise you to conduct your own research and see for yourself. Make no mistake. The so-called alternative media is also a prime player in this plot. While disguised as a truth movement, virtually all of the alternative media venues are in reality fronts for controlled opposition and disinformation. [...]

(5) Obama, Puppet Of The Jewish Mafia - Mike Stathis (2009-2010)


Who REALLY Runs The Show?

Friday, May 22, 2009, by Stathis

If you think President Obama runs America, think again.

Like many U.S. presidents before him, Obama is merely a puppet. Larry Summers is making most of the decisions. He's pulling Obama's strings in the same manner he pulls Geithner's. And then we have Rahm Emanuel, another Zionist similar to Summers and Geithner. In fact, I'd like you to count the number of Jewish individuals in Obama's staff; Robert Gates, Mary Shapiro....the list is long. But this is nothing new. Bush, Clinton and those before had Zionist agents scattered throughout the White House. Today, the Zionist control of Washington is at record levels. But even Summers himself is somewhat of a puppet.

The bigger guys of the "round table" like George Soros and other Zionists are in control. They use the power of Israeli lobbyist groups like AIPAC to dictate both foreign and domestic U.S. policies. Meanwhile, as Obama gives carte blanche to the Federal Reserve's inside man (tax cheat Geithner) to destroy the dollar along with Fed Chairman Bernanke, Soros and those in his circle are shorting it.

Have a look at the domination of the media industry.

Perhaps now you realize why America is always causing problems (that are twisted into "defending" ourselves or righting wrongs) in the Middle East.

Perhaps now you understand why Israel receives our most advanced weaponry and billions in aid each year, without ever having paid back a dime.

As strange as it may sound, the Arabs are also in on the game. But their role is much more restricted.

You see, the Saudis have helped the dollar become the universal currency by demanding dollar payments for oil over 35 years ago. That's about the full extent of Arab control.

But still, it's quite significant since this relationship helps fuel America's Ponzi scheme economy.

How? Well since you must have the dollar to buy oil virtually everywhere in the world, what this means is that the Fed can print endless dollars and inflation won't be centered exclusively in the U.S. It will be exported throughout the globe.

Without the help of the Saudis, America would likely have hyperinflation. [...]

When you control the media, you control the minds of the people. You determine their perception of reality. When you control the money, you control the lives of the people. You decide when to create economic bubbles and when to burst them. And of course, "we cannot let a crisis be wasted." Finally, when you control the government, together, this control makes the people mere slaves to their masters. The banking system, Wall Street, the media, Washington? All under the control of the Jewish Mafia.

There isn't much left now is there. It's time to wake up. These are not my opinions. They are facts which can be verified by research. So if you doubt these claims, I suggest you verify them for yourself. Things don't have to be this way. If the people retake America from the elitists, we can stay out of the Middle East and focus on solving our many problems. We can put a leash on the crooked bankers, Wall Street and corporate America. We can hold our politicians accountable. We can gain TRUE energy independence, and we can avoid wars. As you might imagine, America's Zionist-controlled media would never mention these issues. And if you mention them, you will be called an Anti-Semite as a way to silence you. This form of social intimidation must end and the truth must be discussed. [...]

Meanwhile, the puppets are the politicians in Washington. The primary force comprising this syndicate is the Zionist Jewish Mafia.

While all of the players in this plot are certainly not Jewish, they all have Zionist interests. Many of the Gentiles are used as puppets. They are typically known as the neo-cons (although neo-cons are also comprised of Zionist Jews).

Together, this vast and complex network uses not only the media and think tanks to reprogram the population, but they have hundreds of organizations which are tied to the Israeli government, used to slander, intimidate, and vilify those who dare to expose the agendas and crimes of this mafia.

They have created the most extensive and powerful criminal syndicate in world history which extends throughout much of the globe. And they have established the perfect cover. Anyone who dares criticize the relationships found within the media, banking system, the educational system, corporate America and Washington are labeled as conspiracy theorists and nut jobs, or racists and anti-Semites. Rather than investigate these claims, the population is most often fooled by these attacks.

A very small list of these groups includes AIPAC, American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, ACLU, ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center. These groups have very strong connections with academia, Washington and corporate America.

Together with hundreds of Jewish-run think tanks, these organizations have been instrumental in determining social and economic policy. And many of these organizations are direct extensions of Israeli intelligence. And they are spying on the U.S. government and civilians. They have bought off all state and federal politicians and many other officials. Effectively, Israel, with the assistance of the Zionist Jewish mafia, has installed a puppet government in the U.S.

The next video is a press release discussing the how the San Francisco ADL office was caught spying on thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations in the U.S.; namely on individuals opposed to Israel's illegal activities in the Occupied West bank and Gaza. However, note how the individual also discusses a huge Israeli spy ring scattered throughout the U.S. as well as payoffs to police officers and politicians.

As I have stated on many occasions, Mossad was responsible for 9-11. If you are not convinced of this, I suggest you do some research.

This vast network of organizations and their insiders in Washington, academia, and other institutions have been responsible for affirmative action, political correctness, open immigration, revisionist history, multiculturalism, gay rights, destruction of Christianity, destruction of free speech, hate crimes law, and other policies that have weakened the heritage, freedoms and sovereignty of the United States.

At this point, I shouldn't have to discuss the control Wall Street by the Zionist Jewish mafia. All one has to do is check who runs the big Wall Street firms and holds other top positions in Wall Street. ==


Obama, Puppet Of The Jewish Mafia (Part 1)

Monday, December 20, 2010, by StathisFont

"The great majority of the Senate of the United States...somewhere around 80 percent...are completely in support of Israel, anything Israel wants. This has been demonstrated time and again, and this has made it difficult."

"The Israelis object to an imposed settlement I don't know what they mean by an imposed settlement. It's quite obvious, without the all out support by the United States in money and weapons and so on the Israelis couldn't do what they've been doing. So we bear a very great share of the responsibility for the continuation of this...of this state of warfare."

Senator William J. Fullbright

Fulbright made these statements during CBS's "Face the Nation" in 1973. Since that time, Israel's control over Washington has grown tremendously, like a malignant cancer.

Is this really true you ask?

I'll let you decide for yourself. ==


Obama, Puppet Of The Jewish Mafia (Part 2)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010, by StathisFont

I continue where I left off from Part 1.

So let's have a look at more of Obama's Jewish appointees.

David Axelrod ­ Special Adviser to the President; Axelrod, a Zionist Jew serves as Obama's political strategist. He is also very well connected in the business and political area, as well as within the big Jewish money in Chicago such as the large Pritzker family of billionaires.

Jared Bernstein ­ Chief Economist and Economic Policy Adviser to the Vice President. Bernstein comes from the Jewish-led right-wing think tank, the Economic Policy Institute. Although the EPI claims it is non-partisan, the facts arguably reveal a different story. The EPI has been known for its research into the economic impacts of free trade. However, ever since Bernstein moved to the White House, the EPI has stayed clear of the subject.

Rahm Emanuel - White House Chief of Staff; son of a Zionist terrorist; dual-citizen of Israel and America. Yet, when it came time for serving his nation, Emanuel didn't join the U.S. military during the Gulf War. He served in served in Israel's military. Similar to most U.S.-Israeli dual citizens, it's clear that Emanuel's top loyalty is with Israel. I consider such a mentality to present a threat to U.S. national security.

Prior to entering Washington, Emanuel utilized Jewish Mafioso networking to secure a lucrative job at an investment bank, although he had no prior experience in business. But that didn't matter because he was Jewish. And if you are Jewish and you work on Wall Street, you will make a huge sum of money. Emanuel lived up to this reputation, pulling in over $15 million in less than 3 years at the firm.

While serving in Congress, Emanuel was the top House recipient of donations from Wall Street, hedge funds, private equity fund, banks, and the overall financial industry during the 2008 election cycle, all while the financial crisis was collapsing. It looks like Wall Street knows where its money is best-spent.

Tim Geithner ­ Treasury Secretary and formerly President of the New York Fed (which is by far the most powerful and influential branch of the Fed). But you shouldn't assume that he is a winner just because he holds a high office. Most individuals in the U.S. in positions of power got there because they have done the right things for the wrong people. This applies to the private sector as much as in the public. Geithner was one of the key architects of the Bear Stearns giveaway to JP Morgan, as well as TARP. Like virtually all of Obama's appointees, Geithner has been a complete disaster and has been a total failure at every position he has served.

Mary Schapiro ­ Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission; Schapiro was Chairman of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority since 2007. As a reward for her role in negligence resulting in the global economic collapse, Schapiro was appointed to head the SEC by Obama. Despite the PR campaign rolled out by the SEC since missing the Madoff Ponzi scheme, I can assure you there will be no change from this criminal organization. It's all hot air. I know this from personal experience.

Schapiro is no more than a career politician, having served in every Presidential administration since Reagan. But she is also a former executive for Duke Energy and Kraft Foods, introducing additional conflict of interest. As an exercise, you might want to examine the Board of Directors of each of these companies and count how many members are Jewish.

If you've often wondered why it is that Wall Street and commercial banks get away with so much fraud, you might want to ask yourself why it is that Jews are so often appointed the role of regulating Wall Street and the banks. You don't think that the powerful Jewish networking and comradery plays a role in this?

I'd like to point to the case of Bernie Madoff as a recent example. We can also examine the fate of junk bond king and insider trading crook from the Savings and Loan scandal, Michael Milken. In addition to the SEC, more important, Milken had the help of his colleagues in the Department of Justice. Perhaps this is why he only spend a couple of years in club fed, and reentered the free world with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Below is a list of SEC chairmen and commissioners during the time period that Milken committed securities fraud and was investigated thereafter. Surprise, surprise, virtually every top SEC official during that period is Jewish. Notably, Mary Shapiro was an SEC commissioner at the time of Milken's investigation. Is everything beginning to make sense now? ==

Anyone who knows a bit of history is aware of the long stretch of Ponzi schemes, insider trading activities, penny stock pump and dump scams, and other forms of white collar crime dominated by Jews. If you are unaware of this association, I suggest you research it for yourself. You can bet there will be many more Madoffs and Wall Street frauds.

Why not put some gentiles in charge and let's see the results.

Below is a complete list of SEC Chairmen and Commissioners. As you can see, a very large number have been Jewish. [...]

Gary Gensler ­ Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Gensler not only served in the Clinton Administration as Undersecretary of the Treasury and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, he's also a seasoned Goldman Sachs insider after spending 18 years at the infamous firm as an executive. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house! Gensler joins a long list of other Jews from Wall Street who have held this spot. As you can see, almost every single one of the previous CFTC chairmen have been Jewish. [...]

Elena Kagan ­ Solicitor General, recently appointed to the Supreme Court, despite having no experience as a judge. Now the U.S. Supreme Court is comprised of 33% Jews. This means Jews are overrepresented on the Supreme Court by about 15 times versus their proportion in the U.S. population.

Meanwhile, WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) have absolutely no representation whatsoever in the U.S. Supreme Court despite the fact that there are anywhere from 80 to 140 million WASPs in the U.S. Although this number is still large, WASPs have declined significantly in the U.S. population over the last century as the strong push by Jews have reformed immigration laws to foster the multiculturalism time bomb.

As a suspected lesbian and strong advocate against hate speech, Kagan is well-suited to carry out the mission of the Zionist Jewish mafia. She has even stated that she would go so far as to alter the First Amendment in order to combat hate speech. Just what is hate speech anyway? Based on what I have seen, it is speech that points to documented facts regarding a certain, race, religion, ethnicity or gender. That is not hate speech. It merely represents the presentation of factual data. At worst, it represents personal opinions. People must be free to express their ideas, whether it be hatred towards others or criticisms of crimes.

Sally Katzen ­ Major legal adviser to Obama-Biden

Ron Klain ­ Chief of Staff to the Vice President

Eric Lander and Harold E. Varmus ­ Co-Chairs of the President's Council of Advisers on Science/Technology

James Steinberg ­ Deputy Secretary of State; Steinberg is known as a "hardcore Zionist and Israel First-man," so how would it be possible for him to remain objective when dealing with Middle East foreign policy? Like many of the top power positions in Washington, this one has been dominated by Jews for decades. [...]

Penny Pritzker ­ Obama's National Finance Chair during the election cycle; she is a billionaire heiress of the Pritzker family fortune. Like most billionaires (in my opinion) the Pritzker's are wealthy for a very good reason, and it doesn't have much to do with honest hard work. Have a look at one of the Pritzker's previous businesses, Superior Bank. See here and here.

Apparently, the Pritzker's are so crooked, they've even cheated their own family members out of money. Yet, these are people Obama associates with. Of course, he has no choice. If you don't kiss up to Jews and Israel, your political career won't last too long, as every politician in Washington realizes. See here.

Robert Reich ­ Economic adviser to Obama-Biden

Dennis Ross ­ Obama's Ambassador-At-Large in the Middle East, Obama's "top envoy" for the Israeli-Middle East conflict. He also served in the HW Bush and Clinton Administrations under which little progress was made in the Israeli/Palestinian issue

Robert Rubin ­ Economic adviser to Obama-Biden; well-known as former Treasury Secretary and Wall Street scumbag.

Daniel B. Shapiro ­ Head the Middle East Desk at the National Security Council

Phil Schiliro ­ Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs

Larry Summers ­ Director of the White House National Economic Council; former Secretary of Treasury under Clinton, chief economist at the World Bank, with numerous ties to Wall Street. Summers derail efforts to regulate derivates in the 1990s along with Greenspan, Rubin and others. As Harvard president on a small committee overseeing the university's endowment fund, he approved a very risky interest rate swaps investment position of over $3.5 billion, costing the university nearly $1 billion in losses.

Paul Volcker ­ Chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board

Shelia Bair ­ Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Working with her former colleagues at the U.S. Treasury and associates at the Federal Reserve and Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), Bair has authorized seizure of hundreds of banks over the past three years, many of which were not insolvent as the agency has claimed.

These fraudulent seizures were specifically executed in order to enable the banking cartel to buy up assets at pennies on the dollar using finance capital that was borrowed at close to no cost from the Federal Reserve. Ultimately, these funds have come at the expense of tax payers, consumers and workers because the record-low interest rates have served to diminish the buying power of the dollar, which has whittled down wages and savings. Finally, such low interest rates have widened the pension deficits, ensuring higher taxes and reduced benefits.

Karen Mills ­ Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA)

Douglas Shulman - IRS Commissioner

Austan Goolsbee (replaced Romer)­ Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers

Other staff of the CEA: [...]

Former Chairmen and Commissioners of the FCC [...]

Eric Lander - Chairman of the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Ken Feinberg - TARP Executive Compensation

Richard Holbrooke - Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan

Ron Bloom ­ Senior Advisor of the President's Automotive Task Force

Alan Bersin - Special Representative for Border Affairs, Dept. of Homeland Security

Todd Stern - Special Envoy for Climate Change

Lynn Rosenthal - Advisor to the President and the Vice President on Domestic Violence and Sexual

Daniel Fried - Special Envoy Guantanamo, US Department of State

Dennis Ross - Special Advisor for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia (which includes Iran)

Jeffrey D. Zients - United States Chief Performance Officer and Deputy Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget

Cass Sunstein - Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs from within the Office of Management and Budget

John P. Holdren ­ Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy Ezekiel Emanuel - White House Medical Czar

Richard Haass - Ambassador-at-large

Jon Leibowitz ­ Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission

Joined by FTC Commissioners William Kovacic, J. Thomas Rosch, Edith Ramirez, Julie Brill

Dr. Margaret Hamburg ­ Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration

As you can see, the vast majority of previous FDA Commissioners have been Jews. Do I need to remind you of the FDA's track record? It is only rivaled by that of the SEC. [...]

Janet A. Napolitano - Department of Homeland Security; she follows Michael Chertoff, who headed the DHS under Bush

Mona Sutphen ­ Deputy White House Chief of Staff; 2nd behind Emanuel

Benjamin S. Bernanke - Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System

Donald L. Kohn - Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System

Stephen Friedman - Chairman, Board of Directors, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Timothy F. Geithner - Secretary, United States Department of the Treasury

Neal S. Wolin - Deputy Secretary, United States Department of the Treasury

Robert B. Zoellick - President, World Bank

Dominique Strauss-Kahn - Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Ron Bloom - Senior Counselor for Manufacturing Policy, President

Steven L. Rattner - Director, Presidential Task Force on the Automotive Industry

Neil M. Barofsky - Special Inspector General, Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)

Kenneth R. Feinberg - Special Master for Executive Compensation, Treasury Dept

John E. Bowman - Director, Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)

Daniel J. Roth - President and CEO, National Futures Association

Hannah Rosenthal ­ Special Envoy to Combat Anti-Semitism, U.S. State Department; prior to being appointed to this new position in 2009, Rosenthal headed the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

The State Department in a Nov. 20, 2009 statement noted" a growing trend of anti-Semitic hate crimes and discrimination around the world."

If there is discrimination against Jews in the U.S., it sure isn't seen in the labor market.

In fact, we see quite the opposite, as Rick Sanchez recently alluded to. Yet, you never hear about workplace discrimination based on Jews favoring Jews. If you are wondering why you have never heard about such cases, you need to consider who the most power judges are, and who runs the biggest most powerful law firms.

According to the State Department, Rosenthal will "work with governments and civil society organizations across the globe to promote tolerance.

My question is tolerance for what? Unpunished crimes by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve? A continuation of apartheid in Israel?

Perhaps instead of looking to discipline people who have become upset at the lack of prosecution of crimes by the Zionist Jewish mafia, Washington should focus on indicting the Wall Street executives, getting rid of the Federal Reserve, and stop providing aid to Israel (at least) until it stops ethnic cleansing.

In reality, Rosenthal's role will be to promote what has already been declared as a disaster in Germany, multiculturalism. To her credit, it would appear that Rosenthal seems to have non-Zionist views. As a result, she has drawn intense criticism from ADL's Abe Foxman as well as several Jewish publications. For instance, in a speech Rosenthal gave a couple of years ago, she implied there was a difference between American Jews and Jews living in IsraelÉ

"It's a scary time, with people losing the ability to differentiate between a Jew, any Jew, and what's going on in Israel."

Of course, as I'm sure she knows, not all Jews in Israel support the Zionist activities against the Palestinians. The same can be said of Jews in the U.S. At the same time, most Jews in the U.S. support Zionism.

It's difficult to know whether she will cave in to pressure from the Zionist extremists in Washington and various Jewish organizations like the hate organization the ADL. But for the time being Rosenthal seems to be one of the more reasonable Jews in Washington, with a difficult task given her apparent sense of differentiation between Jews and Zionist Jews. See here.

Still not convinced that Jews run Washington? Well let's have a look at Obama's 32 czars, most of which are Jewish.

Afghanistan Czar - Richard Holbrooke (Jewish)
AIDS Czar - Jeffrey Crowley (Jewish)
Auto Recovery czar - Ed Montgomery (Jewish)
Border Czar - Alan Bersin (Jewish)
Car Czar - Ron Bloom (Jewish)
Central Region Czar - Dennis Ross (Jewish)
Domestic Violence Czar - Lynn Rosenthal (Jewish)
Drug Czar - Gil Kerlikowske (Jewish)
Economic Czar - Paul Volcker (Jewish)
Energy and Environment Czar - Carol Browner (Jewish)
Faith-Based Czar - Joshua DuBois
Great Lakes Czar - Cameron Davis
Green Jobs Czar - Van Jones (resigned on Sept. 6)
Guantanamo Closure Czar - Daniel Fried (Jewish)
Health Czar - Nancy-Ann DeParle
Information Czar - Vivek Kundra
International Climate Czar - Todd Stern (Jewish)
Mideast Peace Czar - George Mitchell
Pay Czar - Kenneth Feinberg (Jewish)
Regulatory Czar - Cass Sunstein (Jewish)
Science Czar - John Holdren (Jewish)
Stimulus Accountability Czar - Earl Devaney
Sudan Czar - J. Scott Gration
TARP Czar - Herb Allison
Terrorism Czar - John Brennan (?)
Technology Czar- Aneesh Chopra
Urban Affairs Czar - Adolfo Carrion Jr.
Weapons Czar - Ashton Carter
WMD Policy Czar - Gary Samore

What about Congress?

Well, prior to the recent election there were around 50 Jewish congressmen and senators out of less than 440. That means Jews are overrepresented 6 times in proportion to their composition in the U.S. population.

But it gets worse. Jews serve as the chair for virtually every major committee in Washington. Let's have a look at some examples:

Sander Levine/House Ways and Means Committee
Carl Levine/Senate Arm Services Committee
Henry Waxman/Senate Committee for Commerce
Howard Berman/House Foreign Relations Committee
Senator Joseph Lieberman/Senate Committee for Homeland Security
Barney Frank/House Finance Committee
Senator Diane Feinstein/Senate Intelligence Committee
Senator Barbara Boxer/Senate Committee for Public Works

Of course, the real control over Washington comes in the form of lobbyists. The most powerful and feared lobbyist group in Washington is AIPAC, the main Israeli lobby.

Virtually every congressman and senator in Washington has been bought off by AIPAC. As a result, Israel and Jewish interests run U.S. foreign and domestic policy, as discussed by Professors Walt and Mearsheimer.

Furthermore, the Zionist Jewish owned Washington Post even admits that 60% and 35% of campaign contributions for the Democratic and Republican Party respectively comes from Jewish sources.

But there's an even bigger twist. According to the Post, the vast majority of campaign contributions for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came from the U.S. Now who in the U.S. do you suppose made those contributions? I hope you can see what is going on here.

I don't want you to think that Obama is the first president to have been made a puppet for the Zionist Jewish mafia. Bush, Clinton and several presidents before them have served a similar role. All you have to do to be convinced is research the number of Jews in prominent positions for each previous president as I have done for Obama. In the future, I will list some of Clinton and Bush's appointees.

Whether you are European-American, Asian-American, African-American or Jewish-American, if you are loyal to the U.S., you should be very concerned with the control over America by the Zionist Jewish mafia and Israel.

Here is a reminder of this mafia.

Here is data showing the control of the banking system by the Zionist Jewish Mafia

For those of you who might be inclined to think I "hate Jews," you need to trace the roots of your thought process. The source of any mentality that links hate for a group of people with exposing the truth comes from the Zionist-controlled media, as well as the hundreds of Zionist-run organizations which have remolded what you are supposed to discuss.

This mentality has been intentionally designed so as to shield the criminal activities of the Zionist mafia from any criticism. If you are Jewish and of good moral character, I salute you as I would anyone else.

I could care less about religious differences among groups. I don't like any mafia, whether it's Italian, Catholic, Islamic, Buddhist or Zionist. In reality, there are many characteristics found within the general Jewish population that I admire. It's the Zionist Jews that I am concerned about.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of American Jews are Zionists and do not even realize it. Accordingly, I continue to encourage everyone, Jewish or not, who wish to fight against the Zionist takeover of the U.S. One of the best ways to do this is to spread the truth about Zionist crimes, power and control.

Some of you might ask why it is a problem that Jewish Americans control Washington.

First, you have to keep in mind that Jews more than any other race (and they do claim to be a distinct race which has been recently verified through genomics studies) stick together like superglue.

Now there is certainly nothing wrong with bonding with people you share common things with. We see it in every race and ethnicity. However, this racial bonding is often taken to such an extreme that it often results in workplace discrimination, thereby denial opportunities to non-Jews who may be equally if not more qualified.

Second, because Jews control key industries as well as virtually every aspect of the U.S., they have an ability to reshape the societal, moral, ethnic, racial, cultural and economic backbone of the nation. This becomes especially worrisome when we consider that American Jews are dual-citizens of Israel.

Jewish people have a long and rich culture like every other people of the world. Like every other race, you will find both good and bad. Perhaps I am wrong but in my view, people do not inherently express distaste for others not of their kind simply because they look or act different.

At the end of the day, most people gravitate or separate themselves from others due to the moral fabric they exhibit. While some individuals chose to discriminate or express hatred towards Jewish people for their religious preference or even for events from ancient history, I feel this is the exception rather than the rule.

There are certainly Jewish Americans that are fine individuals. However, based on my own experience the honorable Jews are not Zionists. And they don't rely on Jewish networking to the extent that it creates unfair treatment and qualifies as discrimination.

If you run across a Jewish supremacist; one who holds himself out to be superior, the snotty-nosed mentality, you can bet he or she is a Zionist Jew. At the end of the day, you are judged by your character.

It is human nature for people to align themselves with or separate themselves from people based on financial motivations. In other words, some individuals will do whatever they can in order to receive favoritism in commerce. However, there comes a point when things can be taken to an extreme such that it creates severe disadvantages for others.

It should be clear that Zionist Jews control Wall Street and the banking system. As you might imagine, Jews receive extra special treatment on Wall Street, leading to more promotions and higher incomes. I know this from first-hand experience when while working for the Jewish-dominated firm Bear Stearns.

If you work in the financial industry and point to the domination of the industry by Jews or criticize the control of America by Israel, you are likely to face severe consequences in a variety of ways. You may be fired. Or you might not receive promotions. The list is of consequences is endless. The same may be said about the media, Hollywood and corporate America. This accounts largely for the reason why so many people are afraid to speak out.

Zionist Jews have effectively caused the societal and economic collapse of the U.S. This is a process that has been under way for several decades. In the process, they have created covers, distractions, deflections and used many other tactics so as to shield any criticism from alert individuals who recognize their powerful and vast global network.

All I wish for is equity among people and the return of America back to its roots. That means affirmative action and political correctness must go. It also means work place discrimination and favoritism must go. It also means that all U.S. citizens must place America as their top priority. That means America must not permit any of its citizens to hold dual citizenship. Finally, AIPAC must go.

To those Jews who may be reading this and do not wish to be categorized as Zionists, you need to speak out against the agendas and activities of the Zionist mafia. The more you distance yourselves from this mafia, the more you will be viewed with integrity.

Finally, I leave you with the definition of anti-Semitism, as interpreted by one of the great non-Zionist Jews ...

"Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world... the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity."

Albert Einstein, quoted in Collier's Magazine, November 26, 1938

(6) The End of Jewish Separatism

by Peter Myers, July 19, 2021

I have been engaging in political action since 1990, and in the first 20 years of that, what was called "The Jewish Lobby" was a matter for concern.

Then, activists noticed that, instead of one, there were two Jewish lobbies. One, the Left one, was Globalist and wanted to limit Zionism, e.g. by making peace with the Palestinians and neighbouring countries. The other, the Right one, was aggressive and intimidating, in Netanyahu's style.

In the Trump years, considerable enmity developed between the two, which we could now call the Globalists and the Zionists. Opponents of Political Correctness, such as myself, found much in common with neocon-minded Jewish activists like David Horowitz, although we could not agree where Israel was concerned.

So-called "self-hating Jews", like Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen and Lasse Wilhelmson, became tighly integrated into anti-PC circles. Some, like Gilad Atzmon, called themselves "ex Jews", but in any case, there was no separatism between them and others.

Covid-19 has since brought intense division to families (including mine - I am the odd one out), nations, and ethnic and religious groups. Whilst the Big Pharma companies are likely to be quite Jewish, given their ties to Wall Street, Jewish opposition to the Vaccines and Mandates has also been striking. And, once again, Jewish separatism is lacking, on both sides of the debate.

Dr Francis Boyle has pursued legal avenues to prosecute those officials who risked Gain of Function experiments, and to help stop Vaccine Mandates.

Dr Simone Gold was a leader in America's Frontline Doctors. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko developed a treatment protocol including HCQ and Ivermectin. Dr Thomas Levy endorsed Hydrogen peroxide (HP) nebulization, and Dr David Brownstein's videos with his patients showed the benefits until he was forced to take them down.

I have not asked any of them about their identities, but my impression is that the "Them and Us'" which once divided Jews and non-Jews is dissolving fast.

(7) The End of Jewish Separatism? - Paul Bustion

From: Paul Bustion <pbustion99@gmail.com> Subject: End of Jewish Separatism?


I was just looking at your newsletter and you made what seemed to me frankly a bizarre statement:

'I have not asked any of them about their identities, but my impression is that the "Them and Us'" which once divided Jews and non-Jews is dissolving fast.'

I read everything up until that statement. I will read the rest later. That statement does not make sense to me and nothing you said before the statement is evidence for it, in my view.

I particularly want to focus on this statement:

'So-called "self-hating Jews", like Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen and Lasse Wilhelmson, became tighly integrated into anti-PC circles. Some, like Gilad Atzmon, called themselves "ex Jews", but in any case, there was no separatism between them and others.'

I disagree with your view of these people as essentially not being Jews. I see them as Anti-Zionist Bolshevist Jews. Atzmon's Anti-Zionist statements strongly resemble 'AntiWhite' and 'AntiColonialist' narratives condemning the British Empire and similar 'White' colonial empires. Another interesting thing about that is the links of the British Empire to the Jewish lobbies that founded Israel and to Freemasonry.

Atzmon and Shamir both write for the Unz Review. Adam Green did an episode discussing Unz. Unz is essentially a pro-Russian propagandist. Putin is, in Green's view (which I agree with) a crypto-Jew or at least an agent of Jews, and essentially upholds Stalin's kind of Bolshevism that combines Russian nationalism with Bolshevism. Green believes, as do I, that Putin opposes the Zionist machinations in the Middle East so that Russia can present itself as liberator against Western regimes.

You discuss the Jewish role in pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine movements as a reason that Jewish separateness is ending. I disagree there, too. I see the role of Jews in both movements as duplicitous. Jews create the problem of vaccines, which appear to me to be bad after having reviewed the evidence, and they offer the solution of the anti-vaccine movement, which they slyly insert Jewish mysticism into. That just seems like another Jewish dialectic to undermine the Goyim.

So I don't agree with your perspective that Jewish separateness is ending. I believe that Jews are using Covid to undermine others. I believe that they are using it to create controlled opposition AntiJewry, too. I believe that they want the Goyim to figure out the role of Jews in the lockdowns and vaccination, so as to deliberately inspire hostility against themselves, for their controlled opposition.

(8) The End of Jewish Separatism? - Reply to Paul Bustion

by Peter Myers, November 20, 2021

Firstly, let me acknowledge the death of Lasse Wilhelmson, some months ago. That's why I was careful to put the sentence mentioning him, in the past tense. He died suddenly, after a long period of good health.

When I first met Israel Shamir online about 20 years ago, he made a statement which included praise of Trotsky. But since then, the Trots have branded him a 'Nazi', and had him arrested (temporarily) by Israeli Police as a 'Swedish Fascist' impersonating a Jew.

He converted to Christianity, an act which automatically severs his Jewish membership. But Spinoza was excommunicated, yet has since been esteemed by leftish Jews including David Ben Gurion. I recall that the church that Shamir joined is aligned with the James faction rather than the Paul faction, and may have some Ebionite ancestry. Shamir said that he became a Christian partly to become a Palestinian; obviously, there are Palestinian members of that church too.

I don't treat the question of whether these "self-hating Jews" are Jews or ex-Jews, as very important. Could it be that "what is a Jew" is undergoing great change at present? It was always likely that Jewish separatism would end one day. I believe that it is happening before our eyes; we are part of it.

In the same way, I am not sure whether I am still a Catholic or not. In traditional terms, I am not; yet only in the future will it be possible to decide this question. Despite my disavowing traditional Catholicism, Shamir has called me "our Catholic friend". He commonly uses the royal plural.

Gilad Atzmon has addressed Trotskyist meetings to put his case, implying to me that he once considered himself a Trotskyist. But as Trots have come out against him, he has probably realized their true agenda, and severed ties with them.

Paul Eisen is the biggest pariah of those I named above. The Lobby targets Atzmon, in part, because of his friendship with Eisen. When the media taunted Jeremy Corbyn about mixing with Antisemites, they meant Paul Eisen.

Eisen dared to compare Hitler's paintings (of his younger years, when he was still a Christian) with those of a Jewish artist, Hermann Nitsch.

Hitler, in those pre-Nazi years, painted natural scenes and Christian themes, eg. "Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus Christ", "Bathing in a Mountain Lake", "Mountain scene with wayside cross", and "Karls-Church, Vienna".

Nitsch painted obscenities and blasphemous themes, e.g. "Naked girl, resting in the bloody guts of a butchered sow", "Jesus, crucified together with a butchered pig", "Girl, together with a butchered pig under a cross", and "Jesus under bleeding pig".

Eisen noted:

'Adolf Hitler is called the Austrian "house painter", not painter or artist. Hermann Nitsch on the other hand is praised as being one of the greatest Austrian artists ever lived. On August 10, 1998 he concluded one of his most successful open air exhibitions of "modern art", lasting for one week.

'Nitsch was cheered by the Austrian Chancellor, Ministers and other Government officials. All politically correct Parties in Austria were in praise of the "unique artwork" of Hermann Nitsch. This genius is sponsored with millions of Euros by the Austrian government in order to secure the on-going production of his works.

'The Austrian government and the media believe that Nitsch can uplift one's spirit by his "touching creations" - naked girls, resting in the bloody guts of butchered sows. On the other hand an individual will go to prison for up to 15 years in Austria if he possesses and shows or exhibits a piece of an Adolf Hitler painting."' [...]

'Whose works do you want your children to see? Nitsch's "arts" or Hitlers "ugly scribbles"?'

I have restored Eisen's original webpage, with the photos of the artwork, to Eisen-artist-&-housepainter.pdf

My webpage The Death of Art deals with the above, and also
- Israel Shamir attests Jewish domination of the Art world
- Soros Centers for Contemporary Art: Art in the Service of Color Revolution

Visit it at eisen-shamir-art.html

When I mentioned Jewish opponents of the Vaccines and Mandates, the point is that the Plandemic is a project of the Globalists, whose aim is World Government, including control of the rest of us via Digital Ids.

Dr Zelenko noted that the genocide now under way is happening in Israel too; Israel is even a laboratory for it, a test-case.

Twenty years ago, the "Jewish Lobby" appeared all-powerful; those were the years when Netanyahu dominated the US Congress. But now, the "Lobby" has split into factions, and the Globalists have taken over from the Zionists.

Your claim of "Controlled opposition", and a planned Hegelian synthesis of opposing forces to achieve a predetermined outcome, reminds me of those who say that the Second World War was deliberately orchestrated in that way.

Perhaps the First World War was, but not the Second.

If Hitler had played his hand differently, he could have won. The key lay in co-ordinated action with the Japanese forces in Manchuria, in a pincer movement attacking the Soviet Union from both sides. That is why the Battle of Nomonhan (in Mongolia) was the key battle of the war; and it happened before the war broke out, while Hitler was foolishly negotiating his pact with Stalin. The Soviet-German Pact was Stalin's way of breaking up the Anti-Comintern Pact between Germany and Japan.

If Hitler had attacked not France or Poland but the USSR in 1939, jointly with Japan, before the Soviet Union had built up its arsenal of modern weapons eg the T34 tank, he could have won the war. Japan's Strike North faction would still have been ascendant; it would not have attacked Singapore or Pearl Harbor, thus Roosevelt would have had no avenue for joining the war (given the Isolationist sentiment in the U.S. at the time). Stalin appointed Zhukov commander of his forces at Nomonhan, and he launched the very first blitzkreig; but Soviet media made little mention of this war, thus Hitler had no idea of the strength they were developing. Instead, his mind was on the poor showing of the Soviet forces in Finland. That the outcome could have been very different destroys the 'Hegelian synthesis' argument of Sutton and Preparata.

It may be objected that Poland was in the way; that Hitler would have had to go through Poland, and that Britain's tripwire would have come into effect.

But Hitler could have gone through Hungary and Roumania. Hungarians remembered with bitterness the Hungarian Soviet regime of 1919, led by Jewish bolshevik Bela Kun. Roumania helped overthrow that regime. Hitler had no territorial demands on either Hungary or Roumania.

I'm not saying that he SHOULD have done it, only that, IF he had, and co-ordinated with Japan in Manchuria, he would have won the war.

Hungary and Roumania would probably have allowed passage of his army, Britain would have not imposed its tripwire, Japan would not have attacked USA, USA would not have entered the war. In 1939, USSR was not ready, did not have the T34 & other heavy tanks that it had in 1941.

Such an attack on USSR co-ordinated with Japan was the basic plan of the Anti-Comintern Pact.

Hitler confused Japan in 1939 by making out Britain (on account of its tripwire stopping his acquisition of Danzig) was the enemy, not USSR. So Japan attacked USA instead.

But Hitler got diverted from it by his other goal of incorporating all the parts of the pre-WWI German Empire. Danzig was part of Poland, and Britain announced the tripwire. Hitler should have realised the parallel with Belgium in WWI.

If Hitler had gone through Hungary and Roumania in 1939, he would likely have defeated the USSR; it would have been split into a German-dominated European part and a Japan-dominated Asian part, as envisaged by James Burnham in his book The Managerial Revolution.

Hiter would probably have exiled the Soviet Jews to Madagascar or similar, as was his earlier plan in WW2. There would have been no Auschwitz and no Israel.

I reiterate that I am not saying that Hitler SHOULD have attacked the USSR in 1939; merely that, on such a basis, he would likely have won the war, and thus the depictions by Sutton and Preparata that the outcome was predetermined are wrong.

The Jewish opponents of the Plandemic, e.g. Dr Simone Gold and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, are anti-Globalist. We have common cause with them; and it's such a desperate cause that we need to ally all the anti-Globalists worldwide. I stand by my claim that Jewish Separatism is dissolving, and that we are part of it.

(9) Archbishop Viganò warns of Globalist dictatorship, calls for a worldwide anti-globalist alliance

From: "Come Carpentier" <comecarpentier@gmail.com> To: Yahoo Shamireaders <shamireaders@groups.io>


The Archbishop ex-Papal Nuncio to the USA warns that a global dictatorship is being established under the guise of the COVID epidemic and that all civil liberties will gradually be abolished. WE can see a new transnational conflict erupting.


Abp. Viganò calls for Anti-Globalist Alliance to stop global enslavement of humanity

'Let us free humanity from a totalitarian regime that brings together in itself the horrors of the worst dictatorships of all time.'

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Thu Nov 18, 2021 - 10:02 am EST (LifeSiteNews)


For two years now we have been witnessing a global coup d'état, in which a financial and ideological elite has succeeded in seizing control of part of national governments, public and private institutions, the media, the judiciary, politicians and religious leaders. All of these, without distinction, have become enslaved to these new masters who ensure power, money and social affirmation to their accomplices. Fundamental rights, which up until yesterday were presented as inviolable, have been trampled underfoot in the name of an emergency: today a health emergency, tomorrow an ecological emergency, and after that an internet emergency.

This global coup d'état deprives citizens of any possibility of defense, since the legislative, executive, and judicial powers are complicit in the violation of law, justice, and the purpose for which they exist. It is a global coup d'état because this criminal attack against citizens extends to the whole world, with very rare exceptions. It is a world war, where the enemies are all of us, even those who unwittingly have not yet understood the significance of what is happening. It is a war fought not with weapons but with illegitimate rules, wicked economic policies, and intolerable limitations of natural rights.

Supranational organizations, financed in large measure by the conspirators of this coup d'état, are interfering in the government of individual nations and in the lives, relationships, and health of billions of people. They are doing it for money, certainly, but even more so in order to centralize power so as to establish a planetary dictatorship. It is the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum, the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations. It is the plan of the New World Order, in which a Universal Republic enslaves everyone and a Religion of Humanity cancels Faith in Christ. [...]


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Write to me at contact.html.