Holly Avila on Christ out of Christmas

- Peter Myers

Date: December 22, 2022

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(1) Jews took Christ out of Christmas, promote Hanukkah instead
(2) Jews tell how they took Christ out of Christmas
(3) O Little Town of Bethlehem (video)
(4) Holly Avila on Christ out of Christmas
(5) Israel Shamir and I debate Acharya S.
(6) Fact Checkers and Dogmatic Sceptics

(1) Jews took Christ out of Christmas, promote Hanukkah instead


(The Jewish Chronicle) Traditional Christmas music was always Christ-centered - from "Joy To The World" to "Little Town of Bethlehem" - but when Jews like Irving Berlin began to dominate the music industry in the 1930s, they removed Christ from Christmas - judaizing and subverting it by replacing Christ with American pop culture and holiday consumerism - turning it into ironic kitsch: ...

Over the last 75 years, Jews have slowly transformed Christmas time into a generic "holiday season" - as part of their ongoing effort to recreate western nations into their own Jewish image.

In the same ways they have hypocritically conspired to promote the false notion of "separation of church and state," they have also separated Christianity from the traditional twelve days of Christmas.

While decrying all forms of Christianity during Christmas, they turn around and light menorahs in every city in America - and now the NFL is going to feature an official menorah lighting during a nationally-televised football game to celebrate the beginning of Hanukkah.

Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth if the NFL featured a half-time show enacting the birth of Christ at Christmas.

The Jewish supremacist group Chabad-Lubavitch has bragged about how they unleashed an army of Jewish attorneys to force the courts to allow the lighting of menorahs on public land - including the White House - for their spurious, made-up holiday "Hanukkah."

While back in 1966 another Jewish supremacist organization - the American Jewish Congress - attempted to use their inordinate power to stop the U.S. Postal Service from issuing a Christmas-themed postage stamp that offended their Jewish sensibilities under the guise of so-called "separation of church and state."

There was a time in America in the not-too-distant past when all Christmas music was unashamedly Christian - and reinforced the idea that Christmas was primarily a celebration of the birth of Christ - and the joy that He brought into the world.

Every child knew these traditional Christian songs - such as "The First Noel," "Silent Night," "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing," "Away in the Manger," "Do You Hear What I Hear," Handel's "Messiah," "O, Come All Ye Faithful," and "Angels We Have Heard On High."

Now children hear Christmas songs about sexual seduction like "Baby, It's Cold Outside" written by Frank Loesser, the son of a WWI Jewish draft dodger - or "Let It Snow" written by Jews Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne - or the often-banned, sexually charged "Santa Baby" in which a crassly materialistic woman exchanges sexual favors for lavish gifts at Christmas, written by the Jews Joan Kravitz and Philip Springer.

Jews most certainly did not write the "most beloved" Christmas songs - unless you are talking about low-brow "holiday" songs "beloved" by Jews because they aren't really about Christmas.

(2) Jews tell how they took Christ out of Christmas


Jingle kvells! The great American Christmas was invented by Jews If you hate Christmas music, blame the eastern European pogromists that inspired it

The Jewish Chronicle

December 14, 2022 13:20

The fact that the most beloved Christmas songs were written by American Jews is not an anomaly if you understand Jews. The idea of America in cinema was invented by Ben Hecht, Hermann Mankiewicz and Billy Wilder.

The superhero genre was invented by Jerry Siegel and Bob Kane; imagine Superman and Batman as surnames, and you can hear Siegel and Kane's longing for superpowers a century on. So why not invent the American Christmas too?

The most glittering example is White Christmas by Irving Berlin, and his story is typical. His childhood name was Israel Beilin and he was born in Siberia, the youngest son of Moses, a cantor. Their home was burnt down by anti-Jewish arsonists when Israel was four or five. Berlin's biographer, Jody Rosen, believes Israel's earliest Christmas memories were of pogroms, which tended to reach a pitch during Christian festivals.

The family moved to America and Irving Berlin ­ now renamed after an English actor and a German city, said a wag ­ grew up on the Lower East Side of New York City.

He left school to become a busker, a singing waiter, and a songwriter at Tin Pan Alley where, in an act of chutzpah and subconscious fear, he turned himself into the perfect American. He wrote God Bless America, which became his adopted homeland's anthem; Easter Parade; and White Christmas. When asked how a Jew could write a song about Christmas, he replied, "I wrote it as an American". I'm not sure that is true.

"The two holidays that celebrate the divinity of Christ - the divinity that's the very heart of the Jewish rejection of Christianity - and what does Irving Berlin brilliantly do?" wrote Philip Roth, Berlin's most canny observer, in Operation Shylock. "He de-Christs them both! Easter turns into a fashion show and Christmas into a holiday about snowÉ He turns their religion into schlock. But nicely! Nicely! So nicely the goyim don't even know what hit 'em É."

Even in America, Jews were excluded from so-called respectable professions. The established population had no interest in the new mass culture and the way was clear for a cultural flowering and symbiosis: Jews would make it for them. They had the tradition of Yiddish theatre and song, and the cacophony of Israel Zangwill's Melting Pot to draw on. "Had I been born on the Lower East Side," Cole Porter, the only elite gentile songwriter of the time, said in tribute, "I might have been a true genius."

White Christmas began as satire: a swell (the kind of man the half-Jewish but gentile-passing Fred Astaire always played) sitting in Hollywood, longing for the comforts of home. "I'm dreaming of a white ChristmasÉ" But Berlin realised he had something more profound. He was an unreliable narrator with multiple stories of the song's creation myth. It is possible that its wistfulness comes from the fact that his baby, Irving Berlin Jnr, died on Christmas Day 1928, but he would never have said so explicitly. He was a joy-maker who made myths.

White Christmas spoke to the itinerant soul of America. They had all, as refugees to the United States, or migrants from country to city during the Great Depression, left their homes behind. The critic Michael Beckerman wondered if the song was, "a kind of holiday Moby-Dick, a distant image of things that can never be reclaimed: the past, childhood, and innocence itself?"

It was first performed by Bing Crosby on Christmas 1941, shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. The Jewish songwriter must have a gentile singer as an avatar, which Rosen calls "a projection of Jewish desireÉ downtown street smarts but uptown 'class'". White Christmas became the anthem of the war: the musical version of Casablanca, a story about refugees who likewise cannot go home, likewise written by Jews from the Lower East Side ­ the Epstein brothers ­ and released in 1942. "Away down under this latest hit of Irving Berlin," wrote Carl Sandburg, "catches us where we love peace". It became the best-selling single of all time.

Many songs followed it. Let it Snow and Santa Baby were written by American Jews; so were Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland; Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire; Silver Bells; It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year; Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree; A Holly, Jolly Christmas; and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

These songs express the longing of the immigrant to create a world where he is safe, a dazzling act of tribute, cynicism, and control. If you hate Christmas music, blame the eastern European pogromists that tangentially inspired it. But I am with Philip Roth when he marvels: "If supplanting Jesus Christ with snow can enable my people to cosy up to Christmas, then let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

(3) O Little Town of Bethlehem (video)


O Little Town of Bethlehem, Palestine

19 Dec 2022

All the clips in this video took place in Bethlehem (see the sources below). Bethlehem is in the Palestinian West Bank, which has been under Israeli occupation since 1967. It is encircled by a wall erected by Israel in 2002. All entrances and exits are controlled by armed Israeli soldiers.

(4) Holly Avila on Christ out of Christmas

I received this email from Holly Avila, the musician:

From: hollyavila@aol.com Subject: Re: Jews tell how they took Christ out of Christmas. Zionist history of Political Assassination

> Jews tell how they took Christ out of Christmas

Christ out of Christmas? Are you kidding? Dec 25 is the birthday of Mithras the son of the sun god. Messiah was born in September. The whole Christian lie is a pagan creation from the Council of Nicea, 325 AD. It's the Romans who turned Yeshua into the son of the sun god, not the Jews!!!

Reply (Peter M.):

You are right that Dec 25 was the birthday of Mithras the Sun God. The Catholic Church copied aspects of his cult, depicting Jesus as the Sun God, to blur the differences between the two faiths, making it easy for devotees of Mithra to switch over to Christianity. The Catholic monstrance depicts wavy rays radiating out from the centre, which contains the consecrated host, the real presence of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Catholic Church did the same in Egypt, copying the Madonna and Child from Isis and Horus. This was done to make it easy for Egyptians to convert to Christianity.

Mary depicted as Queen of Heaven was copied from Ishtar of Babylon.

Our Lady of Guadalupe has many features of the Aztec goddess Tonantzin. She appeared to Juan Diego at the site of a temple to Tonantzin (later destroyed by the Spanish).

Iván Sandoval-Cervantes, a cultural anthropology professor at UNLV, said la virgen is ubiquitous and enduring because she is a safe harbor for so many people. Some may see her as a purely Catholic or religious figure, while others see the roots of Mexico's Indigenous cultures. https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/virgin-of-guadalupe-first-indigenous-apparition-of-mary-remains-sacred-and-towering-figure-among-latinos

Pope Francis blessed a statue of Pachamama.

Protestants dismiss such ambivalence within the Catholic world as backsliding into idolatry and paganism.

But even the Jewish religion borrowed copiously. Before the exile, it was polytheistic, featuring a Council of Gods headed by a Great God, El. Yahweh, like El, was depicted with the goddess Asherah as his wife. The original Temple of Solomon was built during the polytheistic period.

Judaism as we know it was born in Babylon during the Exile, mainly under Zoroastrian influence, but also copying from the Babylonian religion: the Jewish Calendar even to this day is the Babylonian Calendar.

It was from the Zoroastrians that Judaism picked up the idea of Monotheism; and not building statues of the divinity. Herodotus wrote, in On The Customs of the Persians, c. 430 BCE:

"The customs which I know the Persians to observe are the following: they have no images of the gods, no temples nor altars, and consider the use of them a sign of folly. This comes, I think, from their not believing the gods to have the same nature with men, as the Greeks imagine." (Histories, Book One 130 ... Penguin p. 96) http://www.heritageinstitute.com/zoroastrianism/reference/herodotus.htm

The Zoroastrian religion was the first 'revealed' religion based upon its scripture (the Avesta), commentary (Zend), and psalms (Gathas).

Zoroastrianism featured a cosmic battle between Good (Mazda, god of Light) and Evil (Ahriman, The Lie), a Messiah, judgment after death, resurrection of the body, and the final triumph of Good over Evil. And strict Purity laws.

Judaism copied all these features, and the Essenes, who evolved to became the first Christians, took them very seriously. In effect, Christianity is a continuation of the Zoroastrian religion.

Sadducees preserved the original Judaism; Pharisees were the leaders of Zoroastrianised Judaism. The word 'Pharisee' is a rendition of the word 'Parsee', which means 'Zoroastrian'. After the Fall of Jerusalem in 74AD, the Council of Javneh developed a new form of Judaism based on Phariseeism; the Sadducees were no more.

Leading Jewish author Norman Cohn acknowledged the Jewish debt to Zoroastrianism in his last book, Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come.

The Zoroastrian religion was intolerant, as all monotheistic religions are. But the Persian Emperors, ruling a huge empire with many different religions, could not afford to let fundamentalists take charge. They did not destroy non-Zoroastrian religions the way that the first Christian emperors of Rome did.

Even in the Persian religion itself, whilst fundamentalists viewed Mazda (Light) as the only God, rivals being demoted to Angels or helpers of the divinity, over the two centuries that the Persian Empire lasted, other gods made a comeback, such an Anahita (goddess of Fertlity) and Mithra (god of the Sun). In later Achaemenian inscriptions Mithra and Anahita form a trinity with Ahura Mazda.

Holly, your comments could imply that you are a materialist or even a nihilist. But from conversations I had with you many years ago, I know that you believe Jesus of Nazareth was a real person and a psychic healer.

So do I.

No-one knows when he was born. But the story of the three Wise Men is a way of saying that this child was the savior (messiah) promised in the Zoroastrian religion - yes, the Zoroastrian religion, not Judaism! The Three Wise Men were Magi, Zoroastrian priests.

You told me that Jesus was a feminist, an advocate of the goddess.

I also believe that there is a spiritual dimension. What convinced me decisively was a Tarot reading I had about 30 years ago, in which the reader called up the spirit of a Filipino leader who lived about 1900. The reader wrote down the message in a log book she kept. The message the spirit gave turned out to be a warning about the Tarot reader! And events, very personal events in my life, turned out as per the warning.

I have never had another Tarot reading. I don't believe that all clairvoyance readings are genuine; some are, sone are not. Dependence on them would be dangerous.

In the Philippines about 1987 I visited a psychic surgeon at Santo Tomas in Luzon, and witnessed him perform surgery operations on his patients, e.g. opening the stomach of a woman with his bare hands, removing something, then closing the wound. The patients queued in his waiting room like patients in a doctors's surgery.

In his operating room was a statue of Jesus of Nazareth, lying down on a couch. I have never seen such a recumbent statue elsewhere.

What does it all mean? There really are spiritual phenomena, but all theologies are erroneous. Not only theologies, but secular philosophies - witness the disaster that the Trans lobby has wrought, getting girls to mutiliate their bodies like the priests of Cybele. And we think we are so enlightened! The Trans phenomena would not be happening if Christ were still in Christmas.

Casmille Paglia, a lesbian feminist and expert on the Roman Empire, wrote that the Androgyny of the late Roman Empire was a portent of its impending collapse. And she sees the same in our day.

It is not given to us to "see through the glass". Even our experts, those who say "the Science is settled", imagining their own omniscience, have been caught out over the Covid vaccine. Can we ever trust technocrats again?

Taking Christ out of Christmas is not just a matter of putting Mithras back in. Was he ever a real person?

Replacing Christianity with Judaism is more on the mark.

In the USA, the House of Representatives Calendar for 2017 listed holidays to be observed - including Jewish & Christian Holidays.

Eight Jewish days are listed, but only 2 Christian ones.

April 2017

10 Passover Begins at Sundown
16 Easter Sunday
18 Passover Ends at Sundown

NB Good Friday is NOT shown

September 2017

20 Rosh Hashanah Begins at Sundown
22 Rosh Hashanah Ends at Sundown
29 Yom Kippur Begins at Sundown
30 Yom Kippur Ends at Sundown

December 2017

12 Hanukkah Begins at Sundown
20 Hanukkah Ends at Sundown
25 Christmas

Total Christian entries : 2 (Easter Sunday, Christmas; But there is no entry for Good Friday)

Total Jewish entries: 8 (start & end dates of Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah)

Conclusion: the US House of Reps is more observant of the Jewish religion, than of the Christian religion.

And the only 2 Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter Sunday, are increasingly secularised - as per "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" rather than "Happy Christmas".

Why is there no entry for Good Friday? Perhaps because this day is unpleasant for Jews?

Don't take my word for it; have a look for yourself.

The 2017 Calendar is no longer at https://www.majorityleader.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/2017-MONTHLY-CALENDAR.pdf

but it's on my website at 2017-MONTHLY-CALENDAR.pdf

THAT's why we need to keep Christ in Christmas!

As for the actual date of Jesus' birthday, we don't know and it doesn't matter. The Queen's Birthday, or the King's birthday, are celebrated around the world but not on the actual monarch's birthday. In Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and the other states celebrate it on different days. So what? It's just a way of honouring the recipient.

(5) Israel Shamir and I debate Acharya S.

by Peter Myers.

Acharya S. who launched the fiercest attack on Christianity that I have seen; Israel Shamir and I joined forces to debate her.

The debate took place in my forum, and is recorded at acharya.html .

It began as a debate between Israel Shamir and herself, over whether Christianity is a "Trojan Horse" for Judaism. Shamir's argument is that the attack on Christianity is being promoted by Jews (Acharya being an unwitting accomplice) and is allowing Judaism to dominate the West.

Shamir had included me as one of the recipients of his email to Acharya, and I published his statement in my email list.

Acharya, in replying to him, selected the "Reply to All" option in her browser, thereby sending that comment to me. Since it was a reply to Shamir's criticism of her, and since I had published Shamir's criticism, I felt it appropriate to also publish her reply. This was not to her disadvantage in any way.

After that, my email bulletins became the vehicle for the debate, involving many participants, including Acharya until she withdrew at the end. It took the form of a series of emails, which I have identified as (A), (B) etc. ...

During the course of the debate, I obtained Acharya's books The Christ Conspiracy (CC) and Suns of God (SoG). She believes that they are an invincible offensive frontline in the culture war against Christianity. But by quoting them at various points of detail - passages which do not appear on her website - I demonstrated weakness in her sources, a lack of evidence, and jumping to unwarranted conclusions.

One participant in the debate, Atracus Sapien, has a Hindu background and knows Sanskrit, and showed that the claims about Krishna - of Kersey Graves and others that Acharya endorses - derive from Western theosophists and are not backed up by Hindu literature or studies. I sent the critiques (below) by Atracus to Acharya, but she did not respond to them.

Alain Danielou, an expert on Sanskrit and on the Hindu gods, is also quoted on the borrowing of mythology between religions (including Christianity), to give a different perspective to Acharya's.

Although attacking the established religions, Acharya offers no evidence to justify her own New Age creed: 'We have entered a new era, based on the astronomical precession of the equinoxes' (SoG, p. 567) and '... in this age in which "the truth will be shouted from the rooftops"' (CC, p. 416).

During the debate, Acharya referred to herself (in the signature block of an email) as Right Reverend Acharya S - International Church of Astrotheology. Is this a registered, tax-empt, religion? If not, why call it a "church"? In SoG she writes that astrotheology is "the worship of the heavens and planetary bodies" (p. 559).

One opponent wrote, 'Ahcarya is "Pope Joan" for all of the New Age atheists'.

Acharya accused Shamir of behaving in an un-gentlemanly way to her. But towards the end, she resorted to unlady-like name-calling ("you have a bug up your ass" ... "your anal nitpicking"), which showed that she had lost the debate.

One critic Mike Licona, wrote: 'Acharya means "guru" or "teacher." Her actual name is D. Murdock.'

The debate is at acharya.html .

After the debate, Archarya seemed to realize that she had given Judaism a free pass. So she wrote one last book, demythologising Moses. It's not as good as some of the others.

Sigmund Freud did a better job of demolishing the Jewish religion, in his last book, Moses and Monotheism. He argued there that Yahweh was an embarrassment, and that Jewish Universalism was derived from the Monotheism of Egypt's heretic Pharaoh, Akhnaton. The book is not very popular in Zionist circles: moses.html .

However, Thomas Szasz exposed Freud as a Jewish Avenger against Christianity, so perhaps the Zionists will forgive him after all: freud.html .

(6) Fact Checkers and Dogmatic Sceptics

by Peter Myers.

I do not expect readers to take the anecdotes about my spiritual encounters as evidence for their own lives; but I believe that most people have psychic experiences which point to another dimension. We live in such a materialistic age, however, that we commonly discount those encounters.

During the Covid pandemic, which was a man-made pandemic intended to get our acquiescence for World Government by the United Nations and panels of experts, the officially endorsed Pfizer and Moderna vaccines caused injuries especially to the heart and blood vessels. Embalmers reported unusual blood clots; but even medical experts disputing the official narrative were dismissed as cranks.

So-called Fact-Checkers were used to discredit all opposition. That should make everyone wary of official scepticism.

The materialistic worldview is enforced by Dogmatic Sceptics - Sceptics who use ad-hominem attacks to ridicule opponents. They often use Ockams Razor as a debating tool.

However, Ockhams Razor is just a rule of thumb; it is said to establish probabilities, but those probabilities may be based on shifting truths. That "the science is known" is enunciated by authorities, but science is never complete, it's always subject to revision, even major revision.

Ockhams Razor cannot be used to prove anything, whether material or metaphysical. It's actually used as a new version of the Principle of Verification, which was discedited by Karl Popper. Anyone who claims to be able to prove that the Principle of Verification is a valid metapysical principle, or that Ockhams Razor is a valid metaphysical principle, please present your proof to me.

Alfred Russel Wallace, one of the founders of Evolution theory, believed in the reality of spiritual phenomena; he attended seances and accounted them real and valid. The point being that, if one of the founders of Evolution theory, perhaps a greater founder than Charles Darwin, attested the reality of a spiritual dimension, we should not allow ourselves to be bullied by Dogmatic Sceptics.


Copyright: Peter Myers asserts the right to be identified as the author of the material written by him on this website, being material that is not otherwise attributed to another author.


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