MH370 hijacked by CIA, to stop Technology Transfer to China

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MH370: Stop Looking in the Wrong Place

by Peter Gerard Myers

Date February 2, 2019; update March 20, 2023.

Copyright Peter Gerard Myers. This material may be reproduced, but only with attribution to Peter Gerard Myers and with a link to this webpage.

(1) Summary: Stop Looking in the Wrong Place
(2) Flight Paths and Maps
(3) Forget Pilot Suicide
(4) Emirates CEO Tim Clark told Spiegel that MH370 was hijacked, & warned "others would like to bury" the truth
(5) Unreliability of the Inmarsat Data
(6) Acoustic Data from three hydrophones on Diego Garcia
(7) Acoustic Data cf Maldives sightings & Field McConnell's claim
(8) MH370: Acoustic Data cf Maldives sightings & 25 minute shutdown
(9) Why did Blaine Gibson receive Death Threats?
(10) No scheduled flights from Diego Garcia on March 8-10; but hangars not tall enough for Boeing 777
(11) Male and Maamigili International Airports; Chinese infrastructure alarms U.S. Military
(12) China built the bridge connecting Male airport to Male city; Chinese infrastructure alarms U.S. Military
(13) Arrivals & Departures Boards for Male International Airport on March 8, 2014

(1) Summary: Stop Looking in the Wrong Place

MH370 headed West, towards the Maldives and Diego Garcia. Most likely, it was hijacked by the CIA, to stop Technology Transfer to China.

More than 30 pieces of wreckage from MH370 have been found around Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, and the east coast of Africa. The official theory is that MH370 went down off Western Australia, and that these pieces floated across the ocean over to Africa.

No debris from MH370 has ever been found in the official search area along the 7th Arc.

It's much more likely that MH370 went down in the area where pieces have been found. This would mean that MH370 headed west, towards Diego Garcia.

To go beyond Diego Garcia, MH370 would have needed to refuel. I suggest that it landed and refuelled at Male, Maldives about 3.20am, and departed by 5.45am; this matches the sightings at Kudahuvadhoo at 6.15am. Passengers & cargo of interest to the CIA would have been removed, and transferred to Diego Garcia by small plane or boat.

MH370 would then have passed near Diego Garcia, but would not have landed there, because it was daylight by that time, and no hangar on Diego Garcia is big enough to hide a Boeing 777; its tail is too high. Instead, it would have continued towards Reunion, and been dumped there, disintegrating when it hit the water at speed.

Forget pilot suicide theories. If the pilot(s) wanted to suicide, why fly for 5 hours or more?

A conspiracy is involved. Authorities do not want to find MH370.

Those of us who think thus, also believe that JFK was murdered by the CIA, that 911 was a Mossad/CIA job, and that Covid-19 was a Plandemic intended to get us to accept the Great Reset. Doubters should study Operation Northwoods.

Intelligence agencies operate as a Deep State in defiance of elected Governments. They have officers working at all major media, to stop them from revealing unwanted truths.

Underwater hydrophones at Diego Garcia, operated by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO) (station HA08), were shut down for 25 minutes around the time MH370 was dumped. This Shutdown of all 3 hydrophones is without explanation. It's likely that MH370 was dumped into the ocean during that shutdown.

We need to search the ocean between Diego Garcia and Mauritius / Madagascar.

If MH370 was carrying cargo with military use or dual-purpose use (civilian & military), culpability would extend to the US Government (Deep State), which hijacked the plane; then to other Governments e.g. the Australian Government, for their complicity in the cover-up. This would help to explain why Governments are hindering the investigation, keeping everyone looking in the wrong place, i.e. anywhere but the Maldives and Diego Garcia.

A French spy told Ghyslain Wattrelos that American Intelligence Agencies took MH370 (MH370-Source-Material.html).

One of the greatest crimes of the century is left to amateur investigators, and to scientists who are not part of the official investigation, to solve. Despite the best efforts of some journalists and editors in the media, the intelligence agencies are likely to have a spook in every newsroom, to stop them from disclosing the government role in the hijacking.

(2) Flight Paths and Maps

MH370's route until contact was lost (at Banda Aceh) is at MH370-route.png.

Encyclopedia Brittanica on the Flight Path: MH370 Flight Path .

The 634 runways MH370 could have reached without refueling are at: MH370-634-runways.png.

The 3 isolated dots (runways) at the south-west of the map are (from north to south), Male, Gan (both in the Maldives), and Diego Garcia.

The report from Sydney Morning Herald is at:

The WNYC original is at

My sketch of MH370's path from Banda Aceh to the Maldives then to Diego Garcia is at MH370-Male-DG.jpg. The black dots are the 634 airports MH370 could have reached without refueling.

Here is a map of the Maldives. At Huvadhoo atoll, south of Male, also called Kuda Huvadhoo, there were multiple reported sightings of a plane matching MH370 on March 8, 2014: Maldives.jpg.

Blaine Gibson's sketch of the path of the plane sighted at Kuda Huvadhoo is at Kudahuvadhoo-turn.png.

It's also possible that MH370 flew direct from Banda Aceh to Diego Garcia.

People looking for debris would have been looking within the circle of 634 airports. If it had crashed at sea, there would have been a huge debris field. Given the worldwide interest, the debris would have been spotted. It was not within that circle, so the plane landed somewhere. It would have either been stored in a hangar (but MH370 is too tall for military hangars), or refuelled and then dumped further afield, for example between Diego Garcia and Mauritius.

MH370 debris finds (NB this map assumes the 7th Arc theory, and that wreckage floated from the official Search area - where no debris was ever seen - to east Africa): MH370-debris-finds.png.

(3) Forget Pilot Suicide

If the pilot had planned to suicide, he would not have bothered to fly for 5 hours before doing it, as per the official theory.

As for his practice landings at Indian Ocean airports, on his simulator, that is not unusual; flights are sometimes diverted by bad weather. It does not indicate malice on his part. The media beatup such stories, but failed to ask hard questions of government spokesmen, eg, Why wasn't MH370 picked up on the US military radars at Singapore and Diego Garcia? Why not interview the witnesses in the Maldives? Why not release the full cargo manifest for MH370?

Henry Balfour <> informs me that Diego Garcia has "Aussie Jindalee over-the-horizon radar, or the equivalent .... these powerful long-range radars are a part of an early warning layer that is NEVER TURNED OFF ... but when I ask the Aussie Defence people for clarity they told me it was "not switched on at that time" I will let you judge the reason that I don't believe them The Jindalee system would have 'seen' MH370 entering its scan zone."

The US military bases around Singapore and the Strait of Malacca would also have such radar; yet the media failed to press such questions, instead pursuing 'pilot suicide'. Neither the FBI nor the U.S. Military presented any data to the Search.

(4) Emirates CEO Tim Clark told Spiegel that MH370 was hijacked, & warned "others would like to bury" the truth

Emirates flies more Being 777s than any other airline. Its CEO, Tim Clark, said he did not accept the official narrative about MH370; he claimed that it had been hijacked. He said that when an airplane crashes in the water, there is always a debris field. No such debris was found in the official search area along the 7th Arc.

Tim Clark's statements have been removed from the Wikipedia pages on MH370. But you can read his statements in full at MH370-Source-Material.html. I have placed a lot of other material there too that are too bulky to include here.

(5) Unreliability of the Inmarsat Data

Atlantic Monthly published an article by Ari N. Schulman in 2014, in which satellite experts dispute Inmarsat's claims.

Why the Official Explanation of MH370's Demise Doesn't Hold Up
Outside satellite experts say investigators could be looking in the wrong ocean.

The article concludes, "the claim that Flight 370 went south rests not on the weight of mathematics but on faith in authority".

This article is not mentioned by Wikipedia; it's been flushed down the memory hole, and is now only available behind a paywall - which is inappropriate since this is a Crime Scene. But I placed the full text of the article at MH370-Source-Material.html.

Even if the Inmarsat data were reliable, there is no proof that MH370 turned south. As Field McConnell said, a decoy plane could have been used, as proposed by the U.S. military in Operation Northwoods.

If MH370 was hijacked by the CIA, it would have been flown as a drone, as were planes on 9/11. Their transponders were turned off too. The "Uninterruptible Auto Pilot" technology, and AWACS jamming technology, could explain all the anomalies on March 8, 2014.

That MH370 crashed in the vicinity of Mauritius or Madagascar has occurred to many investigators, but it does not fit the Inmarsat data and the 7th Arc, so has usually been discarded.

Because the Inmarsat data was assumed correct, the eyewitness reports at Kuda Huvadhoo were dismissed by official Search bodies, and the witnesses were ridiculed. Investigators chose to spend $200 million on undersea searches in the wrong area, rather than spend $20,000 interviewing those witnesses in the Maldives. None of the "mainstream" media sent journalists to interview them either; but Blaine Gibson did interview them, and so did Marc Dugain - both in a private capacity.

(6) Acoustic Data from three hydrophones on Diego Garcia

There have been several papers on locating MH370 by acoustic data from underwater hydrophones. These devices are used to monitor nuclear tests, and are operated by the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO). There are three such detectors at Diego Garcia, station HA08s.

Media reports on the acoustic data are:

MH370 may have crashed near Madagascar, underwater microphones suggest
By Anne Barker
ABC News , Australia
Updated 31 Jan 2019, 6:57pm

MH370: New underwater sound wave analysis suggests alternative travel route and new impact locations
by Usama Kadri
Lecturer of Applied Mathematics, Cardiff University
January 29, 2019
9.14pm AEDT; Updated January 30, 2019 7.51pm AEDT

Reports on the acoustic data published in the scientific journal Nature:

Rewinding the waves: tracking underwater signals to their source
Usama Kadri, Davide Crivelli, Wade Parsons, Bruce Colbourne & Amanda Ryan
Article number: 13949 (2017)

Effect of sea-bottom elasticity on the propagation of acoustic­gravity waves from impacting objects
Usama Kadri
Published online 29 January 2019

The author notes, in the above paper:

"Last but not least, a fifth signal appears at 3:07 (see Fig. 5). This signal probably indicates restarting the system after it was shutdown for 25 minutes, i.e. there is a missing data in these specific CTBTO recordings. [...] The locations of signals found on HA08s are with high uncertainty or unknown and require further analysis. Though, if related to MH370 that might suggest a location in the northern part of the Indian Ocean. Due to the sensitivity of the recorded data, it is unlikely that the three hydrophones on HA08s had a simultaneous technical failure and the reason behind the shut down is to-date unknown. The missing data might be related to the military action in the area (during or after the impact), but another argument is that a violent nearby activity (including impact, explosion) could have resulted in a shutdown of the system. Both the signal HA_30 of bearing 247° recorded at 11:57 on March 7th, and the missing data if related to MH370 could (independently) suggest that the impact location is closer to Diego Garcia's station, as opposed to Cape Leeuwin's station."

The text at Figure 5 says, "Figure 5. Raw data recorded by all three hydrophones of HA08s. The sharp signal indicates restarting the system after 25 minutes of missing data on all three hydrophones starting from 3:07 UTC."

Note that the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO), which operates the hydrophones, has been unable to explain the 25-minute shutdown.

I propose that the centrepoint of the 25-minute shutdown, 3.20 UTC (which is 9.20 Diego Garcia time) is the time MH370 crashed into the ocean; and that those behind the hijacking got the three hydrophones switched off to hide the event.

(7) MH370: Acoustic Data cf Maldives siightings & Field McConnell's claim

Station HA08 is at Diego Garcia. The Acoustic Source is shown between there and Madagascar; it's close to the area where Blaine Gibson found debris. The Acoustic Source is shown on this map:

I uploaded a copy to MH370-Acoustic-source.jpg.

The acoustic data detected at station HA08 on Diego Garcia are in two sets: one at 247º (bearing from Diego Garcia) at 23.57, i.e. 11.57pm UTC (5.57am DG time) another at 241º at 1.58am UTC (7.58am DG time).

In adition, there was a 25-minute shutdown from 3.07 UTC to 3.32 UTC.

Diego Garcia is about the same longitude as Male and Kudahuvadhoo; but whereas the Maldives is UTC+5, Diego Garcia is UTC+6.

Is the acoustic data compatible with the Kudahuvadhoo sightings at 6.15am Maldives time?

The site gives the flight time from Kudahuvadhoo to Diego Garcia as 1h 52 m., including 30m for takeoff & landing. If MH370 did not land at DG, but merely flew over, it would have arrived at 7.37am Maldives time, 8.37 DG time, 2.37am UTC. This is too late to match either acoustic signal.

Field McConnell, a former US airforce pilot (F4 & F16) and airline captain (747-400), flew for 31 years, but resigned in protest over - he says - government hijackings of planes.

He says that during 9/11 the planes were remotely hijacked by intelligence agencies, using Uninterruptible AutoPilot. There's a Boeing brand, and a Thales one; they are patented.

All modern planes have one; they can be flown remotely as a drone.

The pilot of American 77, which supposedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11, was a friend of his.

In fact, a missile hit the Pentagon; AA77 was switched and, he says, detonated over the Atlantic Ocean.

This sort of "decoy plane" was first advocated in Operation Northwoods, in 1961. At that time, the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on it. They wanted to stage a False Flag attack, to be blamed on Cuba, as an excuse to invade it.

But President Kennedy, and Attorney General Robert Kennedy, vetoed it, and sacked the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

On Feb 10, 2017, I did a Skype video call with Field McConnell. He told me that MH370 was hijacked by the CIA and flown to Diego Garcia; and that someone in Australia, connected to Boeing, rang him and told him that MH370 landed in Diego Garcia and that the engines were turned off at 6.51am Malaysia time. This is 3.51am Maldives time, 4.51am DG time, 10.51pm UTC.

Since there is no hangar on Diego Garcia big enough for a Boeing 777, because the tail is too high, MH370 would have taken off again before daylight, after passengers & cargo were offloaded. I believe it would then have been remotely flown towards Mauritius/Reunion and dumped.

On March 8, 2014, Sunrise was 6.14am at Male (see, and 7.15am at Diego Garcia (see First Light is about 40 minutes earlier. The moon was at First Quarter on March 8, 2014.

Let's see if McConnell's claim fits with the acoustic data.

Flight time from DG to Mauritius is 3h 10m, incl 30 min for takeoff & landing. Obviously MH370 did not land, so this is reduced to 2h 55m. Northern parts of Madagascar are about the same distance as Mauritius.

The 247º path acoustic zone stretches from about 20m flying time from DG, to 1h. from DG, the centre being 40m (plus 15m for takeoff). The acoustic time, 11.57pm UTC (5.57 DG time) is feasible but tight. Taking the centre as our mark, MH370 would have had to leave about 5.17am DG time (11.17 UTC), allowing 11 minutes to offload cargo & passengers. Unlikely, but cannot be ruled out.

The 241º path heads towards the middle of Madagascar. The acoustic zone stretches from about 1h 40m flying time from DG, to 2h 40m from DG, the centre being 2h 10m (plus 15m for takeoff). Taking the centre as our mark, the acoustic time, 1.58am UTC (7.58 DG time) is compatible with McConnell's claim, if MH370 left about 5.33am DG time. This would have allowed 42 minutes to offload cargo & passengers.

I'm not suggesting that we should dump the Maldives sightings and go with the acoustic data. Rather, we should pursue both lines until the case is resolved.

(8) MH370: Acoustic Data cf Maldives sightings & 25 minute shutdown

ABC News Australia published a report on the acoustic data "MH370 may have crashed near Madagascar, underwater microphones suggest"

It states, regarding the shutdown:

"Inexplicably, 25 minutes of data from the Diego Garcia station - where the US has a secretive military base - is missing.

"Dr Kadri said the signals his team analysed indicated a 25-minute shutdown that cannot be explained by a technical failure or maintenance, given the three hydrophones operate independently of each other.

"He said the CTBTO has failed to give any reason why the data is missing, though either military action or Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may have caused the system shutdown."

The 25-minute shutdown began at 3:07 UTC.

Let us now consider the possibility that MH370 crashed during that shutdown; say at the mid-point, 3.20 UTC. (9.20am Diego Garcia time); and that the shutdown may have been staged to conceal that event.

If MH370 had landed at Diego Garcia at 4.51am DG time as Field McConnell says, then unloaded passengers and cargo, then taken off again heading for Mauritius/Reunion, the crash location could be anwhere up to about 3 hours after departing DG. But we require that it have left before sunrise at 7.15am DG time (1.15 UTC). A crash at 3:20 UTC would be quite feasible, thus Field McConnell's scenario is possible.

What of the Maldives sightings (6.15am at Kudahuvadhoo) - are they compatible with this scenario?

MH370 was detected half-way between Banda Aceh at the tip of Sumatra, and Phuket on the Thailand coast, at 2.22am Malaysia time.

From that waypoint to the Maldives is about 4 hours' flying time, which means that if MH370 went west, it would have arrived there about 6.20am Malaysia Time (UTC+8), which is 3.20am Maldives time (UTC+5).

Yet the sightings at Kuda Huvadoo atoll were about 6.15am Maldives time. This would require that MH370 have landed somewhere. And if it landed, it would have refuelled.

The witnesses at Kudahuvadhoo said it came from the north-west, and headed south towards Diego Garcia. But Malaysia is to the east. Why was the plane coming from the wrong direction?

Kuda Huvadhoo is in the southern Maldives - south of Male, but north of Gan.

Blaine Gibson's sketch of the path of the plane sighted at Kuda Huvadhoo is at Kudahuvadhoo-turn.png.

MH370 could have landed at Male or Maamigili in the Maldives, about 3.20am Maldives time, and taken off around 5.45am. The site gives the flight time from Male to Kudahuvadhoo as 13 minutes plus 15 minutes for takeoff.

Both Male and Maamigili are international airports, with runways long enough for a Boeing 777.

Male International Airport is also called Velana International Airport; it has a 3000m runway, and routinely takes Boeing 777s. There were no scheduled arrivals or departures at those early hours on March 8, 2014.

MH370 could have touched down at the southern end of the runway, pulled up at the northern end, which is remote from houses and buildings, and unloaded cargo and passengers. They would have been transferred to Diego Garcia by either a small plane, or a boat (the water is close to the runway).

The site gives the flight time from Kudahuvadhoo to Diego Garcia as 1h. 52 m., including 30m. for takeoff & landing.

But MH370 did not take off from Kudahuvadhoo, and it would not have landed at Diego Garcia because it would have arrived after sunrise. Thus the flight time would be 1h. 22m.

If MH370 flew over (or near) DG, it would then have arrived at 7.37am Maldives time, 8.37 DG time, 2.37am UTC. Sunrise being 7.15am DG time.

If it then continued towards Mauritius/Reunion, a crash at 3:20 UTC is quite feasible. This would mean about 43 minutes flight time from Diego Garcia.

Thus a crash during the 25-minute shutdown of the three hydrophones at Diego Garcia is compatible with both scenarios offered here.

(9) Why did Blaine Gibson receive Death Threats?

Blaine Gibson was reported in May 2018 as stating that STALKING, death threats and even assassination are being used to stop his work:

"In an interview with The West Australian, Gibson, who is said to have found more than half of the debris that has been discovered of the ill-fated jet, said his own search was subjected to intimidation, stalking, death threats, defamation and assassination.

"For whatever reasons, some people are very upset that I and other private citizens are finding pieces of the plane," he told the newspaper."

Earlier in January 2018, he found debris that, he said, disproves the pilot suicide theory.

"He said the wing flap was found to be retracted and not deployed for landing, indicating that there was no controlled glide."

Blaine Gibson DID interview the eyewitnesses at Kuda Huvadhoo, and published his account at .

He found many pieces of MH370 wreckage around Madagascar, Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, and the east coast of Africa. But he was loath to accept that it might have been an Inside Job, so for years he kept trying to fit his data with the official theory.

Blaine suspected Malaysian authorities; it did not occur to him that the CIA might have been behind those death threats.

(10) No scheduled flights from Diego Garcia on March 8-10; but hangars not tall enough for Boeing 777

Some say Diego Garcia is the most likely location MH370 went to. There were no scheduled flights from Diego Garcia airport on March 8-10, 2014; flights resumed on March 11:

I uploaded that flight board as follows:

Board from Diego Garcia airport: no flights from March 8 to 10, 2014: DG-140308-no-flights.JPG .

Landing at Diego Garcia could not be done without approval of the US Military. Hijacking by the Captain or co-pilot is unlikely, because they would still have needed permission to land at Diego Garcia. No demands or ultimatums were presented to Malaysian authorities, of the type "do this or else", and there are more pleasant ways to commit suicide.

Which leaves the CIA as the most likely culprit. One might surmise that the intelligence agency behind the hijack ould have stored MH370 in a hangar on Diego Garcia, and disposed of it later, after it faded from public attention.

After I did a radio interview on Tony Gosling's radio program in 2017, I received an email from Ann Diener <>, as follows:

"I have a friend who was stationed on Diego Garcia. This is her response to the Diego Garcia portion.

"Diego Garcia theory - there is no hanger to hide a jet that large on the island. There aren't regular schedule flights because there are only 3/4 flights a month that come and go. 2 of those flights are every 2 weeks, 1 flight is once a week and the other flight is once a month."

Following up, I then investigated the hangars on Diego Garcia. The Boeing 777 is much larger than military jets; in particular, its tail is too high for the hangars on Diego Garcia.

The B-2 Shelter System [B2SS], also called Extra Large Deployable Aircraft Hangar Systems, provides hangars 250' wide by 60' high on Diego Garcia:

But the tail of the 777 is 60 ft 9 in high:

It follows that MH370 could not have remained on Diego Garcia during daylight hours. Although there were no flights scheduled from March 8 to 10, and workers may have been deployed offshore on a naval exercise, the risk of someone seeing MH370 there and later blabbing would be too great, whatever the penalties.

Next, I investigated the times of reported sightings of MH370 in the Maldives, and sunrise there and on Diego Garcia.

(11) Male and Maamigili International Airports

Male International Airport is also called Velana International Airport; it has a 3000m runway, and routinely takes Boeing 777s.

Maamigili is about 108km to the west of Male. Its airport is called Villa International Airport. The runway is 1800m, just sufficient for a 777; Leeds airport (LBA) is 1800m, and takes 777s. Maamigili is a quieter airport than Male, but the runway is less secluded from domestic buildings.

Thimarafushi, on the other hand, is too short.

The runway at Male is on Hulhule Isand; it runs north-south. MH370 would have landed from the south, and stayed at the northern end of the runway, instead of taxiing to the terminal near the southern end. It would have been refuelled, and cargo & passengers of interest been transferred to another plane, or a boat, or both. Those other craft would then have gone to Diego Garcia, where they would not have aroused suspicion. Then MH370, flying as a drone, would have headed towards Diego Garcia, but, I believe, not have landed there, because it would have been daylight, and thus too risky. Instead, it would have been dumped between Diego Garcia and Mauritius.

To familiarise yourself with Male airport (Velana InternationalAirport), study the Google Map:,73.5286127,15z.

It's also called Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, and Hulhule Airport.

The airport is on Hulhule Island. It is connected by a causeway to Hulhumale Island, to the north-east, and by a bridge (built by China) to Male city, which is on Kaafu Island, to the south-west.

Another map of the airport is at

Here is a youtube of a High Power Take off of an Emirates Boeing 777-300er from Male International Airport:

The Emirates 777 is firstly towed from the Terminal, which is on the east side, to the south end of the runway; then it taxis to the north end of the runway; then it reverses around, at which point you can see the city of Hulhumale on the left, i.e. the east (it's on Hulhumale Island).

Then the Emirates 777 takes off towards the south. As the plane lifts off the ground, you see the Terminals on the left (i.e. east).

(12) China built the bridge connecting Male airport to Male city; Chinese infrastructure alarms U.S. Military

The Maldives consists of many small islands. Male airport and Male city are on two different islands; China built a bridge to connect them.

China has a long-term lease on Hambantota port in Sri Lanka, has built many engineering projects in Mauritius, and has been courting the Maldives government; Male International Airport was recently upgraded by a Chinese company.

Such intrusion alarmed the US. In 2013, the US proposed a "lily pad" military base in the Maldives:

US seeks military presence in Maldives

April 26, 2013

M K Bhadrakumar

The intriguing 'leak' of a draft Status of Forces Agreement [SOFA] between the United States and the Maldivian government has led to reluctant confirmation by both countries that they are indeed involved in discussion with each other to conclude such an agreement. ...

{endquote} The draft SOFA is at

But in 2014 the Maldives government rejected the "lily pad" Military Pact with US, because it would upset neighbors India and Sri Lanka:

Maldives Rejects Military Pact With US

AFP | Colombo

Last Updated at January 22, 2014 20:18 IST

The Maldives has decided not to take part in a proposed military cooperation pact with the United States over fears that it could upset the regional power India, senior officials said Wednesday.

Speaking on a visit to Sri Lanka, the atoll nation's new President Abdulla Yameen said he did not want to proceed with the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) that would have given the US a foothold in his archipelago located across the main east-west sea route.

Nevertheless, the discussions mean that there was close contact between Diego Garcia and the Maldives military.

That liason came in handy in the wake of sightings of MH370. The Maldives National Defence Force dismissed those sightings:

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane: Maldives discounted as possible location for MH370

Sydney Morning Herald, March 19, 2014

Eyewitness reports of a possible sighting of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 flying near the Maldives have been officially discounted in a statement issued by the Maldives National Defence Force.

If MH370 landed at Male as suggested here, the commander at Diego Garcia would have phoned the Maldives military & got the ok for a job in the night, without having to give any details.

(13) Arrivals & Departures Boards for Male International Airport on March 8, 2014

Blaine Gibson has published the Arrivals & Departures Boards for Male International Airport on March 8, 2014:

I uploaded them as follows:

The Arrivals board at Male (Velana International Airport) for March 8, 2014; supplied by Blaine Gibson: Male-AR-140308.JPG

The Departures board at Male (Velana International Airport) for March 8, 2014; supplied by Blaine Gibson: Male-DP-140308.JPG

There were no scheduled Departures from Male airport between 2.50am and 6am. There were no scheduled Arrivals between 11.05pm and 6.50am. MH370 could have landed about 3.20am Maldives time, and taken off by 5.45am.

That whole time was dark. The moon was at First Quarter. Sunrise was at 6.14am (see; first light about 5.35am. At Male, residential areas are a long way from the northern end of the runway.

It was just a matter of luck that Blaine saved the Arrivals & Departures Boards of Male Airport for March 8, 2014.

He explained how, at

Maldives Revisited

By Blaine Alan Gibson

12 August 2016


3. Last year an article was published in Le Monde claiming that a domestic Dash 8 propeller plane, Maldivian flight 149, flew off course over Kudahuvadhoo and landed at Thimarafushi at 6:33 AM March 8, 2014. This claim was repeated widely in the press, and was republished in a book by the same author this year. This claim was used to dismiss the testimony of more than twenty eyewitnesses who reported seeing a large low flying jet, and state they saw flight 149 instead. The attached official flight records prove this claim to be totally incorrect. There was no such flight.

The plane seen by the Kudahuvadhoo witnesses was NOT any of the Dash 8 Turbo propeller plane domestic flights. According to Maldives ATC they never fly over Kudahuvadhoo, and none were flying to or from any nearby airports around the time of the sighting. When Die Zeit reporter Bastian Berbner inquired with the head of Maldives Civil Aviation about the domestic Dash 8 flight schedules, and flight 149 in particular, he was told Civil Aviation does not maintain those records, and to inquire with Male Airport Operations and Air Traffic Control. So we did.

We have obtained the actual flight records for March 8 2014 from an official within Male airport operations. They were later confirmed by a Male ATC official.



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