"No Holes, No Holocaust?", by Charles D. Provan

A Study of the Holes in the Roof of Leichenkeller 1 of Krematorium 2 at Birkenau

Peter Myers, November 26, 2014.

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In this webpage, I provide links to a scan of Charles Provan's booklet "No Holes, No Holocaust?", which he published in the year 2000. He delivered it to a meeting of the Institute for Historical Review. He thought they were scholars with an open mind, who would be interested in his refutation of Robert Faurisson's "No Holes, No Holocaust" theory.

Provan, like them, had been a Holocaust Denier. They call themselves "Holocaust Revisionists", not Deniers, so I will venture a definition. A "Holocaust Denier" is a person who denies either or both of the following

- that Nazis used Gas Chambers to kill Jews

- that Nazis tried to exterminate Jews in one or more European territories they controlled, after World War II began.

The Deniers had been happy to use and publish Provan's earlier writings, which buttressed their case. That's how he got to speak at the 2000 conference; they did not know that he had changed his mind.

The Journal of Historical Review, edited by Mark Weber, did not publish Provan's "No Holes, No Holocaust?" article. The Holocaust Deniers present at that meeting were embarrassed at his refutation, and have since ridiculed him and tried to ignore his demolition of their case.

When I asked Weber for a copy of the booklet, he said it was filed away in a box somewhere, and would be too much trouble to dig up; that's 5 years ago. Nor did he show any interest in it.

However, Weber and the IHR did publish an article against Provan's booklet:

Convergence or Divergence?: On Recent Evidence for Zyklon Induction Holes at Auschwitz-Birkenau Crematory II
by Brian Renk

In 2009, I created a webpage on Charles Provan during the Holocaust Debate I ran. It contains the text of No Holes, No Holocaust?, a 2001 version slightly different from one Provan delivered to the IHR in 2000. It also links to photos of Provan's Holes 2, 6 and 8: /holocaust-debate20.html. The easiest way to print the text would be to print that webpage.

Provan had intended to write a book, but his early death intervened. His widow Carol found just one copy of the "No Holes, No Holocaust?" booklet, and sent it to me, authorizing me to publish it. A copy of a letter from her to me is provided below. To my knowledge, this is the only place on the internet where "No Holes, No Holocaust?"is available.

The booklet consists of

- a title page and a credits page
- 31 pages of text, with footnotes on the bottom of most (nearly all) pages
- 10 pages of plates featuring photos and drawings. Of the 10 pages, 6 are in colour; each of the colour pages contains 2 or 4 colour photos. These include the photos of the holes, that refuted Faurisson.

I scanned the text pages as image files (.tif) of about 480kb each.

The 4 black & white plates are scanned at higher resolution, to .tif files of about 2.3mb each.

The 6 colour plates are scanned at the highest resolution, to .tif files of about 6.1mb each.

Each page has its own individual link. The total size is about 40mb.

If someone is interested in converting the whole lot to a single .pdf file, please contact me.

Before you read the booklet, first read the article Why Holocaust Deniers Turned on One of their Own, at David Irving's website: Provan-Irving-half-kids.doc. It describes Provan's attendance at the IHR meeting, and covers some of his additional disproofs of the Denial case. If David Irving were really a Nazi, he would not have published that article on his website. Irving got taken in by Nazi missionaries during the Zundel trials; they ruined his career.

The Zundel trials lead to a reduction of the official Auschwitz death toll from 4 million to just over 1 million. Subsequently, Auschwitz authorities admitted that they had been showing tourists reconstructed facilities, which had been destroyed by the Nazis, without informing them of that fact. On the other hand, Richard Harwood's booklet Did Six Million Really Die, which Zundel had distributed, was very careless with the truth, eg regarding the Red Cross Report: /holocaust-Red-X-Report.html.

The article at Irving's website includes a photo of Provan with his daughter Keturah: Provan-&-daughter.jpg.



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