Syrian Gas Attacks were False Flag, staged atrocities stampeding us into war

Peter Myers, April 11, 2017; update July 1, 2017.

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My material on the Syrian terrorist uprising and civil war takes the form of a series of newsletters composed in WORD, with bold emphasis to highlight the headlines and important points.

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My aim was to collect quality news and analysis, free of Mainstream Media bias.

October 2015 newsletters:

1. The CIA & State Dept funded, trained & armed Syrian terrorists from 2006. Neocon coup reversed Brzezinski policy: bulletins/151018-b2618-Syria-CIA.doc

2. Syria 2013 gas attack claims were based on an intelligence report from Israel. US Media refused to publish Seymour Hersh expose of it as False Flag: bulletins/151018-b2619-Syria-gas.doc

3. Israel's ties with al-Nusra (al Quaeda in Syria) and ISIS: bulletins/151018-b2620-Israel-ISIS.doc

April 2017 newsletters:

4. Syria 2017 gas attack was a FALSE FLAG operation - Deutsche Welle, Alex Jones, Robert Parry: bulletins/170409-b2934-Syria-gas.doc

5. Swedish Doctors on White Helmets Video, staged Chemical Weapons attack to justify No-Fly Zone: bulletins/170410-b2935-White-Helmets.doc

6. Erdogan Welcomes US Attack on Syria. Rothschild's 'The Economist' applauds Trump decisiveness, willingness to confront Russia: bulletins/170411-b2936-Syria-attack.doc

7. Jared & Ivanka persuaded Trump to attack Syria; Trump preparing to invade Syria & North Korea: bulletins/170411-b2937-Trump-invade.doc

June / July 2017 newsletters:

Write to me at contact.html.