Shane Burley - Mossad agent? A Trot among Anarchists

by Peter Gerard Myers

Date: March 24, 2024; update April 22, 2024.

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1. What is the difference between Anarchists & Trots?
2. George Galloway comes out against Trots & Liberals

1. What is the difference between Anarchists & Trots?

I have been examining Anarchism, Antifa and the Antifascist movement.

Anarchist Germaine Greer and feminist J. K. Rowling have repeatedly been de-platformed. Those doing the de-platforming are further Left than they are; meaning, they are Trotskyists/Trotskyoids.

I searched Australian universities (Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra) for political clubs. Each had one Trotskyist club that mobilises on campus and mounts street demonstarions; eg Socialist Alternative, Democratic Socialists.

These groups try to deplatform any speaker on campus who promotes an alternative view, e.g. Bettina Arndt. De-platforming began in 1974 at the NUS of the UK. It was initiated by Trotskyists (International Marxist Group (IMG) and International Socialists (IS)). Since then it's spread throughout the West. One result is that Uni students are not exposed to anti-Communist speakers.

Courses also push a Far Left line. I used to buy books at Academic Remainders, and noticed a Left bias; anti-Communist books were not sold at university bookstores. One result is that Left political parties have been brainwashed by the LGBT identity politics pushed by Trots on campus.

Back to university clubs: NOTE : I did not find any Anarchist clubs at universities. So where does Antifa come from? Basically, Antifa is a label, not a group. Anyone who's like-minded can put on a mask, or black clothes, and take part in an event. This includes Trotskyists; I'm sure many do.

Shane Burley purports to be an Anarchist, and has been writing books about Antifascism. He advocates de-platforming Leftists who oppose Zionism, including Gilad Atzmon (ex-Jew), Norman Finkelstein and David Rovics (both Jewish), and Kalle Lasn (convener of Occupy Wall Street) and Alison Weir (of If Americans Knew). What to make of that?

Burley appears to be Jewish, but he has not come out explicitly and said so. He's been published in Haaretz, as a self-proclaimed expert on the anti-Zionists of Left and Right (but he tends to bracket them all as Far Right).

What is his real agenda? Where is he coming from?

Historically, from the time of Proudhon and Bakunin, the difference between Anarchists and Marxists has been that Anarchists oppose the Authoritarian tendencies in Marxism. De-platforming and Cancel Culture are examples of that. So Anarchists oppose them, and Marxists support them.

Burley falls into the Marxist category, and on account of his pro-Zionism, we can narrow it down to the Trotskyist camp. He's not necessarily card-carrying, so the term 'Trotskyoid' is more accurate. But he appears to be a closet Trotskyoid.

His strategy is the old Trotskyist practice of Entrism: penetrating another group in order to influence it. In this case, he's penetrating Anarchist groups. Most have not yet woken up to him, but David Rovics has; he suggests that Burley is a Mossad agent.

Many Trots oppose Israel's genocide in Gaza. However the German Left back Israel, and the French Left appear to be ambivalent. Burley has tried to discredit Gilad Atzmon in such circles.

Britain's Trots are divided into a camp which is somewhat anti-Zionist (e.g. Socialist Workers Party), and a pro-Zionist party, Alliance for Workers Liberty.

In the Gaza war of 2023-4, SWP did speak of Israel's 'genocide' in Gaza (, whereas AWL rejected the word 'genocide' (

Gilad Atzmon is a former Israeli soldier who concluded that WE (the Israelis) are the Nazis and THEY (Palestinians) are the Jews. He also came to believe that there is a Jewish conspiracy to control the West and the Middle East (

SWP invited Gilad Atzmon to speak at a meeting. AWL attacked SWP over the invitation, but SWP partly distanced themselves from Atzmon. Tony Greenstein, a closet Zionist moving among the Trotskyist parties, attacks Atzmon as a Left AntiSemite.

SWP has no ties to Shane Burley, but AWL does. Its newspaper Solidarity, #414 of17 Nov 2021, published on p. 16 an inset on the book Reviews of Confronting Antisemitism on the Left: Daniel Randall dissects Left antisemitism, which included an Interview with Shane Burley.

Socialist Worker UK has no mention of Burley.

Tony Greenstein plays a similar role in British Trotskyist circles to that played by Shane Burley in American Anarchist circles. They are both Zionists, and both campaign against Gilad Atzmon, the truthteller.

2. George Galloway comes out against Trots & Liberals

This is a great interview; it takes about 20 minutes. But it's uplifting; it should give heart to people in Britain and the USA.

Upending the "West's Dictatorship." New MP George Galloway on the Next Era of Politics


March 9, 2024

Glenn Greenwald interviews George Galloway after his recent victory in the U.K. Parliament.

Watch the interview at the above link or at

Galloway comes out against Mass Immigration. He says it leads to 10,000 people outside the factory gate, willing to work for lower wages & conditions than the native workers. Employers use it to replace their workers.

13.00 "only Trotskyites & Liberals support it"

also 15.00: only the Far Left & Liberals support it.

He's also against mandated Pronouns.


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