US House of Representatives Calendar 2017 is Jewish rather than Christian

by Peter Myers

Date November 16, 2019; update March 29, 2024.

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Noam Chomsky depicts Evangelical Christians as the real force behind Zionism, as if the Jewish Lobby is irrelevant.

But although the Christian Right have a certain voting power, they do not own the media, and they are not the big donors like Sheldon Adelson was, and George Soros is.

When AIPAC is accused of turning the USA into a ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government), the response is, often, that Christian Fundamentalists are the ones really running the show.

BUT the Calendar of the US House of Reps features more Jewish holy days than Christian ones.

In the House of Representatives Calendar for 2017:

- 8 Jewish days are listed, but only 2 Christian ones (Xmas & Easter Sunday).

- GOOD FRIDAY is not listed.

The 2017 House Calendar is no longer at

or at

However, I saved it. See it at 2017-MONTHLY-CALENDAR.pdf .

April 2017
10 Passover Begins at Sundown
16 Easter Sunday
18 Passover Ends at Sundown

September 2017
20 Rosh Hashanah Begins at Sundown
22 Rosh Hashanah Ends at Sundown
29 Yom Kippur Begins at Sundown
30 Yom Kippur Ends at Sundown

December 2017
12 Hanukkah Begins at Sundown
20 Hanukkah Ends at Sundown 25 Christmas

Total Christian entries : 2 (Easter Sunday, Christmas; But there is no entry for Good Friday)

Total Jewish entries: 8 (start & end dates of Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah)

And the only 2 Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter Sunday, are increasingly secularised - as per "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" rather than "Happy Christmas".

Why is there no entry for Good Friday? Perhaps because this day is unpleasant for Jews?

Conclusion: the US House of Reps is more observant of the Jewish religion, than of the Christian religion.

It amounts to a Jewish triumph over Christianity. And shows that the Christian Right are not calling the shots, contrary to Chomsky.

Left, so-called 'Secular' sites seem not to notice, or not to care, that the USA is becoming increasingly, not 'just Secular' but - Jewish.

The Calendar for other years is similarly Jewish-biased. The Calendar for 2023 is at

The Calendar of the US House of Representatives observes 4 Jewish Holy Days each year, but only two Christian ones‹Christmas and Easter Sunday‹and they are increasingly secularised. Good Friday is not listed.

The implication is that Israel is a spiritual beacon, and that the Jewish religion sets the standard of morality.

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