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I have always been an "intellectual" person, although my family was not. Coming from the lower-middle-class, I lacked mentors and people who would open doors for me. Instead, my mentors were celibate Nuns and Brothers at Catholic schools. Even though I have since abandoned the Catholic religion, I must pay tribute to them.

Through their influence, on leaving school, instead of going to university - if I had, I would have probably become a Professor of Mathematics or a Nuclear Physicist (all doors were open to me then) - I entered a seminary in March 1966 to become a Catholic priest.

The seminary, 90 minutes by train west of Sydney, was in remote bushland, a cross between a monastery and a university. My class was the biggest ever to enter. But the influence of the student rebellion - Paris Ô68 (led by Trotskyists & Maoists), Sergeant Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Band - penetrated even there.

The launch of Sputnik in 1957 had shattered our ideas of our place in the universe. The religions of the world felt threatened by the secularist challenge, and started trying to join up to face it. Thus the Ecumenical movement was born, and the Second Vatican Council, which allowed Protestantism and Marxism to enter the Catholic Church.

I stopped believing in the Devil. Instead of seeing some people as "good" and others as "bad", I saw the line between "good" and "evil" as passing through the middle of each of us: we were all a mix of "good" and"evil". Not that I use those terms any more. And sex was not a matter of good or evil; it was just a fact of life.

So I left; my motivation for being there had gone.

Since then, I've done a couple of university courses, and had shifting careers in teaching, computer programming, documenting, tutoring & auditing, as well as some working-class jobs. Having done some fruit-picking, I recommend that all aspiring politicians be forced to do at least a month of it before taking up office. Once I began writing about controversial topics, I knew I had fallen foul of the Thought Police and could not expect a normal job in an educational institution. I resigned myself to a frugal life on the fringes.

With all these changes, my life has been a series of dead ends. What I'm trying to do is weave it all together, to make use of all those disparate parts to produce a whole.

When I lived in rural Tasmania, I moved in hippy circles. I myself was never into the drugs or New Age raves, but I did the home births, and I learned how to build a house (in the bush) from them. I was intellectual, whereas they were hostile to intellectual things, but the locals branded us all "hippies".

Hippies were easy-going about sex, and I am too. I believe in marriage, but not as ownership of the other person. Occasional (but rare) infidelity might be permissible. And I think society should allow two women to share a man, or two men a woman.

I think of marriage as two coins, on top of one another. The coins however are a liitle offset relative to each other - each protrudes a little at one side. The area where they overlap represents their common life together, whereas the protruding bits represent a little bit of private life that each must retain. Here is my advice on how to have a Home Birth and how to rear children: engagement.html#1.

Here is a photo of me taken in mid 1996 at the top of Ayers' Rock (Uluru), the spiritual heart of the Australian continent. If you wish to visit this site, don't fly in; you best get the feel of it by travelling overland, and camping in the desert: peter.jpg.

Here is a photo of me in the garden, about mid-2006: peter-garden-2006.jpg.

And here is a photo of me with the guinea fowls, about September 2007; I made the chook-pen. They were only in it at night - I used to let them out all day. Later I had to sell the guineas, because they started crossing the road. They were not afraid of cars - they would just stand in the middle of the road: peter-guineas-2007.jpg.

Am I an AntiSemite? and Am I a Believer? and Ambivalence About Stalin and Beyond Jewish Victimhood.

Some people think I'm a Marxist, others a Nazi, others wonder if I'm a Jew: My Biography & Personal Philosophy.

... my Fallibilist philosophy of knowledge: Perspectivism in Perspective.

For many years now I have been an advocate of the Taoist (Daoist) philosophy (not the Taoist religion): A Daoist Philosophy.

Warning: Zionism draws students as far 'Left" as Karl Marx, and as far "Right" as advocates of Apartheid, the Confederacy, and ethnic cleansing. I have no part in the latter movements.

Not all "Holocaust Revisionists" or anti-Zionists are Nazis. Nazis are obsessed with race and genetics, and oppose interracial marriage. The most dangerous Nazis are the intellectual kind, admirers of Dr. William Pierce, who has referred to blacks as "sub-humans". Yet Judaism opposes intermarriage too, and Israel Shahak reveals that, to Jewish fundamentalists, "non-Jews ... are considered to be, literally, limbs of Satan".

Unlike the "White Christians", I think that Australian Aboriginal communities should be allowed to work out their own marriage laws, and punish minor offenders in their own way. The West should abandon its "One Rule For All" mentality; it should examine China's treatment of its minorities, because they are allowed to keep their cultural traditions, e.g. their marriage customs, as long as they do not threaten the state.

The Internet was developed by the U.S. Defence Department, the World Wide Web by the European nuclear research agency CERN, and the first Web Browser (Mosaic) by the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications), all government bodies, publicly owned. Privatization is theft, based on misleading information disseminated by "think tanks" run by the beneficiaries, and since theft should be punished not rewarded, all those assets stolen from the people should be impounded, without compensation to the thieves.

My purpose is to gather information on Aryanism, Zionism and World Government, especially information not readily available, and share it with others as a resource for their own decision-making. To that end, I am prepared to use information from any source, on the basis that even people who are largely wrong, can be right about some matters. Of course, we are all partly wrong, anyway. Information, in itself, is ideologically neutral. I have provided quotations from many source materials on this site, so that people who do not have access to extensive libraries may investigate the major religious, historical and political issues of our time. If their conclusions differ from mine, that is their preregative.

If "information is power", then the privatisation of information is an abuse of power, and contrary to democracy.

In examining a possible Zionist conspiracy for world dominance, I do not overlook the Aryan conspiracy, which must have been very obvious to non-whites a century ago. Just as, in those days of the British Raj, Whites lived in a fictional world created by the likes of Rudyard Kipling, so Zionists of our time inhabit an equally fictitious world of their own creation.

The Whites of a century ago dreamed of the White man's burden, of bringing civilization to savages, while dreading the cannibals' cooking pot. The Zionists of our time dream of the Jews' mission, to educate the Goys and initiate the Redemption, a millenium focused on the rebuilding of the Third Temple of Solomon. This project requires the demolition of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque, and therefore a world war with Islam, which probably began when Sharon visited the site under the protection of 1000 Israeli riot police. The whole Western world would be dragged into that war, of course "in the name of peace".

The Western media have omitted to inform the public about the Jewish campaign to demolish the Dome of the Rock; one of my aims is to remedy this omission, to show Judaism in its true light as a religion, in contrast to Aryanists who present it as a racial basis. The zealots of the Jewish religion have plans which will affect all of us; I aim to disclose those plans before they become a fait accomplit, a "fact on the ground".

The Zionists dread, not the cannibals' cooking pot, but antisemitism, holocausts, new Pharaohs and Hitlers. The Internet site of the Temple Mount Faithful, the group promoting demolition of the Dome of the Rock, was not classed as a hate site by Hatewatch, which implies double standards by Hatewatch's Zionist backers.

In the same way, the bringing of Civilization to the savages by the White man was often done in a hostile, self-interested way - but the self-interest was hidden behind proclamations of altruism.

I am neither for nor against World Government in principle. There is a strong case for it: the dismantling of atomic, biological and chemical weapons, care of the planet, fairness for all. On the other hand, if "One World" means that there is ONE bully running the world, rather than FIVE, that would be no improvement - and there would be nowhere to escape. Therefore, reader, be vigilant: ascertain what World Government means in practice, before you cast your vote.

Although I often have doubts about the United Nations, I came to see the need for the Old City of Jerusalem to be placed in its hands, to protect the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque, and allowing the Jewish Temple to be built on an adjacent site. To its credit, the Barak Government promoted such a policy, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald of September 26, 2000 ("UN mooted as guardian of sacred Temple Mount"). Shortly after, on September 28, Sharon made his infamous visit to the Dome of the Rock, escorted by Israeli riot police; his purpose, clearly, was to block Barak's peace move. I applaud that peace move by Barak, but deplore his permission for Sharon to visit the site in such circumstances.

Jews have helped Westerners like me to see the contradiction between Christian Universalism and Aryan Particularism; I have chosen the name of this site to reflect such "neither Jew nor Greek" universalism. It is now time for Jews to recognize their own Particularism. Bans on intermarriage with non-Jews are an essential part of the Jewish Bible, as is the genocidal conquest of Palestine. If Jews had been content with Israel's pre-1967 borders, they could have had a homeland in peace, and the world would have been spared the coming disintegration.

You can write to me at contact.html.