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24 03 24 - Trot-among-Anarchists.html - Shane Burley, A Trot among Anarchists

24 03 16 - foolish-Hamas.html - This is the Holocaust of our time - Max Blumenthal's speech to Women's National Democratic Committee, March 7. Watch this speech; it's very powerful.

X (@MaxBlumenthal):

Max Blumenthal took aim at the Democratic party establishment, under the full control of the Israel apartheid lobby.

2.30 My book Goliath ... is really a profile of Isreli society, spending, off and on, five years there, really seeing, from within Jewish Israeli society, how it was all building up to this moment,
2.48 how that society was being primed for a genocide ...
30.58 This is the moral issue of our time.
31.00 This is the Holocaust of our time. This is the Trail of Tears of our time. This is the Middle Passage of our time. What we are doing now will be written in the annals of history and will say everything about us.

24 01 23 Gaza-Holy-War.html - Gaza as a Holy War

23 11 23 Two-Holocausts.html - Time to Divert Holocaust Reparations from Jews to Palestinians

23 10 25 hospital-missile.html - Israeli MK-84 AIR BURST bomb (supplied by USA) struck al-Ahli hospital grounds. Absence of craters in Gaza hospital attack proves it was an MK-84 guided air-burst bomb, & done by Israel

23 10 13 cosmopire.html - My book The Cosmopolitan Empire: One World but Whose? is about conspiracies in high places. It touches all the live wires: Globalisation, the Deep State, Jewish Lobby, Gay Lobby, Green Left, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Big Brother, Nanny State, and World Government. Conspiracies it covers include the assassination of JFK, the attacks of 9/11, the Covid-19 Lockdown & Vaccine Mandates, and Malaysia Airlines MH370.

23 10 12 foolish-Hamas.html - Foolish Hamas - they fell into a Mossad trap, and forfeited the moral high ground

23 06 21 Stalin-death-Faria.html - Email on the Death of Stalin from Dr Miguel A. Faria, retired Clinical Professor of Surgery

23 03 19 MH370.html - MH370: Stop Looking in the Wrong Place. A new hard-hitting webpage, with lots of source material at MH370-Source-Material.html. This is material you won't find in Wikipedia or the Media.

23 03 02 Bengur62vsBWD20.jpg - David Ben Gurion's 1962 forecast of World Government from Jerusalem (572KB). Hi-resolution version (2.8MB): Bengur62vsBWD.tif. Smaller jpg version: bengur50.jpg.

23 02 12 Biden-immigration-nonstop.mp4 - In a youtube video of Feb 2015:, Joe Biden advocated "an unrelenting stream of immigration":

"Not only are Muslim communities but African communities, Asian communities, Hispanic communities and the wave still continues. It's not going to stop. Nor should we want it to stop. As a matter of fact, Éum It's one of the things we are most proud of. There is a second thing in that black box, an unrelenting stream of immigration. Non-stop. Non-stop. Folks like me who are Caucasian or European descent, for the first time in 2017, we will be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute Minority. Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then and on, will be White European stock. That's not a bad thing; that's the source of our strength."

The man next to Biden is Alejandro Mayorkas.

22 12 22 Keep-Christ-in-Xmas.html - Taking Christ out of Christmas, promoting Hanukkah instead. Jews tell how they took Christ out of Christmas; Holly Avila on Christ out of Christmas

22 12 02 Disney-Jews-LGBT.html - Workers at Jewish-run Disney complain about LGBT advocacy, Assault on Christianity

22 11 27 Diky-Jews-Russia.html - Jews in Russia and in the USSR, by Andrey Diky. This book is about Jewish dominance in Soviet Russia for the first 30 years, from 1917 to 1948, when it was ended. Just as important as Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together. It provides a lot of background material for understanding the Ukraine war of 2022.

22 11 25 UN-post-Christian.html - United Nations promotes post-Christian religion of 'Light', in Theosophical/Masonic terms

22 11 24 Freemasonry-Manly-Pike.html - Manly P. Hall and Albert Pike on the 2 kinds of Freemasonry

22 11 23 Putin-Spiritual-War.html - How the Orthodox Church survived Bolshevism - by Father Tikhon Shevkunov, now a Bishop and Spiritual Advisor of Vladimir Putin. Many Russians note a resemblance between Green Left movements in the West - Antifa, Black Lives Matters, Gay/Trans, and Feminist - and early Bolshevism of the Trotskyist camp, which Stalin overthrew. And it's mixed with the overt Satanism promoted at Hollywood. Putin rightly depicted it as a spiritual and metaphysical war.

22 11 21 Putin-West-Satanic.html - Putin attacks West as 'Satanic', says Russia stands for "traditional" values
Satanism is now common in Entertainment, official Celebrations, even Google Chrome

22 10 23 Autism-Enigma-Suzuki-2011.mp4 - The Autism Enigma, presented by David Suzuki is now available here, and nowhere else on the internet

On Monday 27th August, 2012, Four Corners (on ABC TV in Australia) broadcast a documentary called "The Autism Enigma" which up-ended the conventional medical view that Autism is a genetic condition. The program shows that Autism is caused by harmful Bacteria, and that overuse of Antibiotics, by killing off good Bacteria, can enable those harmful Bacteria to take over.

It was produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC-TV), and presented by David Suzuki in his program The Nature of Things. It features eminent Microbiologist Professor Sydney Finegold. He says, in an interview with Marion Gruner, that it might be possible to develop a vaccine "to totally prevent the disease and wipe it out":

The challenge to orthodoxy arose not within Science or Medicine itself, but among distraught parents trying to help their afflicted children. They were assisted by dissident scientists not subservient to orthodoxy. Some of the parents were migrants from Somalia. Their children back home were not developing Autism, but those in the West were ­ it could not be genetic. In Somalia and Ethiopia, they were eating a lot of fermented foods, which may have protected them.

Autistic children are adversely affected by propionates (a common preservative) in foods. Since the program was broadcast, there has been more evidence assembled, eg 'Mental Health May Depend on Creatures in the Gut' - Scientific American:

But the medical establishment still peddles the 'genetic' theory of Autism. Although the program does not deal with vaccines, the connection is that they can change the gut bacteria. The MMR Vaccine (or maybe just the Tylenol) may change the gut bacteria in genetically vulnerable children, leading to Autism. But the Cuban evidence shows that vaccination can be done safely - their way, not the Western / WHO way.

22 09 08 James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) images refute Big Bang - Eric Lerner

22 07 23 shpak-fraud-neocons.html - The Fraud of Neoconservative "Anti-Communism", by Max Shpak

Jews alike carried deep-seated hatreds for the traditional regimes and religions of the European continent, particularly Czarist Russia ... world Jewry ... embraced the Revolution and Marxist ideology alike. ... When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, it became clear the Russian masses would not fight for the sake of Bolshevism, an ideology that brought them so much misery, but rather for the sake of Russian blood and soil. From then on, the Soviet leadership had to court the very Russian nationalist elements that the early Bolsheviks had worked so hard to stamp out. This lead to an increasing tolerance towards the Russian Orthodox Church and a decreased Jewish presence in the Soviet politburo and KGB. Thus, the USSR was "betraying" the very elements that made it attractive to the Jewish establishment to begin with.

And so most left, and many became Neocons: jewish-emigration-ussr.html.

22 07 07 Ukraine-Neocons.html - Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disaster - Jeffrey D. Sachs. Ukraine Crisis Is the West's Fault - John J. Mearsheimer. Jeffrey D. Sachs blames the Neocons, who have run Foreign Policy for 30 years, for the Ukraine Disaster. And he names them. Every one of them is Jewish. As is Sachs himself. Yet he could not mention this fact. This is the most extraordinary aspect of Jewish power - it cannot be mentioned.

22 04 16 Soral-the-Empire.doc - Alain Soral's book Understand the Empire: Towards Global Governance or the Uprising of Nations? Translated from the French, with Preface by Laurent Guyenot. Opens in WORD. Soral is France's leading anti-Globalist thinker.

22 02 22 Kravchenko- I-Chose-Freedom.doc - Victor Kravchenko, I Chose Freedom: The Personal and Political Life of a Soviet Official (opens in Word)

22 02 18 alzheimers.html - Aluminium Industry hides Alzheimers Connection

22 01 25 Epstein.html - After trumpeting the sins of Catholic priests, Deep State (FBI & MSM) covers up Jeffrey Epstein's child molestation ring; Barry Krischer, Jewish Prosecutor who let Jeffrey Epstein get away, honoured by ADL

21 11 18 Bakunin-Mousseaux.html - Bakunin and des Mousseaux on the role of revolutionary Jews in the Secret Societies. Judaism And The Judaization Of The Christian Peoples, by Gougenot Des Mousseaux (1869)

21 11 18 Jewish-banking-mafia.html - Mike Stathis on Who Owns the Fed, and the World Bank and the IMF (2010)
The Global Jewish Banking Cartel (Primary Shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank) [...]
"World Bank is a Jewish-run international bank" [...]
"International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a Jewish-run bank designed to take over the political power and societal norms of nations in financial distress."

21 09 27 EHA-Pentagon-FtDetrick.html - Peter Daszak's EHA hid Pentagon funding & tie to Fort Detrick; sought to genetically engineer a furin cleavage site into bat coronaviruses

21 09 25 Boyle-Covid-prosecute.html - Dr. Francis Boyle calls for Fauci et. al. to be prosecuted for the Covid Pandemic and Vaccines. Dr Francis Boyle is author of the Bioweapons Act. He does not mention the ICC, but that Court is the logical place for such a case to be brought.

21 09 25 ICC-bioweapon-GoF.html - International Criminal Court asked to hear case that Covid is Bioweapon, Genetic Vaccines are Genocide

21 09 09 coronavirus.html - Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance papers released, reveal that viruses were constructed in level 3 lab at Wuhan University Center for Animal Experiment - not at Wuhan Institute of Virology

21 07 29 Ivermectin-no-Lockdown.html - Placard at Sydney anti-Lockdown Protest: IF THE VACCINE WORKS - WHY THE NO LIABILITY CLAUSE?

21 07 28 Freemasonry-Unveiled.html - The Mystery Of Freemasonry Unveiled - By The Cardinal Of Chile (Jose Maria Cardenal Caro y Rodriguez). An important book on Freemasonry, on the internet here for the first time. Originally written in 1925, this is the second edition, 1957

21 07 12 Masonic-hand-signs.html - Anthony Fauci and Xi Jinping make Masonic Hand Signs. Also Stalin and Trotsky make them. John Lennon makes devils horns sign. Ex-Freemason reveals secrets of Freemasonry

21 06 08 coronavirus.html

I have made a major revision to my webpage on Sars-Cov2, as of June 7, 2021. But in order to keep the pre-existing structure of this webpage, I slotted the new material in as item 14, replacing the earlier item 14. To see the new, and decisive, material, which proves Lab Origin and implicates Shi Zhengli, go directly to item 14: coronavirus.html#RaTG13.

My other webpages on the Coronavirus are:

coronavirus-remedies.html - Coronavirus Remedies - Chloroquine and Herbal Medicines
coronavirus-finance.html - .Helicopter money: Central Banks should directly fund government deficits
Mikovits-Plandemic.html - Plandemic 1 and 2. Judy Mikovits on elite rule, and the role of Wuhan Institute of Virology
Barrett-webinar-Covid.html - Lab-made? Leaked or Unleashed?
Ivermectin-no-Lockdown.html - Placard at Sydney anti-Lockdown Protest: IF THE VACCINE WORKS - WHY THE NO LIABILITY CLAUSE?

21 02 18 asia-crisis.html - How Speculators, in league with the US Government and the IMF, deliberately destroyed the "Asian Tiger" economies in the "Asia Crisis" of 1997. UPDATED Feb 18, 2021 with hi-res photo of Time article.

20 11 04 corbyn-lobby.html - Lobby's Ouster of Jeremy Corbyn is a Violation of British Sovereignty. The Lobby, linked to Likud, cannot be allowed to get away with interference in other countries' Governments or Oppositions, orchestrated by the Israeli embassy. This issue must be brought before the UK High Court.

20 10 25 eisen-shamir-art.html - Art and the Culture War.

My new webpage on Art covers:

The Death of Art - Israel Shamir
Jewish domination of the Art world - Israel Shamir
The Artist and the Housepainter - by Paul Eisen
Soros' Art in the Service of Color Revolution

20 09 02 Mikovits-Plandemic.html - Plandemic 1 and 2. Judy Mikovits on Sars-2, and the role of Wuhan Institute of Virology

20 08 05 Anthony-Horse-Wheel.doc - David W. Anthony on the origins of the Indo-European Languages. He is the world's leading expert on the domestication of the horse and the development of the chariot. He engaged with Victor H. Mair, an expert on the opening of the Eurasian steppes about 2000 BC. (this file downloads to your computer; open it in WORD)

20 07 21 NYT-Slaveowner-Confederates.doc (opens in Word) - New York Times promotes 'cancel culture' but skips over its own racist history. The family that owns the NYT were Slaveholders & Confederates.

20 07 19 Soros-funds-US-Color-Rev.doc (opens in Word) - Send the bill for BLM & Antifa damage to George Soros; he funds them.

Just as the Catholic Church was held responsible for its priests, and made to pay, so Tax-Emempt Foundations should he held liable for the Left Activist groups they fund and support. In the wake of the recent riots and looting, Minneapolis and Chicago should send the bill for repairs, rebuilding and restocking to the Open Society Foundation. In case of "sex change regret", individuals who ruined their lives by mutilating their bodies, based on wrong advice, should be able to sue the Foundations which backed the Trans cause.

20 06 17 china-tibet.html - Ezra Vogel on the history of the Tibetan conflict; it began in 1955, BEFORE the CIA became involved (1957)

20 06 03 Barrett-webinar-Covid.html - Lab-made? Leaked or Unleashed? Fauci bypassed Gain-of-Function Pause in USA, by funding similar research at Wuhan Institute of Virology - Thomas Willcutts

20 05 28 China-economic-miracle.html - China's economic miracle was achieved by a switch from Marxist economics to National System Economics. Asia Model economies are based on the economic theories of Friedrich List, not Adam Smith or Karl Marx. Michael Hudson says he testified before grand juries to convict Lyndon LaRouche.

20 05 28 Larry-Romanoff.html - Discussion with Larry Romanoff on White America, the Jewish Lobby and the China Lobby. Larry Romanoff denies the Tiananmen massacre of 1989, and claims that Covid-19 was a US attack on China. His ideas have been taken up by leftist writers at Global Research and by Zhao Lijian of China's Foreign Ministry. But what is Romanoff's real agenda?

20 04 08 CIA-killed-JFK-RFK-MLK.html - The CIA assassinated JFK, RFK and MLK. After it killed them, it had to cover it up - had to control MSM

20 03 31 veg-seeds-toilet-paper.html - Vegetable Seeds might be the new Toilet Paper.

20 03 28 Jack-Lang-Banking.html - Jack Lang on the Great Depression and Australia's publicly-owned Commonwealth Bank.

20 03 28 coombs.html - Dr H. C. Coombs on Central Banking, Wartime Finance, and Monetary Policy in Australia. Dr Coombs was Governor of Australia's publicly-owned Commonwealth Bank (from 1960 renamed the Reserve Bank of Australia) from 1949 to 1968

My webpages on the Coronavirus are:
21 06 07 coronavirus.html - Coronavirus was an experimental virus developed in a Wuhan lab, and accidentally leaked. Globalist American virologists had earlier enhanced the virus in joint research projects with Chinese virologists.
20 09 02 Mikovits-Plandemic.html - Plandemic 1 and 2. Judy Mikovits on elite rule, and the role of Wuhan Institute of Virology
20 06 03 Barrett-webinar-Covid.html - Lab-made? Leaked or Unleashed?
20 03 27 coronavirus-remedies.html - Coronavirus Remedies: Chloroquine and Herbal Medicines.
20 03 27 coronavirus-finance.html - Helicopter money: Central Banks should directly fund government deficits.

20 03 15 cuba-vaccines-autism.html - Autism is linked to Gut Bacteria. Cuba is 99% vaccinated but has very little Autism. William Shaw, who had worked for 6 years at the CDC, wrote that the incidence in the US is 298 times higher than in Cuba.

20 02 27 coronavirus.html - Coronavirus was developed in Wuhan lab as an experimental vaccine; or as a BioWeapon

20 01 02 genocide-uighur-tibet.html - Left deniers of the Uighur genocide are like those who denied the Ukraine Famine in the 1930s. The Communists of the West back China today - as they backed Stalin in the 1930s.

19 12 18 Morrow-CIA-JFK.html - CIA agent Robert D. Morrow confesses his role, and the CIA's, in the assassination of JFK. This book was published in 1992, but the mainstream media has gone quiet on it; there is no Wikipedia webpage on Robert D. Morrow. This is probably the most important book on the JFK assassination, because Morrow was directly involved as a CIA agent with a leading role.

FULL TEXT - on the internet here FOR THE FIRST TIME. Save it to your hard drive.

19 11 16 ZOG-Calendar.html - US House of Representatives Calendar 2017 is Jewish rather than Christian. The Calendar of the US House of Reps features more Jewish holy days than Christian ones.

19 11 14 bushfires.html - Hippies of Nimbin admit Greens to blame for Bushfires. How many Koalas died?

19 11 08 Wells-After-Democracy.doc - After Democracy, by H. G. Wells (1932). Online here for the first time on the internet. A collection of speeches and essays in which Wells presents his vision for a communist Cosmopolitan world. Is this what "One World" means?

19 11 03 Pope-blesses-Pachamama.doc - Pope Francis has blessed a statue of Pachamama, an Inca goddess. Was this a slide into paganism? But doesn't Our Lady of Guadalupe have Aztec ancestry? The Catholic Church has always acknowledged some merits in other religions, and adopted some features from them, to make converts feel more at home. But fundamentalists insist that there is no revelation (no truth) outside of Judaism/Christianity.

19 10 15 Pope-Acupuncture-Shaman.doc - Pope Francis: "I don't go to the Doctor, I go to the Witch!" (Shaman). Pope Francis' doctor is Liu Ming, a Taoist Acupuncturist from China. Francis' other doctor is a Shaman from South America. She visited him at the Vatican and gave him healing. Also see Psychic-surgeons.doc, about Psychic surgeons in Mexico & the Philippines.

19 10 12 baruch-plan.html - the 1946 Baruch Plan for World Government: major update (Oct 12, 2019)

19 10 10 Trump-admits-War-Crime.doc - Trump tweet repudiating Mid-East wars is blacked out by Jewish-owned MSM which pushed for those wars

19 10 06 kalergi.html - Kalergi Plan Conspiracy Theory - Quotes from his book Practical Idealism

19 09 21 protocols-debate.html#Kalergi-Plan - Kalergi Plan - discrepancy at Wikipedia - 'akin to Protocols of Zion'

19 08 29 Tiananmen89.doc - Hong Kong 2019 protests, Tiananmen 1989 Protests, and Colour Revolutions. Evidence for 1989 Massacre in Beijing, as well as denials of such massacre. For the record.

19 08 17 krivitsky-chambers.html - Walter Krivitsky, Soviet defector, describes Stalin's Purges; Whittaker Chambers informs on Communist espionage in the USA.

Most of Krivitsky's book In Stalin's Secret Service - Memoirs of the First Soviet Master Spy to Defect is online here. Whittaker Chambers describes his meeting with Krivitsky.

19 08 17 Whittaker-Chambers-Witness.pdf - Witness, by Communist defector Whittaker Chambers

19 08 15 china-nazi.html - National Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Left economists praise China, but others liken it to Nazi Germany

19 08 13 phil-eversoul.html - Discussion with Phil Eversoul, about Communism, Judaism and Christianity

19 07 10 MH370.html - Fake solution of MH370 mystery in The Atlantic Monthly of July 2019; and Refutation

19 07 07 Antifa-Soros-Where-is-Money.mp4 - ANTIFA masked protestors chant "Soros, Soros, where's our Money? Soros, Soros, where's our Money?" Could the sound have been dubbed? No, because two of the Antifa protestors are moving their hands in sync with the music. Uploaded at truthseeker, August 18, 2017. This video has been deleted from a number of sites; I found it at .

19 06 10 AntiChrist-3rd-Temple.doc - The Arrival of the Anti-Christ, Delayed - by Israel Shamir; More on the site of the Jewish Temple & Roman Fortress. Orthodox Jews want to pull down the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque, to build the 3rd Temple; from where, they believe, the Messiah will rule the world. But Christians say that the Temple was built over Gihon Spring, in the City of David, 200m downhill from the Western Wall, which is really a remnant of Antonia Fortress, where the Roman 10th Legion was based. Gihon Spring was the only permanent water in the area; and water was an essential requirement for purification rituals at the Temple. A Roman Legion at that time comprised 5,000 soldiers plus thousands of support staff. It was positioned overlooking the Temple so that the army could quash rebellions; two ramps provided easy access. The Fortress would have been much bigger than the Temple. Thus, the 'Temple Mount' is wrongly named; and the Jewish Temple can be built without demolishing the Moslem shrines, saving us a World War. However, the Orthodox Jews do not accept the evidence from historical authors (including the Bible itself).

19 06 10 Dump-Trump-Sanders-2020.doc - Trump supporters should switch to Sanders & AOC, even though they're on the wrong side of the Culture War. We should support their economic policies, i.e. Public Banks, cutting military expenditure by 50%, a $15 minimum wage, and a massive infrastructure program. Not only that, they won't be making war on Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria & North Korea. Trump has proved himself an Israel-Firster; he's in the pocket of Sheldon Adelson. Sanders is more likely to Drain the Swamp. Sanders is anti-Globalist: he voted against NAFTA & opposed TPP. He does NOT support open-border immigration; he said that mass immigration (via the southern border) will make Americans poorer. UPDATE Sept 17, 2019: I can no longer support Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, after they called for Brett Kavanaugh's impeachment (following a NYT fake news article). Instead I support Tulsi Gabbard.

19 05 29 Temple-not-at-Dome.doc - The Third Temple CAN be built without a World War. The "Temple Mount" - site of Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock - was NOT the site of the Jewish Temple (First & Second Temples). The "Temple Mount" was actually the site of a Roman Fortress, the Fortress of Antonia. Jewish Fundamentalists have got it wrong. They want to pull down the Dome of the Rock, and Al Aqsa Mosque, in the mistaken belief that those buildings are on the site of the First & Second Temples. The temple was 1 stade (stadia, 90m, 600 feet) from the Fortress. The Fortress was much bigger, because it housed 6,000 Roman soldiers (the 10th Legion) and 4,000 support staff. Watch this video:

19 05 25 Oz-election-Deplorables.doc - Australian election: Deplorables reject Labor's Culture War (Gender, Trans, Hate laws)

19 05 12 Latham-Folau-v-QueerFascism.doc - Silencing Israel Folau with Queer Fascism 'betrays our Gay Marriage victory'. Mark Latham, Anthony Mundine & Nick Farr-Jones back Folau.

19 05 05 Folau-Big-Brother.doc - Israel Folau sacked for quoting the Bible - the very Bible you swear on in Court. Big business is Big Brother

19 04 26 MH17.html - MH17: the Geopolitics vs Suppressed Evidence

19 04 17 Folau-Humphries-Hate-Laws.doc - Israel Folau puts 'Hate' Laws to the Test; Why he's Right and they're Wrong

19 04 15 Assange-CIA-Vault7.doc - IMF $4.2bn loan for Ecuador; Assange arrested for revealing CIA Vault 7 tools to hack computers & phones. CIA Vault 7 can make its hacks look "Russian" or "Iranian" by inserting foreign language strings into their source code. In other words, it can frame other countries via False Flag cyber attacks.

19 04 02 Temple-secular-Jews.doc - The Third Temple: a Goal of Secular Jews, not just Fundamentalists

19 03 28 Christchurch-Big-Picture.doc - the Christchurch Massacre.
New Zealand mosque chairman Ahmed Bhamji blames Christchurch shooting on Mossad.
Brigadier Ted Serong interview on 1996 Port Arthur Massacre is at Serong-SMH-190410.doc;
view images of the interview at Serong-SMH-1.jpg and Serong-SMH-2.jpg .

19 02 16 Solzhenitsyn-200YT.html - Wikipedia writes Solzhenitsyn out from the History of Communism

19 02 06 Solzhenitsyn-200YT.html - Solzhenitsyn's 200 Years Together: Russo-Jewish History - 2 volumes complete in English, full 796 page translation (pdf)

19 02 03 MH370.html - MH370: Stop Looking in the Wrong Place. MH370 was hijacked by an Intelligence Agency, flown to the Maldives or Diego Garcia, where cargo and / or passengers of interest were removed, then dumped in the deep ocean between Diego Garcia and Madagascar.

18 12 03 Permaculture.html - The True Father of Permaculture

18 09 23 Six-Indian-Priests.doc - Six Indian Priests, and Jakfruit. A traversal of the religious history of the last 5000 years

18 09 21 Red-Heifer-3rd-Temple.doc - Jewish Fundamentalists announce birth of Red Heifer; time for Third Temple, Messiah - and Armageddon

18 09 21 Strategies-for-Researchers.doc - My advice for would-be Dissident Researchers

18 09 20 protocols-debate.html - Jimmy Carter's book on Israeli Apartheid likened to Mein Kampf, Protocols. Lobby invokes Protocols after Bob Carr says Jewish Donors wanted Foreign Policy subcontracted to them

18 09 20 Debate-Victoria-Holocaust.doc - Debate with Victoria on Holocaust matters

18 07 09 Isaiah-Zoroastrian.html - Deutero-Isaiah challenges Ezra, revises Judaism with Zoroastrian inspiration, announces Saoshyant (future World Savior). The clash between the 2 kinds of Judaism culminated in the Crucifixion - Cyril Glasse

18 06 12 illuminati.html - The Illuminati are real - see these photos & videos. Supreme Court building in Israel with Illuminati pyramid - just like US $ Bill

18 06 03 science.html - Halton Arp: the new Galileo who disproved the Big Bang theory.

"Observing astronomers came under heavy pressure from theoreticians. The result was the development of a cosmological establishment, like that of the Ptolemaic orthodoxy, which did not tolerate objections or dissent."
- Hannes Alfven, "How Should We Approach Cosmology?" 1978

MH17 series of newsletters

1. MH17 cf Iran Air 655, Siberia Airlines 1812 & TWA800: bulletins/140721-b2419.rtf

2. MH17 in the light of Operation Northwoods: a False Flag attack: bulletins/140730-b2425-MH17.rtf

3. MH17 cockpit shows traces of Shelling! It was hit by a Jet Fighter, not a Missile: bulletins/140801-b2429-MH17.rtf

4. NYT & WSJ admit MH17 felled by Shrapnel, but not that it was fired FROM BOTH SIDES: bulletins/140803-b2433-MH17.rtf

5. Malaysian media publish "Ukraine shot MH17" evidence but Singapore & Western media silent: bulletins/140819-b2444-MH17.rtf

6. MH17: US media censor eyewitness report that Ukrainian warplane took off with air-to-air missiles, returned without them: bulletins/141225-b2515-MH17.rtf

7. MH17: Russia Blamed Again: bulletins/180531-b3132-MH17.doc

17 02 01 - MH370 was Hijacked: Wikipedia has two webpages on MH370, one presenting the official theory, and one presenting unofficial or conspiracy theories, but debunking them. The current Wikipedia webpages, official and unofficial, make no mention of the comments of Emirates CEO Tim Clark, who said he believed MH370 was hijacked, and that Government agencies were covering up. Emirates flies more 777s than any other airline: MH370.html

18 04 17 waton-program.html - Harry Waton explains Judaism, Communism and Fascism. A Program FOR THE JEWS - An Answer TO ALL ANTI-SEMITES - A PROGRAM FOR HUMANITY
watonpgm.pdf - Harry Waton's A Program FOR THE JEWS and HUMANITY - with my Introduction and footnotes (pdf)
WatonProgramForJewsAndHum.pdf - another version of Waton's Program - with my Introduction and footnotes (pdf)
watonpgm.doc - Word version of Waton's Program - with my Introduction and footnotes

18 03 09 toolkit.html - The Protocols of Zion Toolkit, updated. The Protocols of Zion is a small book dating from the 1890s which purports to record meetings of Masonic Jews setting out a program for overthrowing Christianity and introducing a Jewish one-world government.

18 02 18 hollywood.html - Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood's anti-Christian vendetta. Feted at an Algemeiner dinner a few weeks before he was outed, Weinstein stated: 'I Am an Israeli in My Heart and Mind'. He had earlier urged Jews to 'kick ass' against anti-Semites. Hollywood long had an anti-Catholic vendetta, all the while hiding its own depravity. The Wiesenthal Center has refused to withdraw a prize it awarded to Weinstein.

18 02 14 morgenthau.html - The Balfour Declaration, Chaim Weizmann & the Morgenthau mission. Chaim Weizmann scuttled The Morgenthau mission to Turkey, which aimed to make a Separate Peace with Turkey. It might have shortened World War 1 by more that a year. Weizmann did it because, had the mission succeeded, there would have been no Balfour Declaration and no Israel.

18 02 11 toynbee-history-of-civ.html - Arnold J. Toynbee on the Aryan invasions, and the transmission of Civilization across the Silk Roads

18 02 06 wilton.html - Robert Wilton, St Petersburg correspondent for the London Times, documented the role of atheistic Jews in creating Bolshevism. Chapter 16 of The Last Days of the Romanovs, naming the Jews running all the revolutionary parties, was omitted from the British & U.S. editions. Here a translation from the French Edition is published for the first time: wilton.html .

18 02 01 stalin-overthrew-jews.html - The USSR was created by atheistic Jews, but Stalin overthrew them.

18 02 28 convergence.html - Gorbachev followed Andrei Sakharov's ideas about East-West Convergence towards World Government. Convergence was a Zionist/Trotskyist idea. The aim was to seize control of the USSR from the Stalinists, while securing the West for "Marxist" values as enacted in the early Bolshevik period: Gay Rights, Feminism, the abolition of Marriage, cultural revolution, minorities against the majority. In Russia, Putin foiled their plans. In the West, Political Correctness is the new Gulag - brought to America by Trots and other admirers of Early Bolshevism.

17 09 23 marx-jewish-finance.html - Karl Marx: Jewish Bankers decide the destiny of Europe

Three suppressed essays by Karl Marx:
On the Jewish Question
The Loanmongers of Europe (also published as The Jewish Bankers of Europe)
The Russian Loan
plus a discussion of the debate surrounding them.

Syrian Terrorism & Civil War: Syrian Gas Attacks were False Flag, staged atrocities stampeding us into war: Syria-terrorism.html

Gay Marriage series of newsletters:

1. Jewish Judges (3 of 5) bring Gay Marriage to America: bulletins/150628-b2577-GayM.rtf

2. Sonia Sotomayor is Jewish too - Henry Makow. 4 of 5 Judges for Gay Marriage are Jewish: bulletins/150629-b2578-GayM.rtf

15 02 10 Huntington-Ukraine-cleft.rtf - Samuel Huntington says Eastern Ukraine belongs to Orthodox Civilization & Russian Zone

This website is anti-Zionist but also anti-Nazi.

Provan pdfs: I have published a 32-page pdf refuting Holocaust Denial, featuring articles by Charles D. Provan, a Denier turned Believer. You can view it on your computer, or print it using A4 paper. There are 3 versions: the text is the same in each, but the quality of the photos increases with the bigger versions.
Photos ok, size 1.8 MB: Provan-LO.pdf
Photos better, size 5.7 MB: Provan-MID.pdf
Photos best, size 16.7 MB: Provan-HI.pdf.

15 01 07 Jews-head-Fed-World-Bank.doc - Karen Hudes, Jewish disinformation agent, blames Vatican, Jesuits; ignores Jewish heads of Fed & World Bank.
Chairmen of the Fed: four Jews in a row, from 1979-2015. World Bank Presidents: three Jews in a row from 1995-2012.

15 01 07 - Kollerstrom vs. Myers debate: Should 9/11 Truthers avoid Holocaust Revisionism? (mp3) - Broadcast on Kevin Barrett's radio show on December 24, 2014. Nick Kollerstrom is the author of Terror on the Tube, about the London bombings of July 7, 2005. Our debate examined common themes between 7/7 and 9/11, aiming at a single overall analysis.

14 12 02 Dome-of-the-Rock-poem.doc - Dome of the Rock, a poem by the late Edward A. Lacey, from the book THIRD WORLD

14 11 30 MontPelerin-City-BoE-Empire.doc - Shaxson: Mont Pelerin Society links to City of London & BoE "replace the old empire". The Mont Pelerin Society is the "Comintern" of Capitalism. Never heard of the MPS? They chose a name that would not draw attention. The MPS was created by F. A. Hayek & Karl Popper. Nicholas Shaxson explains the MPS links to the City of London, the Tax Haven network, and the British Empire. No, it's NOT dead.

14 11 30 Empire-survives-City-Haven.doc - The British Empire continues through the City of London & its Tax Havens - Nicholas Shaxson

14 11 30 Glick-3rd-Temple-Relig-War.doc - Jewish push to build 3rd Temple on Al Aqsa/Dome site ignites Religious War

14 11 30 Stathis-Jews-Fed-WB-IMF.doc - Jewish Money Control - Brother Nathanael; The Jewish Global Banking Mafia - Mike Stathis

14 11 26 Provan/Provan-Holes.html - "No Holes, No Holocaust?", by Charles D. Provan. A refutation of Faurisson's "No Holes, No Holocaust" argument. This is a complete scan of the original booklet of the year 2000, including colour plates.

14 11 22 Hyperborea-Ariosophy.doc - Toben "calls me Jewish" because I criticized his Own Goal aiding Lobby

14 11 21 Nazis-wrong-Aryan-homeland.doc - Nazis wrong about Aryan homeland; Reply from Toben on 18C

14 11 18 Toben-Carr-Lobby-18C.doc - Frederick Toben helps Jewish Lobby to block changes to 18C Hate Speech Law

14 11 16 Feder-Schacht-Hitler.doc - The Finance Policy of Nazi Germany: Feder, Schacht and Hitler

14 11 16 Rauschning-Table-Talk.doc - Rauschning's Hitler Speaks authenticated by Table Talk. Hitler's intended Genocide of Ukraine & Slavs

14 11 16 Carr-Palestine-Protocols.doc - Bob Carr switches from Friend of Israel to Friend of Palestine

14 11 14 Hitler-Speaks-Rauschning.doc - HITLER SPEAKS: Conversations of 1932-34 recorded by Hermann Rauschning, in which Hitler lays out his ideas and plans, years before implementing them. Rauschning was Head of State of Danzig, which at that time was a "free city", an independent state with its own currency. He joined the Nazi Party, but left after discovering Hitler's true intentions.

14 11 08 Aarons-USS-Liberty.doc - USS Liberty: the Israeli side of the story.It's actually quite incriminating.

14 01 27 Bamford-Shadow-Factory.doc - James Bamford on NSA bugging, and outsourcing to Israeli companies linked to Mossad

14 01 12 Solzhenitsyn-200YT.html - Solzhenitsyn: Banned All Over Again.
200 Years Together: Russo-Jewish History
by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Volume 1. The Jews Before the Revolution
Volume 2. The Jews in the Soviet Union

14 01 03 Ukraine-Famine.html - The Ukraine Famine: an Eyewitness Account.

Six Million Ukrainians - the other 6 Million - don't seem to count. We don't study them at school, we are not punished for denying their suffering. No one has lost his or her job, or been jailed or bankrupted, over it. Why? It was a Political Famine, a Genocide, a Holocaust (note the subtitle of the book). In the end, it was a factor in the breakup of the Soviet Union, as Ukrainians sought independence. However, the Russia of today is not the Russia of those days. Ukrainians have more to fear from joining the EU, given the way it has treated Latvia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

14 01 03 Black-On-Red.doc OR (zipped) - An American Black in the Soviet Union (from 1930 to 1974). What was it really like?
Robert Robinson, a (Black) toolmaker at the Ford Motor Company, was enticed (like a lot of other Americans) to go to Russia to work on industrial projects during the 1930s. He renewed his contract there, because of the difficulty in finding work in America during the Depression. The US Embassy cancelled his American passport, so he had to become a citizen of the Soviet Union. When he wished to visit his dying mother in Jamaica, he discovered that it was much harder to get out than to get in, and came to see the USSR as a prison. He narrates his experience of racism both in America and Russia, but pays tribute to Black and White individuals who helped him escape and return to the United States. NB: the America of today is not the one he returned to; all the good jobs have been Offshored, and the 1% have cornered the wealth of the country for themselves. It's more like the 1930s.
BLACK ON RED: MY 44 YEARS INSIDE THE SOVIET UNION, by Robert Robinson with Jonathan Slevin

12 08 23 banks-fined.html - Banks fined for Money transfers to Iran: one group of Jews dominates another

12 02 22 chomsky-lobby.html - Kissinger MEMO on Israel Nukes gives the lie to Chomsky depiction of Israel as mere Regional Sheriff. Kissinger MEMO is transcribed here on the internet for the first time.

11 06 09 drugs-and-banks.html - The only way to stop the Drug Trade is to target the money-laundering Banks behind it.

11 05 09 osama-wives.html - Osama's wives hold the key to 9/11 - and they need protection from the conspirators who did it. They should be allowed to remain in Pakistan.

11 04 06 Soros-Chomsky-R2P.html - Libya intervention: Soros behind "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) as a form of Global Governance. Chomsky agrees in principle, rejecting National Sovereignty, but objects to selective use of the principle for imperial goals.

11 03 06 Sharp-Soros-NED-CIA.html - Chomsky, Zunes & Zinn defend Gene Sharp, say Meyssan wrong about CIA link

11 03 06 nonviolence-State-link.html - State Department, NED, Soros & CIA links to "regime change" dissidents in Belarus, MidEast

10 10 07 science.html - Halton Arp: the new Galileo who disproved the Big Bang theory.
Plasma Cosmology (the Electric Universe) - a corrective to "Gravity only" models.

10 05 30 landman.html - Samuel Landman's account of the Balfour Declaration, as Britain's contract with Jewry, accords with that of James Malcolm and David Lloyd George. Landman was Solicitor and Secretary to the Zionist Organisation of the United Kingdom from 1917 to 1922.

10 04 20 malcolm.html - James Malcolm facilitated the contract between the British Government and the Zionist faction of Jews that brought the US into World War I. It started out as a "Gentleman's Agreement", and was later formalized as the Balfour Declaration. James Malcolm on the Balfour Declaration - how it determined the outcome of World War I when it hung in the balance.

10 04 05 disraeli.html - Benjamin Disraeli on Jews and Revolution; and on Nathan Mayer Rothschild

10 04 02 correctness.html - Mikhail Bakunin (c. 1871) on the Jews around Marx: "with one foot in the bank, the other in the socialist movement".

"Jews reign ... Too bad for anyone careless enough to displease them". Similar statements were made by Nietzsche (nietzsche.html) and Dostoievsky (dostoievsky.html).
Mikhail Bakunin warns of the Marxist Dictatorship (1873)

10 03 27 Al-Jazeera-CIA-Orwell.html - Al Jazeera is the chief conduit of "Bin Laden" messages; it broadcasts them without questioning their veracity. They accept responsibility for 9/11, and threaten the West - thus fuelling the War on Terror. Many of the initial staff at Al Jazeera came from the BBC Arabic service. Is Al Jazeera editorial policy run by Western agents? There is a precedent: during World War II, Britain secretly ran a "German" radio station mounting ostensibly PRO-HITLER propaganda. ALSO: George Orwell's World War II BBC Broadcasts to India, from the Ministry of Information.

10 03 22 wtc.html - New webpage on 9/11 - was Mossad behind it? The recent Dubai assasination in which Mossad used stolen identities warrants re-examination of evidence that the identities of at least some of the alleged 9/11 hijackers had been stolen. The UK Telegraph interviewed four 9/11 Hijackers, ALIVE. And a Saudi Prince said that at least 7 of the alleged hijckers are alive. The best overview of 9/11 you'll find anywhere, plus links to the best investigative sites for detailed follow-up.

09 09 22 holocaust-Red-X-Report.html - Red Cross document "disproving Holocaust" is leading Internet Dissidents astray (from my mailing list).

09 05 04 browning.html - The Origins of the Final Solution -Christopher R. Browning. How Nazi policy changed from Ethnic Cleansing to Genocide.

09 05 03 - Hoss-Memoirs.html - The Memoirs of Rudolph Hoss, Kommandant at Auschwitz

09 05 01 holocaust-debate.html - the Holocaust Denial debate (from my mailing list)

09 02 09 holocaust-denial.html - the Fatal Flaw in Holocaust Denial

09 01 18 otto-strasser-hitler.html - Otto Strasser's book Hitler and I. Now the complete text (342 kb). The only other copy available on the internet is a pdf file of 195 mb!

09 01 14 - holocaus.html - "How can we tell who is ruling the world? Normally, the conqueror imposes his religion on the conquered. What is the dominant religion in the world today? I submit that it is the Religion of the Holocaust. I submit that in this way we can tell who rules the world." - Phil Eversoul (born Phil Podolner - from a Jewish family).

09 01 11 - stalin-purges.html - Stalin's Purges were directed at the Left Opposition, led by three "dissatisfied Jewish intellectuals" Trotsky, Zinoviev & Kamenev. The evidence presented at the Moscow Trials was 90% fabrication, but 10% genuine: there really was a Trotsky-Zinoviev bloc aiming to remove Stalin.

09 01 11 - deutscher.html - When Trotsky applied for asylum in Britain, he was supported by Sidney & Beatrice Webb, H. G. Wells, Bernard Shaw & Keynes.

09 01 06 - cultural-revolution.html - Chinese Shadows, by Simon Leys (Pierre Ryckmans). On China's Cultural Revolution & Mao's Destruction of China's Heritage. Also has a bearing on the Cultural Revolution under way in the West. Simon Leys was the first Westerner to break the spell of Mao in "Left" circles.

09 01 03 - courtois.html - The Black Book of Communism, by Stephane Courtois et al. The Communist terror in the USSR prior to Gorbachev, and in China under Mao (covers the Great Leap Forward). Why can't its death-toll be memorialized? Was it deemed of little weight, compared to the visionary goal being pursued?
Why is Nazism uniquely Evil but Communism respectable? Is it because, however it went wrong, Communism is seen as Idealistic or Universalist?
Although Stalinism fell, have different kinds of Marxism - the Fabian, Green & Trotskyist kinds - conquered the West? Is this why the sins of Communism are being denied & forgotten?
After Mao died, China under Deng abandoned Communism, adopting "Market Socialism" instead.

08 12 31 - pearl-harbor.html - FDR and Pearl Harbor: Day of Deceit, by Robert B. Stinnett. Discloses the US plan to provoke Japan to fire the first shot, so as to motivate an isolationist US public to join the war against Germany. US intercepted Japanese Bomb Plot Grids for Pearl Harbor, but did not warn Kimmel. Vacant Sea: US clears shipping out of the path of the Japanese carrier force, to prevent accidental discovery. Myth of the radio silence of the Japanese carrier force. US moved its aircraft carriers & modern warships away from Pearl Harbor, leaving only old ships to be sunk by the Japanese attack. Perhaps, out of dire necessity, Roosevelt had to deceive the American people in order to defeat Hitler. Perhaps the cost of several thousand lives was justified to bring down a greater evil. But why do we have to keep lying about it? Why can't our history books tell what actually happened?

08 12 30 otto-strasser-hitler.html - Otto Strasser's book Hitler and I. The Strasser brothers, Gregor and Otto, were the leaders of the Socialist Left faction in the NSDAP (Nazi Party). Ernst Roehm belonged to the same faction. The party had been created before Hitler joined - he took it over in the Trotskyist "entrist" style - and the Strasser brothers almost succeeded in ousting Hitler from the leadership. Otto Strasser stood for public ownership of major parts of the economy, an end to Prussian militarism, equality between the nations, no territorial demands, a federated Europe. "There would be no dictatorship, either of class or of race" (p. 93). Hitler branded Strasser's ideas Marxist, even Bolsheviik. Krupp and other industrialists threatened to cease funding Hitler unless the 'National Bolsheviks' were silenced (p. 198). This silencing was "The Night of Long Knives".

08 12 19 world-war-II.html - Hitler's War, the Japan Miracle, and the China Model. (1) World War II could have been very different from the way it turned out (2) Hitler's policy of "ethnic cleansing" the Ukraine (3) Material unfavourable to Nazis in the 1977 edition of Hitler's War 1939-1942 but which David Irving removed from later editions (4) Hitler's pact with Stalin led Japan to strike south (Singapore) rather than north (USSR) (5) The main part of Japan's army was bogged down in China throughout World War II (6) Richard A. Werner shows that Japan's postwar miracle economy was a Butter-not-Guns adaptation of Nazi economic policy (7) China and Australia compared to National Socialist Germany

08 11 25 persian-empire.html - The Persian Empire (538 BC - 331 BC) caused the demise of both Babylon and Egypt. It initially tolerated the traditional religions of Babylon and Ancient Egypt, but, after uprisings, later suppressed them; they never regained their former independence. Cyrus captured Babylon in 538 BC; Darius retook it in 521 BC after a revolt. Darius called himself "a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage". Eastern Greece (Ionia in Asia Minor) was in the Persian Empire, as was Western India. Travel between Greece and India was facilitated by the Royal Highway, a project begun by Assyria and continued by Persia.

08 11 06 india-pakistan.html - Sex vs Celibacy, in India and Pakistan; photos from a trip in 2008. India is the home of two ancient sex-temples (Khajuraho and Konark) which have been declared World Heritage sites by UNESCO. But India is also the origin of religions which reject sex and instead promote celibacy - Jainism, Buddhism, and the idealist/monist stream within Hinduism. These is evidence that such ideas spread from India to Greece, influencing the Pythagoreans; and, during the time of Emperor Asoka, to Alexandria in Egypt, influencing Jewish sects and thus early Christianity.

08 09 08 l-george.html - David Lloyd George, Prime Minister of Britain, explained in his Memoirs why his government made "a contract with Jewry" (the Balfour Declaration) in 1917. Leopold Amery, author of the final draft of that contract, acted for the British side but secretly identified as Jewish. Could he represent both parties simultaneously? If so, why keep his Jewish identity secret? Was a conflict of interest involved? His son was executed as a Nazi collaborator.

08 09 06 otto-strasser-flight.html - Otto Strasser was the leader of the Socialist Left faction of the NSDAP. He took the socialist plank in the party platform seriously, whereas Hitler had been accepting large donations from German industrialists and was beholden to them. Hitler was finally forced to chose, and got rid of the Socialist Left in the Night of the Long Knives. Gregor Strasser and Ernst Roehm were among those killed, but Otto Strasser escaped and became the leader of the underground opposition. This book is the story of how he became the "most wanted man" in Germany. He opposed Hitler's policy on Race and Jews. On the internet here, for the first time. (big file: 725kb)

08 09 04 wells-genetics.html - Spencer Wells is a Genetic Anthropologist. He is Director of the Genographic Project, operated by National Geographic to capture a "genetic snapshot" of humanity, before Globalization blurs our genetic trails. He shows that our genes record the history of the Great Migrations.

08 08 28 carthage-became-jewish.html - After Carthage fell, Carthaginians and Phoenicians became Jews; this is the origin of the Jews of Spain and North Africa. Freud sided with Hannibal as a Jewish proxy against Rome.

08 08 28 bible.html - The Torah (including the Book of Genesis) was produced by Ezra around 458 BC, with the authority of the Persian Empire, and under the influence of its Zoroastrian religion.

08 08 28 toynbee.html - From Arnold J. Toynbee: Ezra created the Torah as a collage from previous written and oral sources, giving them an editorial workover. He composed the Exodus theme to encourage those exiled in Babylon - who were enjoying life there - to 'return' to Palestine, and imposed a 'monotheism' in Palestine more in keeping with the new Zoroastrian religion of the Persian Empire than with traditional Hebrew polytheism.

08 08 26 four-room-house.html - Manfred Bietak and the Hebrew/Israelite Four-Room houses at Avaris, the Hyksos capital in the north of Egypt.

08 08 26 adam-and-eve.html#Epic - The Epic of Gilgamesh is a story about about the connection between Sex and Death; the story of Adam and Eve is an adaptation of it, a reworking and replacement of its meaning. The Bible's story of Noah's Ark and the Flood is a reworking of the earlier version in the Epic of Gilgamesh; there, the gods sent the Flood because the human population was expanding too much.

08 08 25 moscow-vs-jerusalem.html - Before the creation of Israel, Jews overwhelmingly identified with the Soviet Union; it had been created by Jews, and many Jews were in top positions. Stalin stole it from them, but he used the same covert methods that Jews used, so it was not clear whether he or they were in charge; and as long as Trotsky was alive, there was a chance of his restoration. Once Israel was created, and Stalin observed how Soviet Jews rallied to it, Jews were gradually removed from the top positions they had held. A Cold War broke out between Moscow and Jerusalem.

08 08 11 engagement.html#1 - my advice on how to have a Home Birth and how to rear children.

07 03 01 freney.html - Denis Freney on the 1971 Springbok tour of Australia. This was a major setback for the apartheid regime in South Africa, and a mind-altering event in Australia.

06 05 07 - trotsky.html - Trotsky explicitly promoted Radical Feminism, Youth Rebellion, Communal Childrearing and the Destruction of the Family, in his book The Revolution Betrayed. He describes the attack on all tradition launched by the Bolsheviks, and Stalin's reversal of its extremes. Radical Feminism is Trotskyist ... See the real Trotsky.

06 04 20 - dostoievsky.html - Dostoievsky's non-fiction work The Diary of a Writer, published serially from 1873 to 1871: "... it is not for nothing that over there the Jews are reigning everywhere over stock-exchanges; it is not for nothing that they control capital ... and ... are also the masters of international politics ... what is going to happen in the future is known to the Jews themselves: their reign, their complete reign is approaching !": dostoievsky.html.

06 04 05 - british-conspiracy.html - (added) A debate over factions of the One-World conspiracy - "British" (Freemason, Illuminati) or "Jewish"? Henry Makow's position vs mine.

06 01 24 werner-princes-yen.html - by Richard A. Werner, Professor and Chair of International Banking at the University of Southampton. Princes of the Yen is about the role of Japan's central bank in the "miracle" years and the recent "crisis" years. It is also about banking, and central banking, in all countries.

06 01 16 List-National-System.doc - The National System of Political Economy, by Friedrich List, 1841, translated by Sampson S. Lloyd, 1885. About 935 KB (download).

06 01 15 whitecon.html - (this essay added) A Reply to Dr. William Pierce

06 01 14 glass-bead-game.html - The Glass Bead Game and the Transmission of Civilization; from Herman Hesse's novel. Siegmund Levarie on Noise as the new barbarism.

06 01 01 acharya.html - Acharya S., the New Age, and the Culture War on Christianity

06 01 01 slezkine.html - Yuri Slezkine, The Jewish Century: How Communism began Jewish, but, through Stalin's seizure of control, diverged from Jewish nationalism

04 11 01 - szilard.html - Leo Szilard and H.G. Wells, founders of the Green Left. Leo Szilard helped create the first nuclear chain reaction, and initiated the letter to Roosevelt that got the Manhattan Project under way. Later, he warned of the dangers of nuclear weapons, and joined Wells' crusade for World Government.

04 10 21 - marx-vs-the-peasant.html - Marxist policy on farming: Small private farms cf communal farms and state farms.

04 10 14 - coombs.html - The role of Dr H. C. Coombs as an agent for change in Australia (his economic policies; his Aboriginal legacies; an exchange between Dr Coombs and myself).

04 09 20 - chinese-civilization.html - The Confucian state: not legalist but civilizational. Chinese Concept of Nature: not a wilderness; man holds an integral place. Enlightenment Europe's fascination with Confucian China.

04 09 06 - tax-havens.html - (update) Michael Hudson, Distinguished Professor of Economics, writes, "Yes US debt is the new world currency."

04 08 26 - british-conspiracy.html - Claims that the One-World conspiracy is "British". A graphic overview called One World Conspiracy - "British" or "Jewish"? A Jewish one inside the British one, depicting the three factions of the "One World" conspiracy, is at british-conspiracy.gif. Feel free to make copies and transparencies of it.

04 08 24 - spinoza-pantheism.html - Spinoza formulates atheistic Judaism, the religion of Jewish Communists.

04 08 16 - rome-and-jerusalem.html - The text of Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism (1862) by Moses Hess, the 'Red Rabbi" who converted both Marx and Engels to Communism, and then came out as a Zionist.

04 07 26 - jewish-emigration-ussr.html - Vladimir Pozner on Why Jews left the Soviet Union - Max Shpak on Why the West Betrays Russians.

04 07 21 - house-schiff.html - H. G. Wells, Lionel Curtis, Henry Wickham Steed & Lord Grey advocate the League of Nations as a World Government - The Atlantic Monthly, 1919, January & February.

04 07 02 - marriage-malinowski.html - Bronislaw Malinowski debates Robert Briffault on Marriage. Malinowski, an Anthropologist who specialised in Sex-life and Marriage, condemns the attempt to abolish Marriage as a "disaster". Briffault puts a Marxist view.

04 06 13 - trots-ndp.html - The item on Peter Garrett and the Nuclear Disarmament Party has been updated. How Garrett beat the Trotskyist attempt to manipulate the NDP.

04 06 03 - archaeology-bible.html - The Exodus and the Archaeology of the Bible - the findings of Egyptologist Donald B. Redford, and Israeli Archaeologists Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman.

04 05 15 - tax-havens.html - (added feature) Henry C.K. Liu on Trade Deficit, Loss of Manufacturing, and GDP Growth. Henry Liu explains the accounting tricks behind our Current Account Deficit and Foreign Debt statistics.

04 05 03 - postmortem-journeys.html - Postmortem Journeys - Descents into Hell, and Resurrections - the comparison between Jesus' case and that of Tammuz, Orisis etc.

04 03 29 - tax-havens.html - Michael Hudson on tax havens ("Offshore Banking Centers").

A "foreign investor" is likely to be a local oligarch operating out of an offshore account. The complicity of the US Government in setting up such centres. "Much of America's net foreign debt, along with that of countries such as Argentina, is owed to these flight-capital centers." They provide "a cloak of invisibility for the wealth built up by embezzlers, tax evaders, a few drug dealers, arms dealers and government intelligence agencies to use for their covert operations." How they increase the tax burdon on ordinary people. How they can be shut down.

04 02 29 - one-world-or-none.html - The One World Or None report of 1946. In 1946, only the U.S. had the Atomic Bomb. In this report, scientists and journalists tell us that, to prevent nuclear wars, we need a World Government. The Baruch Plan for World Government was put to Stalin in that year: baruch-plan.html.

04 01 17 - popper-vs-toynbee.html - The differences between Karl Popper and Arnold Toynbee over the interpretation of Karl Marx's philosophy. Should Karl Marx be viewed as a social scientist, or as the prophet of a religion? Did the Totaliarianism of the Soviet Union derive from Plato's Republic, or from Judaism?

04 01 03 - jewish-utopia.html - Michael Higger explains in his book The Jewish Utopia that whereas Plato's Republic "is chiefy concerned with what will hold the ideal city together", "The rabbis, on the other hand, are mainly interested in that ideology which would hold the whole world, or the Universal State, together".

04 01 02 engagement.html - (update) The New Left is trying to replace Sexual Complementarity with Angrogyny. This is the idea that the individual human contains both sexual poles, instead of just one. It's the basis of the Unisex movement (unisex hairstyles, unisex character-traits, abolition of complementary roles in marriage). The idea of Androgyny underlies the push for "Gay Marriage".

04 01 01 - bengur-recollections.html - David Ben-Gurion offers an atheistic definition of Judaism, arguing that God did not choose them; rather, they chose Him - and themselves.

03 12 31 - red-symphony.html - by Dr. J. Landowsky; translated by George Knupffer. Stalin's Formal Communism (Bonapartism) cf Trotsky's Real Communism. Bears on the fact that Communism seems to be continuing, Trotskist/Fabian/New Left style, despite the fall of the USSR. Open Borders, Gay Marriage, the World Court, the Kyoto Protocol, "Hate" Laws which suppress open discussion, these are the signs. Stalin stole their conspiracy; his legacy had to be defeated, just as much as Aryanism and Christianity.

03 12 24 - money.html - (addition) Bernard Lietaer, designer of the Euro currency system, on how "greed and fear of scarcity are ... a direct result of the kind of money we are using".

Richard Duncan, author of The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures, argues that the Japanese bubble, the Asian Crisis and the U.S. bubble are related. Once the Bretton Woods system broke down, International Trade no longer had to balance. Deficits merely had to be financed, with ever-increasing debt. We are heading for a systemic financial crash.

PLUS How Greenbacks won the Civil War - Stephen Zarlenga on The Lost Science of Money.

03 10 14 - sutton.html - Antony C. Sutton and Viktor Suvorov on Technology Transfer from the West to the Soviet Union. Exploring this theme: volumes 3 and 2 of Antony C. Sutton's trilogy Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development
volume 3: 1945 to 1965
volume 2: 1930 to 1945
plus Viktor Suvorov, Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?

03 10 14 - sex-soviet.html - The definitive study of family life in the Soviet Union: H. Kent Geiger, The Family in Soviet Russia. The "feminist" West is following the same path.

03 10 12 - soviet-union-early.html - The early Soviet Union: after Lenin and Trotsky, but before Stalin's ascendancy.

03 10 12 - cia-infiltrating-left.html - update - The Communist movement was irretrievably split by the Trotsky/Stalin divide. Jewish communists, over time, moved increasingly to the Trotsky camp, with its ambivalence about the Soviet Union. At first they were inclined to preserve it - hopefully with Trotsky back at the helm. Later they turned against it. Some co-operated with the CIA, and the CIA used them to drive a fatal wedge into the Communist camp. Some are now Neocons.

Neocons are former Trotskyists who support Zionism, but retain many Trotskyist ideas. They support Globalization, oppose the self-reliant nation-state, endorse open-border immigration (except, perhaps, for Moslems), mostly oppose censorship of pornography, and mostly oppose Government involvement in "morality" issues such as homosexuality. Learn how to spot the Neocons in the media.

03 09 23 - philo.html - Marcion's break with Judaism: says Christianity is an entirely new religion. The "heretic" we need to reclaim today.

03 09 22 - money.html - Michael Hudson on Interest rates in Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome.

03 08 31 - einstein.html - The Apotheosis of Albert Einstein.

Einstein as philosopher, as mentor or "universal man", as Communist, as proponent of World Government, as scientist, as plagiarist, as Zionist.

03 08 11 toolkit3.html - (addition) Stalin accused of endorsing the Protocols of Zion.

03 07 11 zoroastrianism.html - The Zoroastrian religion and its progeny: the ancestry of religious fundamentalism, and Marxist millennialism.

03 07 10 garaudy.html - The European Court of Human Rights has found against Roger Garaudy, on account of his anti-Zionist book The Mythical Foundations of Israeli Policy.

Garaudy was a leading French Communist, who was expelled from the Party for criticising the USSR.

The Court calls him a "racist" who seeks to "rehabilitate the National Socialist regime". It says "his writings had a clear racist objective".

This is scary, because Garaudy was never pro-Hitler ... if even he can be convicted, it shows that the EU is becoming totalitarian, and that "Human Rights", contrary to the impression of freedom, can be a totalitarian ideology. Further, this decision shows the hollowness of the EU leaders' pro-Palestinian stand.

03 07 09 rosicrucian.html - The secret Zionism of the Rosicrucians. Rosicrucian leaders say they promote ancient Egypt; but they support Akhnaten, against the true Egyptian religion. They identify Akhnaten with Solomon and his Temple; the traditional religion of Egypt is branded "heathen" and "idolatry".

03 07 03 cobden.html - Strobe Talbott, deputy Secretary of State in Clinton's 1st and 2nd administrations, puts the case for World Government.

03 06 15 money.html - Financing Sustainable Development, by John H. Hotson; Banana Republic? No, Banana Colony, by Dr H. C. Coombs.

03 06 12 - F.D.R.: My Exploited Father-in-Law, by Curtis B. Dall

03 06 09 money-masters.html - The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America, by Patrick S. J. Carmack and Bill Still.

03 06 04 asia-crisis.html - How Speculators, in league with the US Government and the IMF, deliberately destroyed the "Asian Tiger" economies in the "Asia Crisis" of 1997. UPDATED Feb 18, 2021 with hi-res photo of Time article.

03 04 29 wittfogel2.html - Rebuttals of Karl Wittfogel's book Oriental Despotism.

03 04 29 wittfogel.html - Karl Wittfogel's book Oriental Despotism blames the Russian civilization for the harshness of Communism. Never acknowledging that the Bolshevik regime had been set up by Jews, he went on to link the bureaucratic control in the USSR with what he saw as similar systems in Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, India, China, the Islamic world, Mexico and the Andes.

03 04 19 toynbee2.html - Arnold J. Toynbee on Trotsky and the Bolshevik Revolution.

03 04 17 huntington.html - Carroll Quigley's book The Evolution of Civilizations: an influence on Samuel Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations.

03 03 20 toynbee.html - Arnold J. Toynbee was one of the leading intellectuals of the British Empire. He combined deep insight into Civilizational History, with propaganda for the One-World goals of Cecil Rhodes' Round Table group. Here he writes about the formation of Judaism, and argues the case for World Government.

03 01 16 terry.html - Edith Terry, How Asia Got Rich: "the image of flying geese was ... a symbol of the Japanese model ... By far the most important Western influence on the concept came from the writings of Friedrich List, an early nineteenth-century German economist who played a large role in shaping the economic theories of National Socialism."

03 01 08 beria.html - Isaac Deutscher wrote that the Bolshevik Government, in its first years, was run by "emigres had lived many years in the West", who looked down on Russian "backwardness" and pursued "internationalist" politics:

"... they were Marxists in partibus infidelium, West European revolutionaries acting against a non-congenial Oriental background, which ... tried to impose its tyranny upon them. Only revolution in the West could relieve them from that tyranny ... "

"No sooner had Bolshevism mentally withdrawn into its national shell than this attitude became untenable. The party of the revolution had to stoop to its semi-Asiatic environment. It had to cut itself loose from the specifically Western tradition of Marxism ... "

Beria and Gorbachev attempted to return to this "Western" Marxism: each emphatically rejected Stalin. But Deutscher was a Jewish Trotskytist, and this "Western" Marxism is Trotskyism by another name.

03 01 07 lippmann.html - Walter Lippman shows how "Colonel" House, liasing with Lord (Sir Edward) Grey of the Anglo (Rhodes) conspiracy, persuaded Woodrow Wilson to join World War I. Lippman wanted the League of Nations to be a World Government with a World Army and a World Court. His book Men of Destiny is a collection of articles on these themes, originally published in various journals including Foreign Affairs.

03 01 05 house-schiff.html - "Colonel" Edward House's "novel" of 1912, Philip Dru: Administrator, a model Woodrow Wilson followed; and Jacob Schiff's campaigns for Zionism and World Government.

03 01 01 bible.html - Who Wrote the Bible? - How the Torah (including the Book of Genesis) was produced by Ezra, in Babylon, around 458 BC, with the authority of the Persian Emperor (and under the influence of the Zoroastrian religion).

'Ezra arrived in Jerusalem with two important documents in his hand ... this "torah of Moses," and ... a letter from the Persian emperor, Artaxerxes, giving him authority ... to teach and to enforce "the law of your God which is in your hand." The enforcement powers included fines, imprisonment, and the death penalty.' (03 01 01)

02 12 30 zoroaster-judaism.html - The religion of the First Persian Empire (549-330 BC) was Zoroastrianism; it has shaped Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Marxism and Radical Feminism.

02 12 30 jewish-taoist.html - Did Judaism once have a Goddess?

02 12 28 talmon2.html - J. L. Talmon's book The Unique and the Universal asks whether any universalism is possible, given national particularisms.

02 12 19 stalin.html - Making sense of Stalin (major revision)

02 12 19 gender.mp3 - You mustn't say "Ladies and Gentlemen". From the March 26, 1997 lecture on Gender policy, in the Diploma in Education course at the University of Canberra. The lecturer stated that it was wrong to say "good morning, ladies and gentlemen" or "good morning, boys and girls", because this language is not "gender inclusive". Instead one must say, "good morning, people". Hear for yourself how new schoolteachers are being brainwashed in Trotskyism.

6 minutes 41 seconds; you may need to turn the volume up.
To download:

Many who have been to university before will be shocked to discover how they have changed; it's a clear example of the Thought Police in action.

02 12 14 huntington.html - Writings of Samuel P. Huntington (oracle of George W. Bush's Clash of Civilizations):
(1) The Crisis Of Democracy: Report on the Governability of Democracies to the Trilateral Commission (2) The West: Unique not Universal, in Foreign Affairs, Volume 75 No. 6, November/December 1996 (3) The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (1996)

02 12 11 ostrovsky.html - Victor Ostrovsky on Mossad's training BOTH SIDES in the Sri Lankan civil war; and on its support for Moslem fundamentalists, to derail the peace process; and on its plan to kill George Bush snr, in payback for the peace process he initiated.

02 12 11 vanunu.html - Ari Ben-Menashe on the capture of Mordecai Vanunu: he was lured by a honey-trap. Also features Mossad agents posing as "Palestinian Terrorists"; and a special flight to Tehran of Israel air-force pilots disguised as civilians.

02 12 07 tribes.html - Joel Kotkin's book Tribes, about the kinds of "Higher Tribalism" operating after the demise of the Nation-State.

02 12 06 goldsmith.html - Sir James Goldsmith's book The Response, refuting the critics' responses to his earlier book The Trap. Goldsmith argues that Free Trade and Modern Agriculture are Destroying Society.

02 12 05 nat-soc-isr.html - Zeev Sternhell's book The Founding Myths of Israel, about Israel's Nationalist Socialist political system.

02 12 03 lavi.html - Caspar Weinberger, Ronald Reagan's Defence Secretary, wrote the Foreword to Dov S. Kakheim's book Flight of the Lavi, in which he takes Israel to task for trying to produce its own fighter plane, the Lavi, as a clone of the American F16. The Israelis hoped to sell it to other countries.

02 11 27 toolkit3.html - The Protocols of Zion Toolkit, Part 3 - now with new material on the ousting of Lord Northcliffe, chief Proprietor of The Times of London in 1922, for his anti-Zionist stance.

02 11 24 confucian-renaissance.html -  Reg Little and Warren Reed, The Confucian Renaissance - the revival of North Asian philosophy and economy; Confucianism as a rival to the Marxist philosophy and the Jewish religion.

02 11 24 sombart.html - Werner Sombart, The Jews and Modern Capitalism (1911)

02 10 01 correctness.html - The Ancestry of Political Correctness - from the French Revolution to the Bolshevik Revolution and our own time

02 09 23  toolkit.html - The Protocols of Zion Toolkit - the Bernstein / Cohn arguments that it's a forgery, and counter-arguments against the forgery claim, Part 1; Part 2 is at toolkit2.html

02 09 23 - Herman Bernstein (1935) argues that the Protocols of Zion is a forgery; with an Introduction by Norman Cohn (1971). Excludes Bernstein's Exhibit A, Maurice Joly's book Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu; it is at

02 09 23 cohn.html - Norman Cohn's detailed arguments against The Protocols of Zion, in Warrant For Genocide (1970)

02 09 23 - Maurice Joly's book Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, containing parallel passages to the Protocols of Zion

02 09 05 santamaria.html - The Life and Writings of B. A. (Bob) Santamaria - the Battler's Friend: "The man blamed for the ALP split in the 1950s was the only national figure to stand by Labor's core values" - Clyde Cameron, Labor MHR & Minister in the Whitlam Government.

02 09 04 orwell.html - Riding a bicycle - an act of defiance against arbitrary authority? George Orwell and Big Brother laws.

02 08 25 philo.html - Adolf von Harnack on the creation of Christian Dogma ...  the Role of Philo of Alexandria in fusing Judaism with Platonism, paving the way for Christianity. Philo's Logos theology was later adopted by the Church as Christology.

02 08 08 jewish-revolt.html - S. G. F. Brandon shows that what we know as Christianity emerged from the Roman defeat of the Jewish revolt of 66-70 AD.

02 08 08 judgment.html - S. G. F. Brandon on the development of ideas of the Judgment of the Dead (including Karma) in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greco-Roman Culture, Hinduism and Buddhism.

02 07 18 finkelstein.html - Norman Finkelstein calls the Holocaust Industry a "Shakedown"

02 07 11 kronstadt.html - Pitirim Sorokin and Dmitri Volkogonov describe the Kronsdadt Massacre and Trotsky's Role.

02 07 10 adam-and-eve.html - S. G. F. Brandon on the derivation of the Adam & Eve story, in the Jewish Bible, from the (Sumerian) Epic of Gilgamesh.

02 07 09 before-columbus.html - Phoenician discovery of America? - Evidence for trans-oceanic contact between ancient civilisations - the Case for Diffusion.

02 07 07 needham-anthony.html - Joseph Needham on Cultural Diffusion between the  Mid-East and China from around 1500 BC; David  Anthony on the Opening of the Eurasian Steppe at  2000 BC.

02 07 06 diop.html - Cheikh Anta Diop argues that many Ancient Egyptians were Black Africans. The Great Sphinx had a negro head; a number of Pharaohs had negro features; Egyptian women had wavy braided "Afro" hair. Plus Martin Bernal on Diffusion.

02 07 06 new-left.html - The New Left's Cultural Revolution, which began in the 1960s, has split into its components. What these components have in common is "bottom-up" control: children "taking control" of their own lives, preventing their parents from raising them; women "taking control" of their lives and/or marriages.

02 07 01 moses.html - Sigmund Freud believed that Jewish Universalism was derived from the Monotheism  of Egypt's heretic Pharaoh Akhnaton. Freud wrote his last book, Moses and Monotheism, on this topic.

02 06 28 gordon.html - Cyrus H. Gordon's book Before the Bible, on the common East Mediterranean culture ancestral to the Greek and Hebrew cultures.

02 06 28 mount.html - Ferdinand Mount's book The Subversive Family, about the Marxist-Feminist attack on Marriage and the Family.

02 05 27 rhodes-scholars.html - Cecil Rhodes' Wills and the Rhodes Scholarships for World Governance

02 05 25 goldsmith.html - Sir James Goldsmith argues against Free Trade, in his book The Trap. The front cover asks, "How is it that humanity's greatest leap forward in material prosperity has resulted in extreme social breakdown?" Also presents the case against modern Agriculture, the EU, and the homogenization of the genders.

02 05 22 braudel.html - Fernand Braudel on Jewish Civilization: "There was quite updoubtedly a Jewish civilization ... And yet the Jews are not a race ... German Jews or Ashkenazim, Spanish Jews or Sephardim are biologically at least half German or Spanish, for there was frequent intermarriage and Jewish communities often originated in local conversions to Judaism ... The root of it all was religion: isolation was the consequence of a whole complex of inherited habits, beliefs, even methods of preparing food."

02 05 20 rhodes-will.html - The Will of Cecil Rhodes, endowing a Secret Society to run the British Empire and draw the United States back in. The British Empire is now called the British Commonwealth. Rhodes' Secret Society is called the Round Table; its American branch is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR set up the Trilateral Commission to co-ordinate North America, Western Europe and Japan.

02 03 26 death-of-stalin.html - The Death of Stalin, by Georges Bertoli, and The Death of Stalin: An Investigation by "Monitor". The latter book shows that Stalin was overthrown by a coup d'etat. Stalin killed, directly and indirectly, millions of people; there is no question of making him a hero. But the murder of such a powerful man, and its cover-up, raise even more questions about who was controlling Communism.

02 03 26 wives-of-stalin.html - The death of Stalin's second wife Nadezhda Sergeyevna Alliluieva, and Stalin's involvement with Rosa Kaganovich, whom Stuart Kahan says was Stalin's third wife.

02 03 26 kaganovich.html - New material on Lazar and Rosa Kaganovich. The Kaganovich family disputes Stuart Kahan's biography of Stalin's Executioner.

02 03 26 convergence.html - The movement for Convergence between the Soviet Union and the West, to form a World Civilization. Now with new material from Mikhail Gorbachev's writings, showing his close connection with Andrei Sakharov. "I never for a minute thought that the transformations I had initiated, no matter how far-reaching, would result in the replacement of the rule of the 'reds' by that of the 'whites'." (Mikhail Gorbachev, Memoirs, 1996, p. 287). "God knows, I wanted to demonstrate my unbiased attitude in every way possible" (ibid., p. 298).

02 03 07 hiding.html - An updated edition of my 1995 article Hiding Behind Auschwitz, which puts the case that The Protocols of Zion is a genuine document. Since 1995, I have discovered more evidence, and considered the counter-arguments of Herman Bernstein and Norman Cohn, but I have decided to leave the original unchanged. I therefore preface it with some additional material.

02 02 22 convergence.html - Andrei Sakharov on East-West Convergence towards World Government (World Federalism) - How Anatoliy  Golitsyn garbled the story, and how his misinterpretation is being taken up in the United States by George W. Bush.

02 02 18 wells-lenin-league.html - H. G. Wells saw the end of World War I as an opportunity to create a new world. He supported both Lenin, and the attempt to create a World Government at the Treaty of Versailles. He also advocated the creation of a Jewish state. His ideas for a united world drew on Jewish thought, in discussions with David Lubin and Israel Zangwill; he also worked closely with Walter Lippman. Lubin and Zangwill were leading Zionists; Lippman, also a Jew, helped draft the Treaty of Versailles, and was later a member of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Another friend, Leo Amery, was a secret Jew who drafted the Balfour Declaration.

02 02 18 lenin-trotsky.html - A reader writes, "Lenin was no Jew ...  Trotsky was no friend of the Jews". But Lenin did have a Jewish identity, and Trotsky did have strong Jewish ties.

02 02 10 de-tocqueville.html - Alexis De Tocqueville on Race in America

02 02 10 samuel-saul.html - From the Jewish Bible: 1 SAMUEL Chapter 15. This chapter says that God, through his prophet Samuel, condemned King Saul for not killing all of the non-Jews he fought, when ordered to do so. Saul, regretting his disobedience, slew the captive king he had spared.

02 02 10 ten-commandments.html - Thought you knew the 10 Commandments? This is the way they really appear, in the Jewish Bible. (02 02 10)

02 02 10 diamond.html - Jared Diamond summarises the case for an Indo-European expansion covering the last 5000 years, spreading East, South & West from the Steppes

02 02 07 nietzsche2.html - Nietzsche as an Aryanist: Nietzsche urged the overthrow of "moralism", which he attributed to Zarathustra (Zoroaster) and his influence on Christianity via Second-Temple Judaism. Zionism, however, a reversion to "First Temple Judaism", is free of that Moralism.

02 01 15 rig-veda.html- The Rig Veda & the Aryan invasion of India. "The Rig Veda is a collection of more than a thousand hymns written between 1200 and 900 B.C. by people known as Aryans, who came to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India from the Eurasian steppes to the north. The Rig Veda is one of the earliest known writings written in any Indo-European language."

02 01 12 koestler.html - Arthur Koestler on Communism, Zionism, and being a Jew

01 12 07 burnham.html - James Burnham was a Troyskyist who later realised that the USSR was never a Workers' State but the first of a new type of state run by managers, the Managerial State. Nazi Germany, New Deal America & postwar Japan are other examples. His book The Managerial Revolution (written in 1940) was also an important contributor to George Orwell's view of the future in his disutopian novel 1984 (written in 1948).

01 11 22 gimbutas.html - Marija Gimbutas on the Goddess cultures and Aryan (Indo-European) invasions, with the counter-argument of Colin Renfrew, and the assessment of Geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

01 11 20 REWRITTE eth-civ.html - Ethnicity & Civilization: Ariosophy & Judeosophy

01 11 11 danielou2.html - Alain Danielou on the similarities between Shivaism, Taoism, & the Cynic philosophers, and the contest between them and the rationalistic, moralistic religions

01 11 10 danielou-paglia.html - Alain Danielou and Camille Paglia on the struggle between the Dionysian (Shivaite, Feminine) and the Patriarchial cultures (Apollonian, Monotheistic) in the last 5 millenia

01 11 08 jewish-taoist.html - Is there a connection between Judaism and Taoism?

01 11 07 adhope-poems.html - Poems of A. D. Hope (Alec Derwent Hope)

01 11 06 bush-poems.html - Australian bush poems

01 11 06 lawson2.html - Henry Lawson on Rural Australia from the 1870s to 1916

01 10 03 sex-soviet.html - Sex in the Soviet Union

01 11 01 bengur-bible.html - What's the Bible get to do with Zionism? David Ben-Gurion's answer

01 10 03 wtc.html - the attack on the World Trade Centre - was Mossad behind it?

01 10 31 lawson.html - Henry Lawson on Socialism, Republicanism & Ethnicity

01 10 31 mcqueen.html - Humphrey McQueen calls Henry Lawson a Fascist & Nazi

01 09 18 ostrovsky.html - Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, on how Mossad tricked America into bombing Libya

01 09 16 schatz.html - Jaff Schatz on the Rise and Fall of the Jewish Communists of Poland

01 09 14 dome.html - Will the New York suicide-bombings lead to a World War over the Dome of the Rock?

01 09 12 downing.html - F. Gerald Downing, Christ and the Cynics: the early Christians presented themselves, amid the Hellenistic culture of the Roman Empire, as very much like the Cynic philosophers (who were like Taoists)

01 0 912 perry.html - Roland Perry: Lord Victor Rothschild was a Cambridge Spty, the Fifth Man

01 09 12 vanunu.html - Ari Ben-Menashe: the Capture of Mordecai Vanunu

01 09 11 UPDATED xTrots.html - how the Trotskyists led the Australian Labor Party up the Free Trade path

01 09 07 japan.html - Two books which compare the Jewish and Japanese psyches are Ben-Ami Shillony, The Jews and the Japanese, and Isaiah Ben-Dasan, The Japanese and the Jews. They present Judaism to the Japanese, in a battle for the Japanese mind

01 09 06 kaganovich.html - Lazar Kaganovich's account of the Soviet Union & the Murder of Stalin

01 09 05 baruch-plan.html - the 1946 Baruch Plan for World Government

01 09 05 russell2.html - Bertrand Russell describes the developent of the 1946 Baruch Plan for World Government

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