I Don't Believe In All Those Conspiracy Theories

- Peter Myers. Date 24 Nov., 1999; update July 13, 2018.

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The recent referendum wasn't really about the monarchy - it was a referendum on the New World Order. The most motivated people were at the fringes: Communist direct-electionists and Hansonite monarchists combined to defeat the chardonnay socialists. A lineup of four Prime Ministers, with Governors-General, Judges and other notables, was not enough to persuade the people. Gough Whitlam abandoned his Rage, all for nothing. John Howard was spitefully punished, by pressure not to open the Olympics; yet the result wasn't Howard's fault - Howard is PM only because the people find him the "least worst". Blame us, Mr Murdoch; don't take out your spleen on others. The result was particularly satisfying to me, because for the last ten years I have been working towards building such co-operation between the "far left" and the "far right". The MFP was defeated by such a combination, in the years 1987-91, in which I played the role of facilitator between these same two factions; and the same combination recently defeated the MAI (for the present).

Now that the MFP has faded into oblivion, it is hard to believe the high-pressure tactics the elite were using against opponents of that project. Reasoned argument was met with slogans and one-word replies: the tags "racist", "Japan-basher" and "xenophobe". The project was inevitable and we needed it; as a symbol of new times, it would replace the Snowy Mountains Scheme as a national icon. The issue even contributed to the defeat of Andrew Peacock in the 1990 federal election, the first occasion in which the elite's secret plans were spilled before the public (that is, on the front pages).

The project went through three phases: (i) MFP Gold Coast - this was defeated by Bruce Whiteside, of the far right (ii) MFP Adelaide and (iii) "MFP 2", a distributed version including the Melbourne dockside and Homebush Bay in Sydney, now the site of the Olympics. Adelaide activists needed East-coast support, so a countrywide organisation was established, a collaboration between the far left and the far right. My role was to keep the two factions together - having an Asian wife helped me to dodge the "racist" jibe. A protest meeting I organised at the University of Canberra drew an audience of two. An advertised meeting at the Albert Hall, in which the speakers included Sir Mark Oliphant, Senator John Coulter, and a Professor of Mathematics, drew about 8. However we hit the big time with a session of Politics in the Pub. Gavan McCormack and Senator Vallentine spoke, and Kerry O'Brien and other media people attended. After MFP Adelaide was abandoned, the same luminaries tried to get Canberra made the MFP site. When I wrote to the local paper pointing out that the same names had been behind the failed MFP Adelaide, the scheme was quietly dropped; and yet, only a few years earlier, they had been planning to move the main research institutes from the Australian National University to the swamps of Port Adelaide. The day was saved by a very small number of people.

Then, ordinary Australians were afraid of being absorbed into a regional co-prosperity sphere; now, we are afraid of being dissolved into a world empire which cares nothing for us. Some of the opponents of the MFP have decided that they would prefer Nippon to Zion, if that is the choice. Ironically, it was Zion in the form of George Soros, who finally slew the Asian tiger - or is it only wounded?

The alignment of media forces behind the "Yes" case in the referendum clearly showed the marks of Agenda-Setting. This is the method by which the elite often gets its way in a democracy. Meeting discreetly in councils with obscure names (The Council On Foreign Relations, the Mont Pelerin Society etc.), they map out the future, then "sell" it to the voters. They foisted Keating on us; but I doubt that the public will "buy" Costello. Any claim of conspiracy is met with a wide-eyed stare, and the words, "I don't believe all those conspiracy theories".

But are conspiracy theories really outlandish? On the far left, Marxism has always been a conspiracy theory. It says that a small ruling class deceives the majority: by means of propaganda it creates a false consciousness. One way to find out who the ruling class is, is to ask, "who can't be criticised?" That leaves the monarchy out; the churches regularly get bad press; and dead white males are now the bad guys.

The far right, like the Marxists, is quite aware of the Council On Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission etc. Such bodies wield great influence, yet operate in a largely covert way, in that most voters have never heard of them. In communist societies, everyone knew where power lay: at the top of the politburo. But under capitalism, the real power-holders like to remain low-key: aside from a few faces like Bill Gates, George Soros and Rupert Murdoch, the big bankers and chief executives mostly operate in the shadows. We know that Kerry Packer is the wealthiest Australian; but who is the second wealthiest, and the third, and the fourth?

Far right conspiracy analysis typically portrays a conspiracy operating as a single layer. Some say Zionist bankers, some say Gentile bankers (Morgan, Rockefeller etc.), some say high levels of freemasonry.

I have offered a two-tiered theory. The first level is the one both far left and far right agree on: the Round Table, the CFR, the Bildebergers etc. Then I posit another conspiracy operating in a strictly covert way, and infiltrating the higher-level one. Members of the higher-level one would imagine that they are the shapers of world history, not realising that they themselves are being manipulated.

The top-level conspiracy engaged Germany in war in 1914. It had been aiming to draw the United States back into the British Commonwealth, even if the capital had to be New York not London; this goal was largely met in the UKUSA Pact, after WWII. To get the U.S. into World War I, however, the top-level conspiracy needed the help of the second-level conspiracy, with its control over the American media, and leverage over President Wilson. The price was the Balfour Declaration (addressed to Lord Rothschild), and Palestine.

The top-level conspiracy set up the League of Nations as a would-be World Government (articles 10 to 16 provided for a World Army). The second-level conspiracy set up the USSR. The top-level conspiracy refused to let Lenin join the League; to counter it, he made the Treaty of Rapallo with Weimar Germany - an arrangement which later reappeared as the Soviet-German Pact.

The second-level conspiracy had two factions: a religious one and a secular one. If the two had not co-operated at times, the media they owned would have disclosed the true nature of the early Bolshevik regime, and revealed the secrets of the Balfour Declaration. Fortunately, some brave dissidents did so; they faced heavy weather. The struggle between Bolsheviks and Zionists played into the hands of the first-level conspiracy. The creation of the state of Israel widened the split, and the 1973 Middle-East war finalised it; subsequently liberal-turned-neoconservative Zionists contributed to the election of Ronald Reagan, because only an imperial U.S. could protect Israel. The wheel came full circle: the second-level conspiracy, having assisted the formation of the USSR, now shifted its weight behind those trying to destroy it.

Communists, by and large, are now outsiders. Both levels of the conspiracy are currently pushing for free trade and World Government. The first level is aligned to the Republican Party, the second to the Democratic Party.

If the mass of the voters were to combine against both parties, they might defeat the New World Order. However, voters are divided by the far left-far right split. The NWO keeps reminding us of Hitler, to (i) keep the left-right split open, thereby preventing co-operation by both against the NWO. (ii) keep Jews afraid of Gentiles, and therefore united; although the assassination of Rabin shows that their divisions are very great. (iii) remind nation-states of their shameful past (or present), with a view towards establishing a World State.

To get over Hitler, the far left needs to examine Benjamin Freedman's evidence about the Zionist deal with Britain during World War I, as a result of which Germany was defeated. This created the German resentment against the Zionists; on the other hand, Anglophiles might be pleased that Zion tipped the balance their way.

To get over Hitler, the far right should (i) read Oswald Spengler's book The Hour of Decision (1934); it clearly encourages a war of invasion to the East (Note: the USSR under Lenin also invaded Poland - this is not a question of moral superiority). (ii) accept that children in Nazi Germany were being taught songs glorifying the coming war to the East. (iii) renounce Hitler's Numerberg Laws, the apartheid regimes, and barriers to interracial marrgiage. Race-mixing will not lead to the disappearance of existing races, only to new mixtures between them. Further, the Christian religion should get used to not being the state religion as in medieval Europe, but returning to being one of several religions, as it was before Constantine.

Below I present some anecdotal evidence, not intended as proof but as giving insight into ways of thinking. Two pieces of anecdotal evidence relate to the first-level conspiracy, and two to the second.

(i) An important book which spills the beans on the first-level conspiracy is The Anglo-American Establishment, by Carroll Quigley, of which only a small number of copies (2000, according to Antony Sutton) had been printed. A check at the National Library indicated that five copies were present in Australian university libraries: three in Melbourne, one on Perth, and one at the Defence Force Academy (ADFA) in Canberra, which is a campus of the University of NSW. I checked Melbourne first, but could not find the book. Then I tried ADFA. Late on April 6, 1995. I found the book, and another by Quigley, and studied them intensely; however, I lacked any money for photocopying. I returned each book to the shelves in its exact location. The following day, they were both gone. Some days later, the second book was put back, but the main one has been missing every time I checked since. Bear in mind that this was a rare book, before it was recently republished by a publishing house specialising in conspiracy. I believe that the ADFA authorities left it on the shelves assuming that no-one would know about it; I still retain computer printouts from the ADFA library at that time.

(ii) Some years ago I rang an electricity authority in the Canberra area, one of the newly corporatised ones swallowing the older public utilities, to complain about high charges for near-zero usage. By chance the call was transferred to a high executive, who normally would not have dealt with such mundane matters. Soon we were talking about World Government. This man was in the Kennett mould, an economic rationalist, and openly admitted the plan for World Government. "In another hundred years, we'll have the whole world", he said, not knowing that he was repeating a line from the Protocols of Zion. There was no alternative to World Government - the only alternatives were Stalin and Hitler, and they had been tried and found wanting. When I pointed to the hardship economic rationalism was causing to ordinary people, he said, "You've got to get into the elite". English would be the world language.

(iii) Not long after I wrote my article Hiding Behind Auschwitz, in late 1995. I had some amazing conversations with a Jewish man who must have assumed that I am Jewish on account of my surname. I commented to him that "Capitalism is a cruel system", which is my honest belief, when he agreed and went on to say, "Communism was the perfect system", because it was "one for all and all for one". Although he is an atheist, he also said, "What we have now is no good. The Jewish religion is 100%. [Even] Catholicism was not bad."

He also said, "They were all Jews - Marx was a Jew, Lenin was a Jew, X was a Jew, Y was a Jew." Even though I had read that Lenin considered himself a Jew, I was so stunned to hear him say so, that I missed catching the names of the X and the Y. This man had been a prisoner at the Belsen concentration camp. Yet he said to me, "Hitler did a lot of good for his people. Mussolini did a lot of good for his people. Mussolini's only mistake was to join with Hitler."

He had no time for the Asian renaissance. 25% of the children in Japan are malnourished, he said. In Thailand, people don't ask, "Have you been to university?", but "Which university did you go to?". He praised Mao and his tough methods, "just shooting" troublemakers etc, but lamented, "he's not there now".

"There are only 500 Jews" [in the city where he operated a small business] - "it's not good for business". I couldn't understand this, until I recalled how Japanese package tourists in Queensland in the 1980s were only buying at Japanese shops. Tribalism - it's the way a minority survives and preserves itself. He had never been to Israel, but they can't continue to make war, because there are 30 million Arabs and only 4 million Jews - so they have to make peace.

He had a good grasp of money matters - he reads the Financial Times. Said that he never borrows unless he cannot help it. That the U.S. had been printing a lot of dollars to finance its foreign payments, which had caused the fall of the U.S. dollar at that time. He anticipated "disaster" ahead, I think because of environmental issues.

{added April 30, 2003} I recently met this man again ... a chance encounter. I had wanted to ask him more abour Communism, in particular to find out how he stood on the Trotsky/Stalin divide.

He is not an easy person to talk with, now that he knows I am not a Jew. But he said,

"Lenin was good; Trotsky was good; Stalin buggered it up".

This was a clarification for me; I'm increasingly finding that the Jewish Communists supported Trotsky. This also means that there was a distinct non-Jewish Communism in the USSR after World War II, countrary to the line one finds in Nazi and League of Rights literature. It also explains how, having defeated "Stalinism", i.e. the non-Jewish variant of Communism, we find another kind - the "Trotskyist" or Fabian - so strong in our universities and institutions, via its components the Feminists, Greens, Gays etc.

I should add that I had my agreements with this man. He expressed opposition to George W. Bush's war on Iraq. When I pointed out that Jewish lobbies were behind it, he said words to the effect that "Jews are more intelligent than other people ... but some Jews devote themselves to making money, while others take a principled stand".

He spoke of a charitable second-hand shop which had been closed down because it was not making a profit. "It's not supposed to be making a profit," he said, "it's supposed to be helping the poor." I could not disagree.

"I'm not a Jew, but my father died in Dachau."

In saying this, I think that he was disassociating himself from the "Jewish" lobbies; because this is the same man who had told me in later 1995 (when he thought I was a Jew), "they were all Jews - Marx was a Jew, Lenin was a Jew, X was a Jew, Y was a Jew" (I missed the X and Y) and "There are only 500 Jews [here] - it's not good for business".

{end of addition}

{added 1 January 2005}

On Saturday December 4, 2004, I held a garage sale, prior to leaving the area, and this man turned up, and bought some books from me.

"I used to buy from you; now you're buying from me!," I joked.

I told him how excessive bureaucratic planning had squashed my hope to build in the countryside as an owner-builder, and forced me to sell my block. The Hawke Government had imposed "uniform building regulations", the Building Code of Australia, which treats amateurs like tradesmen, and imposes a draconian system of inspections. Second-hand materials - e.g. windows - are banned, except with special approval.

If you want to build a shed on a rural block, you have to apply for a "development application", pay hundreds of dollars, put in detailed plans & have inspections. And they don't let you use second-hand galvanised iron. But if you put up a kit building, you don't need any approvals or fee. The outcome is the end of creativity and the inauguration of an era of standardised ugliness.

"The wrong people are in charge," he commented. Well-put, I thought.

I shook hands with him, realising that, Communist or not, he and I shared more than I had thought.

{end of addition}

{addition July 13, 2018}

I will now reveal this man's name. He was John Gilbert, owner/operator of Gilbert's Books, in Canberra, Australia.

{end addition}

(iv) In 1996, I attended a reunion in Sydney, for the "class of 1966" who had entered the Catholic seminary at Springwood that year. Most, like me, had left when the seminaries collapsed in the wake of Vatican II. We all wrote up our life stories, which were circulated before the reunion. One ex-seminarian wrote, "Aug 73 left Australia for Europe. Oct 22 1973 arrived in Israel. Yom Kippur war ended. Oct 72-Aug 75 lived on Kibbutz near Ash Kelon, (scene of Samson and Delilah's antics). Aug 75 - Mar 77 served in Israeli Army (defining moment of my life). Mar 77 - Aug 81 lived in Jerusalem (heaven on Earth)."

Two years later, there was another reunion; the beer flowed, and this man was saying, "my rabbi [said this], my rabbi ... ". I asked him, "Are you one of those covert Jews?" (I had read about them, but never met one). "Yes, I'm a secret Jew", he said. He went on to describe how Palestinians change when they encounter the modernity of the state of Israel: they completely change their personalities, he said. And he said, "The Tibetans are going to have to fight for their land. The Dalai Lama should separate himself from the struggle, which should be carried on in the name of the Tibetan National Council." This reminded me of a book called The Jew in the Lotus, by Rodger Kamenetz, about a deal between American Zionists and the Dalai Lama. One can see the effect in recent Hollywood movies. What the JuBus, Jewish Buddhists practicing at the Dalai Lama's headquarters, get out of the deal is a revivication, the rediscovery of spirituality for a religion which had become external and legalistic. The hardest part was having to say, "Your Holiness", because it reminded them of the Pope.

Our ex-seminarian was now a migration agent and adviser to the NSW Government; he said that to divert immigration from the cities to rural areas, local councils and shires should be allowed to sponsor migrants.

This man is a Zionist; his attitude to the NWO is quite contrary to the Jewish Communist. One wants to dismember China, to make a community of peoples centred on Israel; the other admired Mao and regrets the fall of the USSR. If Jews were more open with non-Jews, we would understand them better and not think that they are all the same.

If we don't want to see any conspiracies, we had best keep our heads in the sand, and do what Rupert tells us. No brains, no worries.

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