How to write to me - Peter Myers, August 28, 2012; update October 13, 2023

You are at

My email address is - Write to me at

I get a lot of spam, and I use the subject line to tell whether an email is spam. Therefore, please use a detailed and meaningful subject line.

If you send an email with a blank subject-line, I will delete it unread.

Equally, if your subject-line says just "hello" or "hi", or something similar, I will probably delete it unread. Spammers use such subject lines.

For my own protection, I will ONLY read your email if your subject-line is detailed enough for me to tell that it is not spam.

You can also ring me at home, from 7am to 7pm Eastern Australian Standard time (GMT + 10). If you're not sure what the time is here, google "time Brisbane".

My phone number is:

for calls within Australia: (07) 4126 2296

for calls from overseas: +61 7 4126 2296

(61 is the country code, and 7 is the area code)

To join my email list, write to me at

The thought-police award politically-incorrect emailers (like me) a "spam" flag or "junk" flag, so that their emails are sent to the Junk, Spam or Trash folders instead of the Inbox.

Therefore, if my emails do not seem to be arriving, check your Junk, Spam & Trash folders. If need be, create a filter (a "whitelist") that directs my emails to your Inbox.

If my contact details change, I will update this page.

Donations to this website are welcome. You can make a donation via Paypal, to my email address

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