The Role of Hitler in the New World Order

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Since the proclamation of the New World Order by George Bush, nations and political movements both Left and Right have been struggling in vain to free themselves from it. Now even Japan, which itself was building a covert empire only a decade ago, is vulnerable to having its banking system colonised by the New York establishment. If that happens, the Japanese people will lose control of the savings they have accumulated in the postwar period. And yet the coloniser, the United States, has an official net foreign debt in excess of one trillion dollars! But as Mao said, power resides in the gun.

The New World Order media constantly present us with graphic reminders of the atrocities of Hitler, Stalin, Imperial Japan, Mao's Red Guards, the Inquisition and the Conquistadores, to make the point "THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE". We are constantly shown that the independence of nation-states leads to war, barbarism, bloodshed, devastation and extermination. Good intentions degenerate into Stalinism and Nazism. Religious power, which sustained civilisations from Ancient Egypt on, degenerates into Crusades, Inquisitions, Intifadas, and State Shintoism. We cannot trust ourselves, we cannot trust majority rule, we can only trust the ruling elite. Any "alternative model" - the Soviet, the Japanese, the German etc. - must be crushed, preferably without a shot being fired, merely through propaganda and the undermining of its banking system.

Within nation-states, the majority is mentally disarmed through the promotion of minorities as persecuted victims. Women, children, gays, Jews, blacks, tribal peoples, trees, animals. Trees and animals participate indirectly, through their interest groups. Human Rights means Minority Rights. Each minority is maintained in a state of fear of the majority, and mobilised against it. With jobs scarce and insecure, the unemployed must compete for them along racial lines, in affirmative action categories. By these means, the majority loses its moral legitimacy, and is dissolved into the global empire.

Pariah countries which reject the empire (Cuba, Libya, Iraq, North Korea, Burma) are subjected to a barrage of propaganda about Human Rights Abuses (the accuser, in effect, being the NWO, hiding its own imperial designs), and economically isolated through sanctions preventing trade, travel, and the acquisition of modern technology. Any country which leaves the empire will face a demand for the repayment of its foreign debt, as well as being told to fend for itself, if invaded, without help from the empire.

In this scheme of things, one figure looms above all others: Adolf Hitler. Scarcely a fortnight goes by without some TV channel featuring a major documentary about him and his regime. An opponent of the NWO may not admire Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao or Tojo or Cortes or Pizarro, much less all of them. But the message of NWO propaganda is that any alternative to the NWO will develop along these lines. As the Chief Villain, Hitler stands for all of these. He is the Archetype of Evil, against which the NWO must look Good. In terms of George Orwell's scenario in 1984, Hitler is the new Goldstein. Any opponent of the NWO is thus forced to take a stand on Hitler. The media message, through its constant focus on Hitler, is that opposing the NWO is tantamount to supporting Hitler. Conversely, to oppose Hitler is, by implication, to support the NWO.

How can opponents of the NWO escape from this dilemna? Some attempt to do it by exonerating Hitler. Others, like myself, admit Hitler's sins but focus on the use to which they are put, as a shield behind which the NWO can justify itself. To elaborate, Hitler's sins include: planning and launching major wars; opposition to interracial marriage; and the persecution of all Jews on account of the activities of some.

Hitler would not have had the level of support he did, if he had not also done some beneficial things. But the beneficial things he did were good only for those he identified as his own people. In the same way, National System Economics, that based on the ideas of Frederick List and Alexander Hamilton, benefits one's own country but turns others into colonies. I was amazed when during a conversation with a Jewish man who had survived the Belsen concentration camp, he said, "Hitler did a lot of good for his people; Mussolini did a lot of good for his people; Mussolini's only mistake was to join with Hitler". These words stunned me, but they did not turn me into an admirer of Hitler - I have never been one.

Perhaps we can see the two sides of Hitler best by looking at the colonisation of Australia by European settlers. These days we can no longer ignore the fact of invasion or its cruelty. Even the "Rule of Law" - the British Legal System - came here in an illegal way. It is a graphic illustration that "Right" is founded upon "Might", as it was in the beginning of civilisation, when Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt to begin the dynasties of Ancient Egypt.

Yet even though the sins of the white colonists of Australia are obvious, their critics stand upon the edifice they built: the roads, bridges, cities, universities, farms, airports, communications systems etc. It is appropriate to feel ambiguous about those invaders: appalled at their violence, and yet admiring of their accomplishments. In this context, one can understand how Germans might feel about Hitler, how Russians might look back on the USSR, and even how Yitzhak Rabin might have felt about Israel in his latter years. Ambiguity is a more appropriate feeling here, than either adulation or contempt.

Since the fall of the USSR, the United States has been hailed as the last bastion of the Enlightenment project of drawing all the world into a universal civilisation. But it is an awkward empire, because its foundation date, 1776, marks for most Americans not the start of empire, but withdrawal from empire: July 4 is called Independence Day.

During a time of pessimism a few years ago, Kevin Phillips' best-selling book Arrogant Capital depicted the United States as the new but declining Roman Empire. The United States' current account deficit, like Australia's, may be a sign of decline, but it is also a way of extending the empire to include the new provinces of Japan, China, Thailand etc, allowing them to become rich by selling their goods into the U.S., Australia etc, in compensation for the loss of independence. They can't have it both ways.

"America" may be the new Rome, but Rome's conquest was two-way. The legions marched outwards, turning independent countries into provinces: the ancient and original civilisation of Egypt ended its life as a province of Rome. Yet the religions of the provinces marched into Rome: Isis from Egypt, Ishtar from Iraq, Mithra from Persia, Yahweh from Jerusalem. Polytheism was the Multiculturalism of the day. Each temple represented an aspect of the Truth; they were seen as compatible, not exclusive.

An apologia for the NWO was sketched by H.G. Wells in his book The Open Conspiracy, of which the main edition was published in 1933, the year Hitler attained power. Wells obviously had not envisaged the emergence of Hitler, yet even at that time, 65 years ago, a sort of NWO was in place, although much less developed than today. It is a sober reminder that however solid the edifice of empire appears today, it may have cracks that reveal themselves in years to come, and the oppression we complain about today may, in the light of future wars, look like "the good old days". Should we therefore feel not opposition to the NWO but ambiguity, and aim to improve it rather than destroy it?

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