Hitler's Table Talk details plans to settle Germans in Ukraine, exterminate Jews

Peter Myers, February 9, 2009; update May 21, 2009.

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Hitler's Table Talk details plans to settle Germans in Ukraine, exterminate Jews

Hitler blamed Roosevelt, Churchill and the Jewish lobby for World War II.

Yet in Mein Kampf he clearly lays out a plan to replace the German colonies lost in WWI with new colonies in the east, especially Ukraine.

In Table Talk, he expands on that theme considerably.

Stalin was not oblivious to this plan; so he too prepared for war.

Hitler and his supporters say that he did not want war. But his empire in the east could not be won without war. So, the above statement is a claim that the easy victories he anticipated were thwarted by Roosevelt, Churchill and the Jewish lobby.

That's quite true; but it's not true to say that Hitler himself did not want war. Table Talk records him as saying, "As a general principle, I think that a peace which lasts for more than twenty-five years is harmful to a nation. Peoples, like individuals, sometimes need regenerating by a little bloodletting." (see item 13 below).

Table Talk records Hitler's dinner conversations from 5th July 1941 to 7th September 1942, from 13th June to 24th June 1943, and from 13th March to 29th-30th November 1944.

If you just read the "excerpts" of Table Talk published on the internet <http://davnet.org/kevin/articles/table.html>, Hitler comes across as a mild-mannered philosopher. That file omits his ruthless side.

But if you read the whole pdf book, or do keyword searches, that other side of Hitler emerges.

HITLER'S TABLE TALK. 1941-1944. His Private Conversations. Translated by. Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens.


Each entry has a session# (eg at dinner) and a date. The pdf page#s are 44 higher than the printed page#s.

{pdf 75} 31 20 17th September 1941 means:

- this is page# 75 in the pdf file, 31 in the printed book - it records session 20, which took place on 17th September 1941.

Where no date is shown for a certain pdf page#, the date above it applies.

In the following headings, the quotes are Hitler's own words.

(1) David Irving says Hitler's Table Talk is a dependable source (2) David Irving: Table Talk reveals Hitler's private thoughts (3) Hitler's "struggle for the hegemony of the world" (4) Hitler's plan to settle Germans in Ukraine, colonize the Ukranians, expel Ukranian Jews (5) "public rumour attributes to us a plan to exterminate the Jews" (6) Jews - "if they refuse to go voluntarily, I see no other solution but extermination" (7) "the Jewish virus ... We shall regain our health only by eliminating the Jew" (8) "all the occupants of the concentration camps would be shot within three days" (10) "The fate of a few filthy, lousy Jews and epileptics is not worth bothering about" (11) "If I fail to exterminate the vermin" (12) Stalin used Jews to collectize Ukraine, then exported them to Siberia (13) "a peace which lasts for more than twenty-five years is harmful to a nation" (14) "until Jewry, which is the bandits' Intelligence Service, is exterminated" (15) "every nation which fails to exterminate the Jews in its midst ... " (16) David Irving in 1977 edition of Hitler's War speaks of "extermination programme" (17) David Irving only became a Denier from mid 1980s

(1) David Irving says Hitler's Table Talk is a dependable source


Hitler's Table Talk: a dependable source?

IS the book commonly know in the English-speaking world as the Hitler's Table Talk an English translation of François Genoud's French text? And how reliable is it?

Michael V.

David Irving replies:

HITLER'S Table Talk comes from the original Bormann Vermerke which the late François Genoud purchased from Bormann's widow Gerda Bormann. They were actually typed from notes taken by the stenographer Heinrich Heim, whom I interviewed and who confirmed the procedure in detail. Each day's entry was initialled by Bormann at the end. They are genuine, in the first person, and highly reliable.

2. Henry Picker took over as Bormann's secretary/adjutant from Heim. He found a lot of Heim's notes in his desk and rewrote them in reported speech and published them and his own notes as Hitlers Tischgespräche. Good, but less reliable. ...

4. One day I bumped into Genoud in Paris, or we met by arrangement, I can't recall, and he gave me a complete photocopy of the Bunker conversations (1945) in German; they are heavily expanded between the lines in handwriting -- his handwriting, and I suspect his typewriter. Useless as a historical source. I donated them to the Institut für Zeitgeschichte.

5. One final detail: the English translation of the original Hitler's Table Talk was published in about 1949 by George Weidenfeld, who paid a huge sum for the rights -- half to Genoud, and half at Genoud's insistence to Paula Hitler. The Weidenfeld translation is idiomatic and excellent. I read the book as a boy, enthralled. I used the text on several occasions in my book Hitler's War: for that I was denounced as a "falsifier of history", as I preferred the idiomatic Weidenfeld translation to a wooden, turgid, and sludge-like Richard Evans translation as offered to the High Court during the Lipstadt Trial. Remember that whenever you see newspapers refer to me as having been exposed as a "falsifier" of documents.

(2) David Irving: Table Talk reveals Hitler's private thoughts


Posted Friday, August 17, 2007

From David Irving's draft memoirs

François Genoud and Hitler's Table Talk

ONE of the earliest books that I read about Adolf Hitler was Hitler's Table Talk, published in about 1949 by George Weidenfeld. I must have been about fourteen or fifteen when I read it. Nicky, my twin brother, had bought a copy, I don't know why, and I acquisitioned it and read it at night in secret, one meal at a time, so to speak.

It struck me as a particularly insightful work, as it related -- and in the first person too -- Hitler's private thoughts about every fashionable topic under the sun: labour relations, women, the feud between the confessions, Christianity, the Jewish Problem, and much else.

The German leader had the habit of expatiating and digressing to the circle seated around his lunch or dinner table. After the war, of course, most of his listeners professed to have been bored with his monologues, but if the record is to be believed, they were fascinated at the time, and his dialogues often displayed a commanding logic. They were a departure from the orthodoxy which deeply intrigued me as a boy.

TWENTY years later, in about 1970, I found myself interviewing the mild-mannered, mouse-like little man who had actually written these compelling documents. Heinrich Heim had been the adjutant of Martin Bormann, who was the Führer's Secretary and much-feared leader of the Nazi Party. When I interviewed Heim, I found that he had the disconcerting habit of not looking at me directly, but affixing his eyes on a point roughly "11 o'clock high," and to one side.

He said that he had sat at a table next to Hitler's, writing discreet notes throughout the meal, and had typed them up immediately afterwards; Bormann, his chief, had signed each record.

At the end of the war they filled half a dozen ring binders, several thousand pages. These ring binders had been rescued by Bormann's widow (cornered by Russian troops in Berlin, he had killed himself on May 2, 1945) and they came into the hands of a remarkable little Swiss entrepreneur, François Genoud.

I interviewed Genoud many years later, in about 1971. I had visited Geneva and Lausanne, where he lived, with Elke Fröhlich, to see if we couldn't persuade Genoud to make available the original German texts, both of these "table talks" and of the no less important letters which Bormann had written to his wife. All had been published in English, with introductions by Hugh Trevor-Roper (left).

Genoud explained to me with unconcealed glee how he had done the final deal with publisher George Weidenfeld. Weidenfeld was an affluent Austrian refugee who had migrated to England, and set up the successful publishing house of Weidenfeld & Nicholson (in fact they published some of my works, including the Rommel biography). A price had been agreed to between Genoud and Weidenfeld for the English rights to Hitler's table talk. The price was, if I remember, £40,000 -- a very considerable sum of money in the 1940s. Weidenfeld asked to whom he should make the cheque payable, and Genoud replied smiling, "Not cheque, George, cheques -- £20,000 payable to me, and £20,000 payable to Paula Hitler."

Hitler's sister, still alive at that time, was living in very reduced circumstances, and it was characteristic of Genoud to look after all these victims of their own Nazi relationship. Genoud saw the publisher scowl, but he did as he was asked. Thus Weidenfeld paid a small fortune to the sister of Adolf Hitler, or so Genoud maintains. Weidenfeld swore Genoud to secrecy, he said; telling me this, Genoud equally swore me to secrecy, and I must pass this injunction on to all of the readers of my memoirs, too. ...

(3) Hitler's "struggle for the hegemony of the world"

{pdf 75} PREPARATIONS FOR WAR AGAINST RUSSIA 31 20 17th September 1941, evening, and the night of


... The spirit of decision does not mean acting at all costs. The spirit of decision consists simply in not hesitating when an inner conviction commands you to act. Last year I needed great spiritual strength to take the decision to attack Bolshevism.

I had to foresee that Stalin might pass over to the attack in the course of 1941. It was therefore necessary to get started without delay, in order not to be forestalled - and that wasn't possible before June.

{pdf 38} The struggle for the hegemony of the world will be decided in favour of Europe by the possession of the Russian space. Thus Europe will be an impregnable fortress, safe from all threat of blockade. All this opens up economic vistas which, one may think, will incline the most liberal of the Western democrats towards the New Order.

(4) Hitler's plan to settle Germans in Ukraine, colonize the Ukranians, expel Ukranian Jews

{pdf 39} The essential thing, for the moment, is to conquer. ... The Slavs are a mass of born slaves, who feel the need of a master. ... It would be a mistake to claim to educate the native. All that we could give him would be a half-knowledge - just what's needed to conduct a revolution!

{pdf 78} 34 THE SLAV NATIONS ...

The Slav peoples are not destined to live a cleanly life. They know it, and we would be wrong to persuade them of the contrary. It was we who, in 1918, created the Baltic countries and the Ukraine. But nowadays we have no interest in maintaining Baltic States, any more than in creating an independent Ukraine. We must likewise prevent them from returning to Christianity. That would be a grave fault, for it would be giving them a form of organisation.

I am not a partisan, either, of a university at Kiev. It's better not to teach them to read. They won't love us for tormenting them with schools. Even to give them a locomotive to drive would be a mistake. And what stupidity it would be on our part to proceed to a distribution of land ! In spite of that, we'll see to it that the natives live better than they've lived hitherto. We'll find amongst them the human material that's indispensable for tilling the soil. We'll supply grain to all in Europe who. need it. The Crimea will give us its citrus fruits, cotton and rubber (100,000 acres of plantation would be enough to ensure our independence). The Pripet marshes will keep us supplied with reeds. We'll supply the Ukranians with scarves, glass beads and everything that colonial peoples like. The Germans - this is essential - will have to constitute amongst themselves a closed society, like a fortress. The least of our stable-lads must be superior to any native.

{pdf 81} 37

23 23rd September 1941, evening

It's absurd to try to suppose that the frontier between the two separate worlds of Europe and Asia is marked by a chain of not very high mountains - and the long chain of the Urals is no more than that. One might just as well decree that the frontier is marked by one of the great Russian rivers. No, geographically Asia penetrates into Europe without any sharp break. The real frontier is the one that separates the Germanic world from the Slav world. It's our duty to place it where we want it to be.

{pdf 86} 42 17th October 1941, midday

{pdf 112} 68

But the first thing, above all, is to get rid of the Jew. Without that, it will be useless to clean the Augean stables. If Antonescu sets about the job in this manner, he'll be the head of a thriving country, inwardly healthy and strong. For this purpose he has a good peasantry (Hungary has nothing like it) and natural riches. Moreover,''Rumania is a country with a thinly scattered population.

43 17th October 1941, evening

In comparison with the beauties accumulated in Central Germany, the new territories in the East seem to us like a desert. Flanders, too, is only a plain - but of what beauty! This Russian desert, we shall populate it. The immense spaces of the Eastern Front will have been the field of the greatest battles in history. We'll give this country a past.

We'll take away its character of an Asiatic steppe, we'll Europeanise it. With this object, we have undertaken the construction of roads that will lead to the southernmost point of the Crimea and to the Caucasus. These roads will be studded along their whole length with German towns, and around these towns our colonists will settle.

As for the two or three million men whom we need to accomplish this task, we'll find them quicker than we think. They'll come from Germany, Scandinavia, the Western countries and America. I shall no longer be here to see all that, but in twenty years the Ukraine will already be a home for twenty million inhabitants besides the natives. In three hundred years, the country will be one of the loveliest gardens in the world. As for the natives, we'll have to screen them carefully. The Jew, that destroyer, we shall drive out. As far as the population is concerned, I get a better impression in White Russia than in the Ukraine. We shan't settle in the Russian towns, and we'll let them fall

{pdf 113} 69

to pieces without intervening. And, above all, no remorse on this subject! ... There's only one duty: to Germanise this country by the immigration of Germans, and to look upon the natives as Redskins.

{pdf 131} 87

52 25th October 1941, evening

From the rostrum of the Reichstag I prophesied to Jewry that, in the event of war's proving inevitable, the Jew would disappear from Europe. That race of criminals has on its conscience the two million dead of the first World War, and now already hundreds of thousands more. Let nobody tell me that all the same we can't park them in the marshy parts of Russia! Who's worrying about our troops? It's not a bad idea, by the way, that public rumour attributes to us a plan to exterminate the Jews. Terror is a salutary thing.

The attempt to create a Jewish State will be a failure.

{pdf 277} 119 23rd January 1942, midday

{pdf 278} 234

Of all the Slavs, the Czech is the most dangerous, because he's a worker. ... Now they'll work, for they know we're pitiless and brutal. ... the Czechs are a foreign body in the midst of the German community. There's no room both for them and for us. One of us must give way. As regards the Pole, it's lucky for us that he's idle, stupid and vain.

{pdf 466} 190 nth April 1942, at dinner

{pdf 468} It will be the duty of our Commissars alone to supervise and direct the economy of the captured territories, and what I have just said applies equally to every form of organisation. Above all, we don't want a horde of schoolmasters to descend suddenly on these territories and force education down the throats

{pdf 469} 425

of subject races. To teach the Russians, the Ukrainians and the Kirghiz to read and write will eventually be to our own disadvantage; education will give the more intelligent among them an opportunity to study history, to acquire an historical sense and hence to develop political ideas which cannot but be harmful to our interests. A loud-speaker should be installed in each village, to provide them with odd items of news and, above all, to afford distraction. What possible use to them would a knowledge of politics or economics be? There is also no point in broadcasting any stories of their past history - all the villagers require is music, music and plenty of it. Cheerful music is a great incentive to hard work; give them plenty of opportunities to dance, and the villagers will be grateful to us. The soundness of these views is proved by our exp erience at home during the time of the Weimar Republic.

One thing which it is essential to organise in the Russian territories is an efficient system of communications, which is vital both to the rational economic exploitation of the country and to the maintenance of control and order. The local inhabitants must therefore be taught our highway code, but beyond that I really do not see the need for any further instruction.

In the field of public health there is no need whatsoever to extend to the subject races the benefits of our own knowledge. This would result only in an enormous increase in local populations, and I absolutely forbid the organisation of any sort of hygiene or cleanliness crusades in these territories. Compulsory vaccination will be confined to Germans alone, and the doctors in the German colonies will be there solely for the purpose of looking after the German colonists. It is stupid to thrust happiness upon people against their wishes. Dentistry, too, should remain a closed book to them; but in all these things prudence and commonsense must be the deciding factors, and if some local inhabitant has a violent tooth-ache and insists on seeing a dentist - well, an exception must be made in his particular case !

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed,

{pdf 470} 426

I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the under- dogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let's not have any native militia or native police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the mainten- ance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian terri- tories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country.

All Germans living in the eastern territories must remain in personal contact with these strong-points. The whole must be most carefully organised to conform with the long-term policy of German colonisation, and our colonising penetration must be constantly progressive, until it reaches the stage where our own colonists far outnumber the local inhabitants.

{pdf 603} 559

250 5th July 1942, midday


Bormann, who has just returned from a tour of inspection of the Kolkhoz in the vicinity of General Headquarters, gave his impressions: "... I was much struck by the fact that in these huge open spaces one saw so many children and so few men. Such prolific breeding may one day give us a knotty problem to solve, for as a race they are much hardier by nature than we are. The men have admirable teeth, and rarely does one see a man wearing glasses. They are well fed and bursting with good health at all ages.

The difficult conditions under which these men have lived for centuries have brought into being a merciless process of selection. If one of us drinks a drop of their water, he all but dies. They on the other hand live in the dirt, drink the muddy stagnant water of their ponds and thrive on it. We fill ourselves with quinine as a safeguard against malaria, while the Ukrainians are so immune, not only to malaria but to scarlet fever as well, that they can live with impunity in surroundings teeming with fleas and ticks.

" If these people are allowed, under German supervision - that is, under greatly improved conditions - to multiply too quickly, it will be against our interests, for the racial pressures which these damned Ukrainians will exercise will constitute a real danger. Our interests demand just the reverse - namely, that these territories, hitherto Russian, should in time be

{pdf 632} 588 populated by a larger number of German colonists than local inhabitants" Hitler commented:

I recently read an article from the pen of some Herr Doktor advocating the prohibition of the sale in the occupied territories of contraceptives. If any criminal lunatic should really try to introduce this measure I'd soon have his head off! In view of the extraordinary fertility of the local inhabitants, we should be only too pleased to encourage the women and the girls to practise the arts of contraception at all times. Far from prohibiting the sale of contraceptives, therefore, we should do our utmost to encourage it. We should call on the Jews for help ! With their unrivalled sense of commerce, they are the very people for the job!

In all seriousness, however, there is a very real danger that these local inhabitants will increase too rapidly under our care and domination. Their conditions of life will inevitably improve under our jurisdiction, and we must take all the measures necessary to ensure that the non-German population does not increase at an excessive rate. In these circumstances, it would be sheer folly to place at their disposal a health service such as we know it in Germany; and so - no inoculations and other preventative measures for the natives! We must even try to stifle any desire for such things, by persuading them that vaccination and the like are really most dangerous !

It is, furthermore, essential to avoid doing anything which might give rise to a feeling of superiority or of racial pride among the natives. This is of the utmost importance, for it is only by the creation of the very reverse state of mind that we shall be able to prepare the ground for the accomplishment of our plans.

For these reasons, the local population must be given no facilities for higher education. A failure on our part in this respect would simply plant the seeds of future opposition to our rule. Schools, of course, they must have - and they must pay for their tuition. But there is no need to teach them much more than, say, the meaning of the various road-signs. Instruction in geography can be restricted to one single sentence : The Capital of the Reich is Berlin, a city which everyone should try to visit


once in his lifetime. Finally, elementary instruction in reading and writing in German will complete the course. Mathematics and such like are quite unnecessary. In setting up the educational syst

{pdf 659} 281 6th August 1942, midday

{pdf 661} 617

As for the ridiculous hundred million Slavs, we will mould the best of them to the shape that suits us, and we will isolate the rest of them in their own pig-styes; and anyone who talks about cherishing the local inhabitant and civilising him, goes straight off into a concentration camp !

At harvest time we will set up markets at all the centres of any mportance. There we will buy up all the cereals and fruit, and sell the more trashy products of our own manufacture. In this way we shall receive for these goods of ours a return considerably greater than their intrinsic value. The profit will be pocketed by the Reich to defray the price of the campaign. Our agricultural machinery factories, our transport companies, our manufacturers of household goods and so forth will find there an enormous market for their goods. It will also be a splendid market for cheap cotton goods - the more brightly coloured the better. Why should we thwart the longing of these people for bright colours?

(5) "public rumour attributes to us a plan to exterminate the Jews"


52 25th October 1941, evening

From the rostrum of the Reichstag I prophesied to Jewry that, in the event of war's proving inevitable, the Jew would disappear from Europe. That race of criminals has on its conscience the two million dead of the first World War, and now already hundreds of thousands more. Let nobody tell me that all the same we can't park them in the marshy parts of Russia! Who's worrying about our troops? It's not a bad idea, by the way, that public rumour attributes to us a plan to exterminate the Jews. Terror is a salutary thing.

The attempt to create a Jewish State will be a failure.

{the above sentence suggests that the rumour was wrong; however, see the following additional quotes, where Hitler speaks of extermination in earnest}

(6) Jews - "if they refuse to go voluntarily, I see no other solution but extermination"


If I withdraw fifty thousand Germans from Volhynia, that's a hard decision to take, because of the sufferings it entails. The same is true of the evacuation of Southern Tyrol. If I think of shifting the Jew, our bourgeoisie becomes quite unhappy: "What will happen to them?" Tell me whether this same bourgeoisie bothered about what happened to our own compatriots who were obliged to emigrate?

One must act radically. When one pulls out a tooth, one does it with a single tug, and the pain quickly goes away. The Jew must clear out of Europe. Otherwise no understanding will be possible between Europeans. It's the Jew who prevents everything. ... But if they refuse to go voluntarily, I see no other solution but extermination. Why should I look at a Jew through other eyes than if he were a Russian prisoner-of-war?

{pdf 301} 257

27th January 1942, evening

{pdf 304} 260

The Jews must pack up, disappear from Europe. Let them go to Russia. Where the Jews are concerned, I'm devoid of all sense of pity. They'll always be the ferment that moves peoples one against the other. They sow discord everywhere, as much between individuals as between peoples.

They'll also have to clear out of Switzerland and Sweden. It's where they're to be found in small numbers that they're most dangerous. Put five thousand Jews in Sweden - soon they'll be holding all the posts there. Obviously, that makes them all the easier to spot.

It's entirely natural that we should concern ourselves with the question on the European level. It's clearly not enough to expel them from Germany. We cannot allow them to retain bases of withdrawal at our doors. We want to be out of danger of all kinds of infiltration.

{pdf 373} 156 22nd February 1942, evening

(7) "the Jewish virus ... We shall regain our health only by eliminating the Jew"

{pdf 376} 332

The discovery of the Jewish virus is one of the greatest revolutions that have taken place in the world. The battle in which we are engaged to-day is of the same sort as the battle waged, during the last century, by Pasteur and Koch. How many diseases have their origin in the Jewish virus ! Japan would have been contaminated, too, if it had stayed open to the Jews. We shall regain our health only by eliminating the Jew. Everything has a cause, nothing comes by chance.

(8) "all the occupants of the concentration camps would be shot within three days"

{pdf 453} 409

184 7th April 1942, at dinner

... If the slightest attempt at a riot were to break out at this moment anywhere in the whole Reich, I'd take immediate measures against it. Here's what I'd do: (a) on the same day, all the leaders of the opposition, including the leaders of the Catholic party, would be arrested and executed; (b) all the occupants of the concentration camps would be shot within three days; (c) all the criminals on our lists - and it would make little difference whether they were in prison or at liberty - would be shot within the same period.

The extermination of these few hundreds or thousands of men would make other measures superfluous, for the riot would be aborted for lack of ringleaders and accomplices. As for the justification of these summary executions, I've only to think of the German idealists who are risking their lives in front of the enemy or showing their devotion in a war factory, whatever their job may be, and employing all their efforts for the victory of the fatherland.

(9) "Jew is a parasite"

{pdf 527} 2l8 15th May 1942, midday

{pdf 529} 485

It does not occur to any of those who howl when we transport a few Jews to the east that the Jew is a parasite and as such is the only human being capable of adapting himself to any climate and of earning a living just as well in Lapland as in the tropics.

(10) "The fate of a few filthy, lousy Jews and epileptics is not worth bothering about"

287 nth August 1942, evening

{pdf 669} 625

I'll make these damned parsons feel the power of the State in a way they would never have dreamed possible! For the moment I am just keeping my eye on them ; if I ever have the slightest suspicion that they are getting dangerous, I will shoot the lot of them. This filthy reptile raises its head wherever there is a sign of weakness in the State, and therefore it must be stamped on whenever it does so. We have no sort of use for a fairy story invented by the Jews. The fate of a few filthy, lousy Jews and epileptics is not worth bothering about.

(11) "If I fail to exterminate the vermin"


If the good are decimated while the evil are preserved, then it is quite possible, as happened in Germany in 1918, for a handful of a few hundred evil vagabonds to do violence to a whole nation. In Berlin itself eight Party members fall for every one non- Party man killed; and unfortunately it is always the flower of the Party - my SA leaders, my Regional and Group Leaders - who are the first to fall. If I fail to exterminate the vermin as a counter-balance, a dangerous situation would arise. I am certainly not a brutal man by nature, and consequently it is cold reason that guides my actions.

(12) Stalin used Jews to collectize Ukraine, then exported them to Siberia


298 22nd August 1942, evening

Had he been given the time, Stalin would have made of Russia a super-industrialised monster, completely contrary to the interests of the masses, but justified by demagogic pedantry and designed to raise the standard of life for his own particular partisans. His final objective would have been the absorbing of the whole of Europe into the Bolshevik ring. He is a beast, but he's a beast on the grand scale. He made use of the Jews to eliminate the intelligentsia of the Ukraine, and then exported the Jews by trainloads to Siberia.

(13) "a peace which lasts for more than twenty-five years is harmful to a nation"

{pdf 665} 300 26th August 1942, evening

{pdf 705} PLANS FOR THE FUTURE 66l

As a general principle, I think that a peace which lasts for more than twenty-five years is harmful to a nation. Peoples, like individuals, sometimes need regenerating by a little bloodletting. Our ancestors fought duels. Next came the barber and his bleeding-cups - and now we have the safety razor ! Nobody in the Middle Ages suffered from high blood-pressure - their constant brawls were ample safeguard against it; and in Upper Bavaria they practised the custom of Sunday bloodletting. Now, thanks to the safety razor, the world's bloodpressure is rising. It fills me with shame when I think that I have lost more blood shaving than on the field of battle.

(14) "until Jewry, which is the bandits' Intelligence Service, is exterminated"

{pdf 720} 676

305 3Oth August 1942, evening

After the Thirty Years' War, brigandage flourished for many decades, and the post had to be escorted by a squadron of cavalry.

It is here in Russia that Communism shows its true face. We must undertake a campaign of cleaning-up, square metre by square metre, and this will compel us to have recourse to summary justice. The struggle with the terrorists will be savage warfare in the real sense. In Estonia and Latvia these bands have all but ceased to be active ; but until Jewry, which is the bandits' Intelligence Service, is exterminated, we shall not have accomplished our task.

(15) "every nation which fails to exterminate the Jews in its midst ... "


... The campaign of antagonism against Germany was organised by Churchill on the orders of his Jewish paymasters, and with the collaboration of Eden, Vansittart and company. The Jews had already succeeded, step by step, in gaining complete control of the press. To counteract Rothermere, the Jews cut off his complete revenue from advertising, and it was Rothermere himself who told me the story of how he was compelled to toe the line. Any and every nation which fails to exterminate the Jews in its midst will sooner or later finish by being itself devoured by them.

(16) David Irving in 1977 edition of Hitler's War speaks of "extermination programme"

Irving removed this material from later editions.

Hitler's War volume 1 1939-1942

David Irving

Macmillan, London, 1977

{p. 389} But Hitler's own aim was clearly to present a minimal profile to the Czechs. In an urgent circular to the Gauleiters, which was prompted by the growing public demand for the deportation of the

{p. 390} Czechs from Bohemia and Moravia to follow that of the Jews, Bormann admonished: "On the Fuhrer's instructions I am to make it clear that there is to be no open discussion of the Czech problem in Party meetings, let alone in public."7 ...

Germany's contribution to this new climate, the elimination of the Jews from central Europe, was now gathering momentum. Hitler's radical followers saw the eleven million Jews as "Europe's misfortune" - as an eastern plague threatening

7 Bormann's circular was dated June 8,194Z. Four days later Himmler approved an outline "General-plan East" providing for the eventual resettlement of eastern Europe's inhabitants (the Poles, Czechs Ukrainians, and Ruthenians) in Siberia.

{p. 391} friend and foe alike. Hitler felt that in time all Europe would understand his hatred. "Somehow we must get rid of them, if they are not to get rid of us," reasoned Josef Goebbels- It seemed no coincidence that the Jews were at the bottom of the spreading partisan movement everywhere.

The precise mode of "elimination" met with varying interpretations. Hitler's was unquestionably the authority behind the expulsion operations; on whose initiative the grim procedures at the terminal stations of this miserable exodus were adopted, is arguable. In January 1942, Reinhard Heydrich, chief of the Gestapo, had briefed the leading government officials in Berlin thus: the Fuhrer had sanctioned the evacuation of all Jews to the eastern territories, substituting this for the overseas deportation originally planned. In the east they would build roads, until they dropped. At a further Heydrich conference early in March the awkward problem posed by half- and quarter-Jews was examined. One solution would be to sterilize them, but it would take ten days' hospital treatment to sterilize each of the seventy thousand people involved, so this procedure would have to wait until the war was over; a "top level" opinion - ie.. Hitler's - was quoted to the effect that a sharp distinction must be made between Jews and non-Jews, as it would not be acceptable for a mini-race of semi-Jews to be perpetuated in law. In a paper circulated early in March 1942, Heydrich's office advised the ministries that Europe's eleven million Jews were to be concentrated "in the east" for the time being; after the war they might be allocated a remote territory like Madagascar as a national home. Thus the official version.

The actual operation proceeded differently. Starting in March and April the European Jews were rounded up in occupied France, Holland and Belgium, and in the eager Nazi satellite Slovakia; for political reasons Hungary - which had nearly a million Jews - and Romania were not approached yet but were told that their Jewish "problems" would be left unresolved until the war was over. From Hans Frank's Generalgouvernement of Poland too - beginning with the ghettos of Lublin - the Jews set out eastward under the direction of one of the cruelest SS leaders, Brigadier Odilo Globocnik, the Trieste-born former Gauleiter of Vienna. In the east they were exterminated with a maximum of concealment. Two documents shed some ollique rays of light on the level of responsibility for this. At a cabinet meeting in Cracow on April 9, Hans Frank disclaimed responsibility for the disruption in the work process caused by the order to turn over all Jews for liquidation. "The directive for the liquidation of the Jews comes from higher up."9 In a letter of June 26 it became clear that Himmler was anxious

9 The semantics are significant. Frank said "... from higher up" (von hoherer Stelle). Were the allusion to Hitler Nazi usage invariably preferred "van hochster Stelle, " i.e.. the "top level," which actually occurs in the previous paragraph, or even "von allerhochster Stelle."

{p. 392} to conceal the massacre, for Globocnik was quoted as being eager to get it over with as quickly as possible in case one day force majeure should prevent them completing it: "You yourself, Reichsfuhrer, once mentioned that you felt the job should be done as quickly as possible if only for reasons of concealment." The concealment was almost perfect, and Himmler's own papers reveal how he pulled the wool over Hitler's eyes. On September 17, while the murder machinery was operating at peak capacity, the Reichsfuhrer still calmly jotted down in his notes for that day's Fuhrer conference: "Jewish emigration - how should we proceed?" And in March 1943 he was to order a too-explicit statistical report rewritten to remove a stray reference to the massacre of Europe's Jews before it was submitted to the Fuhrer!10

The ghastly secrets of the extermination programme were well kept. Goebbels wrote a frank summary of them in his diary on March 27,1942, but evidently held his tongue whenever he met Hitler. After seeing him on March 19, Goebbels quotes only Hitler's remark: "The Jews must get out of Europe. If need be, we must resort to the most brutal methods." Hitler repeated the gist of this to Goebbels on April 26, adding that he had put Himmler in charge of resettling Germany's Jews in the eastern ghettos. Goebbels did not enlighten him. Over lunch on May 15, Hitler again merely spoke of transporting the Jews eastward and indignantly referred to the misplaced sympathies of the bourgeoisie. How well the Jews were faring, compared with the German emigrants of the nineteenth century - many of whom had even died en route! Over lunch on the twenty-ninth (as Goebbels's unpublished diary records) Hitler again dwelt on the best postwar homeland for the Jews. Siberia was out - that would merely produce an even tougher baccilus strain of Jews; Palestine was out too - the Arabs did not want them; perhaps central Africa? At all events, he summed up, western Europe must be liberated of its Jews - there could be no homeland for them here. As late as July 24, Hitler was still referring at table to his plan to transport the Jews to Madagascar - by now already in British hands - or some other Jewish national home after the war was over.

In reality, Himmler was simultaneously throwing the murder machinery into top gear, while he was careful not to place responsibility for the massacre itself on Hitler in writing. (Thus on July 28 he wrote to SS General Gottlob Berger: "The occupied eastern territories" - meaning Poland - "are to be liberated of Jews. The Fuhrer has entrusted me with the execution of this arduous order. Nobody can deprive me of this responsibility.") On July 19, three days after seeing Hitler, Himmler ordered the "resettlement" of the entire Jewish population of the Generalgouvernement to be completed by the last day of 1942. Each day after July 22 a trainload of five thousand Jews left Warsaw for the extermination center at

{p. 393} Treblinka; each week two trains left Przemysl for the center at Belsec. Moreover, in August the first informal approach was made to the Hungarians to begin deporting their one million Jews to the east immediately. Count Dome Sztojay, the Hungarian envoy in Berlin, warned Budapest on August 15 that this was a "radical departure" from Hitler's previous ruling that Hungary's "problem" could be left until after the war. "The Germans are determined to rid Europe of the Jewish elements without further delay, and intend - regardless of the nationality of these Jews and provided that transport facilities exist - to deport them to the occupied territories in the east, where they will be settled in ghettos or labor camps and put to work.... According to absolutely reliable information, Reichsfuhrer Himmler has informed a meeting of SS leaders that the German government desires to complete these deportations within a year."

What had inspired Himmler with this urgency? Undoubtedly - according to the retrospective view of his Chief of Staff, General Karl Wolff - it was the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague. Initially the Nazis blamed it on Jewish agents and believed it. Eyewitnesses have described the traumatic effect on Himmler: he appeared for dinner that day with Hitler ashen-faced and barely able to speak. Since a Jewish congress meeting in Moscow had according to Goebbels's diary just broadcast directives to world Jewry to launch a war of assassination, the Nazis assumed Heydrich was the first victim. Goebbels ordered the arrest of five hundred Jews in Berlin as hostages and persuaded Hitler on May 29 that every remaining Jew should be evicted from the city forthwith. Hitler instructed Speer to replace the Jews in the arms industry by foreign workers. As a worried Goebbels put it, there were still forty thousand Jews with "nothing more to lose" at large in Berlin, and the prospect of some Ostjude pumping bullets into him was not an appealing one.

By August 1942 the massacre machinery was gathering momentum - of such refinement and devilish ingenuity that from Himmler down to the ex-lawyers who ran the extermination camps perhaps only seventy men were aware of the truth. It is conceivable that Hitler was unaware that his November 1941 order forbidding the liquidation of the Jews"11 was being violated on such a scale. Early in August, Himmler made to Wolff the melancholy confession that for the sake of the German nation and its Fuhrer he had shouldered a burden of which nobody could ever learn, in order that the "Messiah of the coming two millennia" might remain personally uncontaminated. At the time, Wolff was unable to elicit from Himmler precisely what that burden was.

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