Holocaust Denial

Peter Myers, February 9, 2009; update February 25, 2011; typing error corrected September 24, 2013.

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(1) Introduction (2) The Fatal Flaw in Holocaust Denial (3) The Holocaust Debate (4) Addendum to "Fatal Flaw", on Hungarian Jews

(1) Introduction - Peter Myers, February 9, 2009

For many years I have operated a private (non-public) mailing list/forum for news and debate, with participants straddling the Far Left/Far Right divide. This has become my specialty.

I did it because I believe that they are more knowledgable than the political centre. I was not interested in loony fringes and New Age rants, but perceptive people who followed events while interpreting them in non-establishment ways.

The occasional clash between people on opposite sides kept me on my toes. Knowing that I would be shot down by either side for poorly supported material, I used this critical environment as a way to weed out errors in my writing (and in editing the bulletins), much as academics use the seminar process.

Criticism is an essential part of any investigation. Although it's sometimes unpleasant, it's better to have one's errors and shortcomings exposed by colleagues than by hostile forces.

I had avoided studying the Holocaust Debate because I had my hands full: my interests were already too encyclopaedic. I did compose a Holocaust webpage, where I argued the need to disentangle the History, the Religion, and the Industry, but it avoided the physical details. That webpage is holocaus.html.

In the early days of my website, I restricted myself to 8-character webpage names, because I thought that non-Macintosh computers might still be restrained that way, as they had been with MS-DOS.

By early 2009, I felt that internet Dissidents were either "writing Zionism out" as a factor in politics, or else going too far in the other direction, being obsessive and bitter about it.

My website is called Neither Aryan Nor Jew as a statement of independence, both from Zionism and from Apartheid/Nazism.

But I maintain a "dialectical tension" between the two truncated groups of partipants, which I find very productive for achieving new insights. I say "truncated", because the Trotskyists (the ultra-left) always refuse to partipate, and the ultra-right either reject me or I reject them.

By February 2009 my thoughts on Holocaust Denial had crystallised. I wanted to counter the drift to Denial, by providing the best evidence the other way. But, as usual, I don't believe in muzzling the other side. Therefore, the best Denier material also had to be put forward.

I am devoting two webpages to this topic: this one, for the best Denial and anti-Denial material. And holocaust-debate.html, for the debate taking place in the mailing list/forum.

Material will be added to this webpage from time to time.

(2) The Fatal Flaw in Holocaust Denial - Peter Myers, February 6, 2009

Over the years, I have put out material by Deniers from time to time, especially given the anti-Zionist position common to both Far Left and Far Right.

In balance, I put out large chunks of The Black Book of Communism, and the complete text of Otto Strasser's books exposing Hitler.

That does not mean that I support the status quo; far from it. It means that both of these two alternatives (Soviet & Nazi) were totalitarian.

The anti-Zionist movement seems to be drifing towards Holocaust-Denial, in the sense that I get quite a few emails from a Denialist perspective, and relatively few the other way. Barring the Zionists, of course (but they're not on my mailing list, and anyway I get few emails from them).

For years I was too busy, or perhaps just not interested enough, to tackle this issue. The constant media bombardment about "The Holocaust" bored me to tears; it would put anybody off the topic, just as one avoids nagging if one can.

Some Deniers had been urging me to get into it, but I kept postponing my reading of their material.

In the last month, that's all changed; I can hardly remember how I got started, but I've become an avid reader. However, I've spotted a fatal flaw in the Denier material; and since that realization, I've been tracking down quality material on the anti-Denier position.

In the next few weeks, I will make this a major theme of these bulletins.

The fatal flaw of the Deniers concerns the "Final Solution" to the Jewish Problem. The Deniers say that, instead of this meaning Extermination, it meant Resettlement in the East. That is, east of Poland. Not in the Ukraine, because that was for German settlement (and colonisation of the natives as peasant farmers). The main candidate was Belarus (White Russia, Ruthenia, White Ruthenia).

The Deniers have written reams on Gas Chambers - denying them - but next to nothing of where those millions of Jews evacuated from the West, actually went to.

At this point a distinction must be made. The Nazis imposed a Selection system, dividing Jews into those to be put to work as labourers, and the rest. Old men, old women, and children were routinely put into the second group. It's these people who were either killed or resettled.

Some German train schedules (timetables for the transports to the concentration camps) still survive, and show that there were quite a lot of trains to Auschwitz, some from Western Europe, but especially from Poland.

There were far fewer trains to Minsk and other parts of Belarus, and they look like regular passenger trains.

Bialystok is in the north-east of Poland. Trainloads of Jews from Bialystok were sent to Auschwitz and Treblinka, both to the south-west. Yet Belarus is to the EAST of Bialystok. If you wanted to resettle these Jews in the East, you wouldn't send them West.

Witnesses say that at Auschwitz, Jews faced Selection - some as Labourers, the rest for Extermination. At Treblinka, there was no Selection because there were no Labour Camps there. It was just Extermination.

If you wanted to resettle Bialystok's Jews in the East, but first select some for labour at Auschwitz' work camps, you would do the selecting at Bialystok itself, sending some West (to work) and the others East (for resettlement). Yet we never hear of selections in that way. Instead, they are always reported at concentration camps.

To move millions of people from West to East, for peaceful resettlement, would entail the building of new cities, consuming scarce resources during wartime.

The clincher is the case of Hungary's Jews, which were not sent to Auschwitz until mid 1944, when the Russians were closing in.

Have a look at this map of the eastern front, noting the dates at which the Russians retook various lands: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eastern_Front_1943-08_to_1944-12.png

By mid 1944, there was no possibility of resettling Jews in Belarus (White Russia, Ruthenia, White Ruthenia). Yet this is when Hungary's Jews were sent to Auschwitz.

The Deniers have no answer to this. This is End-Game for Holocaust Denial.

Over the following 2 weeks, I will put out substantial material on this topic. I invite Deniers to reply - but please stick to this topic. This particular topic is your weakness; I will not allow you to talk your way around it on this forum.

Does this mean that I'm becoming a stooge of the Zionists? No more than Norman Finkelstein - look at how they hate him. Less than Finkelstein, because I think that the Deniers have validly pointed out ways that Holocaust Orthodoxy has overstated its case, eg by not telling tourists at Auschwitz that Krema I is a Reconstruction, not Original.

So, the Deniers have performed a service. But it's wrong to make a religion out of Denial, just as it is to make a religion out of "The" Holocaust.

I will follow Finkelstein's use, in calling it "the Nazi Holocaust" (as it used to be called), not "The Holocaust".

I admire Bishop Williamson, and I would not like him to retract when he does not believe in the Extermination; but I think he's wrong, and I'd like to send him my material. If anyone knows an address I can send it to, please let me know.

There are few if any extremists on this mailing list, so I do not expect to lose many or any participants; but I'm prepared to lose them, if so they choose.

My new perspective enables me to better understand the "never again" siege mentality of Zionism. Yet, the Zionists are treating the Palestinians and Arabs in much the same way the Nazis treated Jews.

Peter Myers, February 6, 2009

(3) The Holocaust Debate

An intense debate followed, lasting three weeks. It would have dragged on indefinitely, but I had to draw a line.

The Holocaust-Denial Debate is at holocaust-debate.html.

(4) Addendum to "Fatal Flaw", on Hungarian Jews - May 8, 2009

If the Hungarian Jews were only being sent to work in the Auschwitz arms factories etc, it would be logical to do the Selections in Hungary, and only send those suitable for work. One would exclude women with young children, old men, old women, the sick, the disabled etc.

But that's not how it happened. Selections were done at Auschwitz instead: http://www.scrapbookpages.com/auschwitzscrapbook/History/Articles/HungarianJews.html

Deniers cannot just place the onus of proof on the Affirmers (Faurisson's line); they themselves must explain and account for the millions of Jews (& others) transferred to these sites.

This is the weakness in their case. Once one realises that, one reads Pressac, Browning, Provan, van Pelt, Hoss, Vrba et al.

(5) Material added after the debate - February 25, 2011

Following the debate, I read the Memoirs of Rudolf Hoss (Hoess), head of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, and put most of it online (for the first time) at Hoss-Memoirs.html.

I also added some of Browning's material from his book The Origins of the Final Solution. This showed that Nazi policy changed from Ethnic Cleansing (early in the war) to Genocide (in mid 1941): browning.html.

Not being a fan of Deborah Lipstadt, it pained me to admit that she was right in her critique of Richard Harwood's book "Did Six Million Really Die?" (featured at Ernst Zundel's website).

Harwood claimed that a 1948 Red Cross Report disproves the Nazi Holocaust. I uploaded scanned pages from the Red Cross Report showing that Lipstadt was right and he was wrong: holocaust-Red-X-Report.html.

When, subsequently, I received a stray email from Zundel's wife Ingrid Rimland (I had once been on her mailing list), I replied, drawing her attention to the files I had uploaded. To my disappointment, she was scornful, showing no interest in looking at such evidence.

Over the years, Readers have raised some additional points - eg re the heating of Zyklon B crystals to reach their evaporation point (26-7º C). Their letters and my replies are appended to the webpage on Hoss' Memoirs: Hoss-Memoirs.html.

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