Rabbi Harry Waton: the Jews are an Intellectual Aristocracy

Transcribed by Peter Myers, Canberra, Australia.

Updated November 23, 2012.

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Communism, Rabbi Waton says, is Judaism's project for the world. All other religions are other-worldly; only Judaism lives for this world, and specifically for a political program which unifies and equalises mankind.

In this excerpt from his book, Rabbi Harry Waton proclaims the Jews an aristocracy of the intellect.

Sects of Ultra-Orthodox Jews prevent their wives and children from gaining information about the world, except from Jewish sources - and then, Orthodox ones. They devote themselves to intellectual pursuits, but this is a blinkered intellect. When one looks at the problems in the Middle East, the apartness of the Jews seems a big component of the problem. I think that the Jewish Marxists have retained some of this apartness. (Note: socialism, as public ownership of major productive parts of the economy, has a lot of merit. It is foolish to oppose something just because it is favoured by a Jewish faction.)

I myself spent three years and three months in Catholic seminaries, from 1966 to 1969. As in the Jewish case, intellect was cultivated, but within strict limits; although Liberation Theology was making inroads at that time.

If the Patriot movement embraces blinkers and apartness in the same way as the Orthodox Jews, it will find itself one day in the same backwater as the Far Right in Israel.

Judaism is best met with intellect, not guns. Further comments follow Waton's text. ===start of text===




BY HARRY WATON New York 1939

Published by
NEW YORK - 1939

[p. 154] "... we can say with Nietsche that the Jews are the highest aristocrats in the world, but this is an aristocracy of an entirely different order than the natural, physical aristocracy of which Hitler speaks and dreams. ... Reason does not conquer minds by brute force, but by light, knowledge and understanding. This was the reason why all through history Judaism and the Jews did not use force to convert mankind to Judaism. And now let us cast a look at Nazi Germany, how do the nazis conquer minds ? By brute force. Who are the true aristocrats, the Jews or the nazis ? ... The Talmud tells us that the whole world was created only for the sake of the Zaddik; the Zaddik is the spiritual aristocrat, the excellent man. It is true, the whole world was created for the sake of the Zaddik, but the Zaddik was created for the sake of the world. All progress, as we saw before, is from the apex of the pyramid of existence to the base. The Zaddik is at the apex of the pyramid; he is the first to receive

[p. 155] "divine light and knowledge from above, but he receives them, not for his own sake, but for the sake of mankind below. This idea was already expressed in the Bible. The Bible tells us that Elohim created the great luminaries that they should shine on the earth: in heaven their illumination is not necessary. The Bible tells us that Jacob saw in a dream that a ladder was standing on the ground and its top reached the heaven, and Jehovah was there; and the angels of Elohim were ascending and descending by this ladder. The ladder is the destiny of mankind, and the angels of Elohim, these are the intellectual and spiritual aristocrats. These aristocrats go up by the ladder to Jehovah, from whom they receive divine light and knowledge, and then go down to mankind to impart to them this divine light and knowledge, and thus mankind are enriched with knowledge and understanding, and thus they are raised ever higher and higher towards their destiny - the perception and the understanding of Jehovah. For the exalted privilege of being an aristocrat, he must serve mankind, and only in this manner does he earn his exceptional privilege, and only in this manner does he serve the purpose of God. Because the Jews were true aristocrats, they always went down to the masses to bring to them divine light knowledge and understanding, and because of this the Jews always concerned themselves about the downtrodden and degraded masses. And this is the reason why the Jews, more than all others, now concern themselves about the proletariat. The tragedy of mankind always was this: the intellectual and spiritual aristocrats, once they reached the heights of the ladder, they remained there, and refused to go down to the masses. Still more, they built towers of Babel, declaring, we shall not go down to the masses. By religious, intellectual and cultural towers they isolated themselves from the rest of mankind; and, while enjoying the fruit of the labor of the masses, they withheld from the masses their due reward in light, knowledge and understanding. Thus the masses were kept in ignorance, misery and degradation. It is this aristocracy which Hitler wants to perpetuate. This is not aristocracy, this is an abomination, and this abomination the Jews are determined to destroy.

[ p. 156] "And the Jews will destroy this abomination." ===end of text===

I have quoted Waton extensively, in order to meet him on his chosen ground: Intellect. True intellectuals do not try to prevent debate or suppress information. What is the Jewish score on that criterion? Courageous dissidents like Noam Chomsky, Israel Shahak, Ari ben-Menashe, Victor Ostrovsky, Zeev Sternhell, Norman Finkelstein, Mark Bruzonsky and Benjamin Ginsberg pass with high merit; but their courage is shown by their defiance of attempts at thought control and suppression.

Attempts to prevent debate and suppress information are the mark of Propaganda, not Intellect. Education is not the enforcement of some one-true-line received from On High, but the exposure of the student to all viewpoints on a subject, allowing each viewpoint to be put, not by an editor but by the proponents themselves.

The Principle of Verification is incompatible with the Principle of Falsification. The former is used to enforce official scepticism against dissident ideas, which are set a high bar to prove themselves. Falsification, on the other hand, posits that the onus is on the sceptic to disprove the new idea: unless disproved, all ideas can be considered.

Opponents of the New World Order, rather than closeting themselves, should feel sympathy for their fellow sufferers in the Third World, and reach out to them. If the West has an immigration problem, then the Third World has an overpopulation problem; it's merely two different sides of the same problem, and it demands a solution: in particular, the avialability of contraception, tubal ligation etc in those countries. The correct strategy is to build bridges to the poor and dispossessed. Expose the fraud of "Jewish Internationalism", by showing the hogging of America's foreign aid. Produce graphs of it showing the % going to wealthy Israel, to Egypt on Israel's behalf, and to the other poor countries of the world. Show it also as per capita. Distribute these graphs to the leaders of Third World countries: let them be the judge of Jewish Internationalism.

Produce tables of the foreign debt and credit of all countries at a synchronised time, showing that they do not add up to zero as they should, and raising the question: if nearly all countries are seriously in debt, where are the missing creditors? In tax havens, perhaps, from whose bunkers they enslave whole continents. The data is not available, despite the self-proclaimed "Open Society" - so produce it. Help me to gather it. Then let the poor be the judge.

{end excerpt}

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