Rabbi Harry Waton: Nazism is an imitation of Judaism

Transcribed by Peter Myers, Canberra, Australia, November 1, 2001; updated November 23, 2012.

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Communism, Rabbi Waton says, is Judaism's project for the world. All other religions are other-worldly; only Judaism lives for this world, and specifically for a political program which unifies and equalises mankind.

In this excerpt from his book, Rabbi Waton shows that Nazism is a kind of Judaism.




BY HARRY WATON New York 1939

Published by
NEW YORK - 1939

[p. 52] "Anti-Semitism is the mortal dread of Judaism and the Jews. A religion does not fall from the sky, nor does it arise from historic or material conditions; a religion is the manifestation of the soul of a race or of a people; it manifests the destiny of the race or of the people. The destiny is intuitively perceived by the foremost of the race or of the people. And this is the reason why a race or a people rises and falls together with its religion. This means that the race or the people rises and falls with its soul. The Jews differ from all other races and peoples because of Judaism; Judaism differs from all other religions because of Jehovah; and Jehovah differs from all other gods. All other gods dwell in heaven. For this reason, all other religions are concerned about heaven, and they promise all reward in heaven after death. For this reason, all other religions negate the earth and the material world and are indifferent to the well-being and progress of mankind on this earth. But Jehovah comes down from heaven to dwell on this earth and to embody himself in mankind. For this reason, Judaism concerns itself only about this earth and promises all reward right here on this earth. The Kingdom of God is to be realized right here on this earth. The immortality which men are to enjoy, they will enjoy right here on this earth. God assumes his holiest name, Jehovah, only on this earth and when embodied in man. This is the reason why Jehovah promised to give this earth an eternal inheritance to those that

[p. 53] "will identify themselves with Jehovah. All that identify themselves with Jehovah are Jews, they are the children of Jehovah. This is the soul and essence of Judaism, and this is the soul of the Jews. 32. All through the past, the anti-Semites perceived intuitively, though vaguely, that the Jews will inherit this earth, and that all other races will either disappear altogether or they will become Jews and they will together with the Jews inherit this earth. This was the mortal dread of the anti-Semites. It was the dread that is felt by one who faces the yawning mouth of the serpent who is about to swallow him. Judaism appeared to the anti-Semites as a serpent that is about to swallow them. It was not only the dread of death but worse still, it was the dread of being swallowed by the serpent Judaism and be turned into Jews. ...

[p. 54] "33. What is nazism ? Nazism is an imitation of Judaism; nazism adopted the principles and ideas of Judaism with which to destroy Judaism and the Jews. This alone places Hitler on the same level with Balaam. And, first, we must acquaint ourselves with Balaam. Of all anti-Semites that ever lived, Balaam was the greatest. His greatness is attested in three ways. First, the Bible tells us that Jehovah spoke to Balaam, and that Balaam believed in Jehovah. This alone shows that Balaam was great; the mere fact that Jehovah spoke to Balaam makes him great. Next, the Talmud tells us that Balaam was even greater than Moses. The Bible tells us that among the Jews there never was and never will be a prophet as great as Moses was. The Talmud tells us: among the Jews, but among the other nations there was one that was even greater than Moses and that was Balaam. The Talmud tells us the reason why Balaam was greater than Moses. When in the Last Day of Judgment Jehovah will judge the nations, the nations will say to Jehovah: If Thou hadst sent to us a prophet like Moses, we would also have accepted Thy Torah. To this Jehovah will answer: I sent to you Balaam, who was even greater than Moses, and yet you did not accept My Torah. But the greatness of Balaam appears in the method he used for the purposes of destroying the Jews. Let us consider the facts as told in the Bible. 34. The Jews were approaching the Promised Land. On their way they conquered the nations that warred against the Jews. Now the Jews were near the land of the Moabites, and the Moabites were overcome with dread. Balak, the king of the Moabites, knew very well that his people were no match against the Jews; he also knew that the Jews would destroy

[p. 55] "the Moabites and the other neighboring nations, unless they all united against the Jews. But how could the other nations be made to realize the danger that faced them all and to induce them to unite together with the Moabites against the Jews? There was only one way, to call upon Balaam, who was famous among the nations, to come to curse the Jews. What was the nature of that curse? Balaam was required to convince the nations that the Jews were an inferior race and a menace to the nations, and that they must all unite to destroy the Jews: otherwise, the Jews would destroy them. Balaam, however, told Balak that he could say only that which Jehovah would tell him to say. However, Balak hoped that Balaam would say otherwise. When Balaam came to Balak, the latter prepared for Balaam a prominent place on a mountain, invited the representatives of the neighboring nations, and made sacrifices to the gods. Balaam delivered four addresses; but, instead of cursing the Jews, he rather praised them and blessed them. And yet, the Bible tells us that Jehovah turned the curses of Balaam into blessings? What curses? Balaam did not curse the Jews; he rather praised and blessed them. Here, then. is a mystery; but we will presently understand the mystery. 35. In any struggle between men, whether it be a struggle on the battle-field, on the political arena, on the economic terrain or in the realm of thought, ordinary men fight their adversary by endeavoring to belittle the adversary, to treat him with contempt and to ridicule him. This is a suicidal method, for by this they shut their eyes to the merits and virtues of the adversary, and for this they pay a terrible penalty. But the great man fully recognizes the merits and virtues of the adversary, endeavors to acquire those merits and virtues, and thus prepares himself to meet the adversary successfully. By this alone we can recognize the great man. This was the method used by Balaam. Because Balaam knew Jehovah, he fully recognized the merits and virtues of the Jews. In the four addresses, Balaam sought to convince the nations that, unless they acquired the merits and virtues of the Jews, the Jews would destroy them. This was the reason why Balaam praised and blessed the Jews. In what,

[p. 56] "then, consisted the curse? It consisted in this. Balaam did not praise and bless the Jews for their sake, but he praised and blessed the Jews for the sake of the nations, that the nations should acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, and thus be able to destroy the Jews. The curse was not in what he said, but in the purpose. And now, how did Jehovah turn the curse into a blessing ? Jehovah turned the purpose of Balaam into a blessing. Balaam intended that the nations should endeavor to acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, in order to be able to destroy the Jews; but this very purpose turned into a blessing. By endeavoring to acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, the nations would become Jews. And so, instead of destroying the Jews, the nations would themselves become Jews and join the Jews. Thus Jehovah defeated the purpose of Balaam. History repeats itself. Since the days of Balaam, Hitler is the first great anti-Semite that adopted Balaam's method. Hitler fully recognized the merits and virtues of the Jews, and he convinced himself that, unless the Aryan nations will unite against the Jews, the Jews will destroy them. To convince the Aryan nations of this, Hitler wrote his work, Mein Kampf. In this book Hitler endeavors to convince the Aryan nations that the Jews are a world menace, that they would destroy the Aryans, their culture and their world, and would inherit the earth. But to convince the Aryans of this, Hitler, like Balaam, recognizes the merits and virtues of the Jews, and advises the Aryan nations to endeavor to acquire those merits and virtues; otherwise, they will be destroyed by the Jews. Since the days of Balaam, Hitler is the first anti-Semite that was great enough to adopt this method. But, like Balaam Hitler does not perceive that, if the Aryan nations endeavor to acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, they will also become Jews, and then they will join the Jews. And so, as in the case of Balaam, Jehovah turns the curses of Hitler into a blessing. We shall presently see how the curses of Hitler turn into a blessing. 36. I stated that nazism is an imitation of Judaism; nazism adopted the principles and ideas of Judaism with which to destroy Judaism and the Jews.

[p. 63] "What shall be our superior philosophy ? The very philosophy which nazism is determined to destroy, namely, Judaism; we will meet the nazi philosophy with Judaism. The Jews always looked upon Judaism as a religion, but now the Jews must also look upon Judaism as upon a world philosophy. Hitler has rendered infinite service to Judaism and the Jews by making it clear that Judaism is a world philosophy. Hitler errs by denying that Judaism is a religion. We shall see later that Judaism is both a religion and a world philosophy. But for the present we will regard Judaism as a world philosophy, and for this alone the Jews should be grateful to Hitler, for we shall presently see that this is of great historic significance. Since nazism is determined to destroy Judaism; since, as we shall presently see, Judaism is infinitely superior to nazism, it follows that Judaism will overcome and absorb nazism. Since Judaism roots deep in the blood of the Jews, while nazism roots deep in the blood of the German Aryans, the Jews will overcome and absorb the German Aryans. Judaism has no need to fight against nazism, and the Jews have no need to fight against the nazis, for Judaism is superior to nazism, and the Jews are superior to the nazis. This, as we shall presently see, the nazis themselves recognize. We shall see that nazism is nothing else than an imitation of Judaism; nazism adopted the principles and ideas of Judaism. Likewise, the nazis are trying hard to imitate the Jews. The nazis are then confronted with this alternative: if they succeed to acquire the merits and virtues of the Jews, the nazis will become Jews; on the other hand, if the nazis fail to acquire the merits and the virtues of the Jews, they will disappear from the stage of history. The whole nazi philosophy is fully conscious of this truth; and nazism, more than any other system of thought, sustains Judaism and the Jews. This is the way Jehovah turns the curses of the nazis into blessings for the Jews.

[p. 81] "Next, let me reveal to you a secret: Nazism is nothing else than an imitation and perversion of Marxism; there is nothing in nazism which was not taken from Marxism. Study Hitler's anti-Marxist Bible: Mein Kampf, read it carefully, and what will you find ? You will find that Hitler adopted the principles, the ideas, the policy and the method of Marxism. The National Socialist Party of Hitler was modelled after the fashion of the Communist Party of Soviet Russia, and both were fashioned according to the ideas of Marxism. Like the revolutionary Marxists, Hitler laid the emphasis upon the working masses. Where did the nazis get the idea of the National Socialist Party, where did they get the principles and demands embodied in the twenty-five demands of the National Socialist Party? And who were the theoreticians of nazism, were they not socialists, communists and men and women who received their education from Marxism ? Where did Hitler and his followers get the idea of international capital, exploitation, on the one hand, and socialism and national planning, on the other? Did they not get all this from Marxism? But what is most significant is this. If not for the great work that had been done by the Marxists, if not for the Russian revolution, if not for the ground that had been prepared by the socialists and the communists, Hitler, the nazis and the National Socialist Party would have never come into existence; Hitler would still eke out a poor living from papering, and the nazi leaders would still rot away in their miserable occupations. As for the masses of nazis who seem so important now that they can make pogroms upon the Jews, they would be, as before, proletarians, the dust of the earth. All what Hitler and the nazis have accomplished was nothing else than to steal and ap-

{page 82} propriate what the Marxists had created and achieved.

{end excerpt}

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