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The name of this site is inspired by St. Paul's proclamation "There is neither Jew nor Greek". See the commentary on this text.

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"Higher Tribalism" after the demise of the Nation-State
Aryanism (European Tribalism) & Western Civilization
Globalization & World Government
Zionism (Jewish Tribalism) And/Or Communism
Nihonism (Japanese Tribalism) & Asian Civilization
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Themes (not yet updated): The standard Marxist view obscures the role of religion as a motivator, e.g. in Zionism. Equally, the Hegelian position obscures the extent to which universal religion conceals particularist self-interest: Christianity became a mask for Aryanism. As the mask is removed, "White Christians" face a painful spiritual crisis. The Problem with Whites: whites.html.

Denis Freney on the 1971 Springbok tour of Australia. This was a major setback for the apartheid regime in South Africa, and a mind-altering event in Australia: freney.html.

"The Aryans will enlarge and beautify the earth; but they will settle to enjoy the world which they created only in the tents of the Jews. These tents are communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society - a society of free and morally autonomous rational human beings. The destiny of the Aryans is to become Jews" - Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program For The Jews, 1939, p. 102: zioncom.html.

"... the Jews sought to revise, redraw, and replace the basic tenets of the West" - Ben-Ami Shillony (a Jewish Professor), The Jews and the Japanese, p. 64: japan.html.

The One World movement has three factions, which co-operate with one another against "nationalism" or "isolationism". They are (a) the Tory (Imperial) (b) the International Socialist (Trotskyist, Fabian & Green Left, against the Stalinist Left) (c) the Zionist: british-conspiracy.html.

The first delivers the "Right", the second delivers the "Left" to One-Worldism: oneworld.html.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 marked the joining-up of the Tory and Zionist factions in an uneasy alliance. Before that, they were working against each other (Britain was pro-Czar, the Zionists were anti-Czar).

The International Socialist faction is also what H. G. Wells called "the Open Conspiracy": opensoc.html. It promotes Political Correctness, the World Court, and the Kyoto Protocol. It tried  to get a world government established at the Peace Conference of Versailles in 1919: toolkit3.html, and also via the Baruch Plan for World Government, in 1946: baruch-plan.html.

This faction mounted the Bolshevik Revolution: lenin-trotsky.html. Isaac Deutscher wrote in Russia After Stalin, "During the early years of the Soviet regime, the Bolshevik leaders had the feeling that they were Marxists in partibus infidelium, West European revolutionaries acting against a non-congenial Oriental background ... " (p. 32): beria.html.

They were overthrown by Stalin, who gave them a dose of their own medicine: stalin.html.

The Baruch Plan was supported by anti-Stalinist communists like Albert  Einstein (einstein.html), but the plan itself was drafted by the Zionist banker Bernard Baruch, of Wall Street (on whom see freedman.html).

So here one sees the joining of the Zionist & Trotskyist forces.

However, Stalin was running the USSR at the time ... and so, the  synchronisation of the World Government forces did not happen. A later attempt was made under the name of "Convergence": convergence.html.

The Soviet Union fell because Gorbachev belongs to the International Socialist faction; he was undoing Stalin's conquests, and trying to form a Single World Civilization. This was impeded because during his rule the US & Britain were in Tory hands (Reagan, Thatcher, Bush snr).

The Left faction opposes the current War against Israel's enemies, but pretends that it is about oil (instead of religion).

Whale and Elephant

The Tory faction was the traditional Anglo-American Establishment: quigley.html. This "British" grouping might be called the whale, because it controls the oceans (via bases scattered around the world). The Zionist one is called the elephant, the one you can't see in the china shop until you join up the dots.

Some people can't see the whale; some can't see the elephant.

The Balfour Declaration marked the joining-up of these two (up to that point separate) conspiracies: l-george.html.

The British one had wanted to get the US back into the Empire, even if that meant transferring the capital to the US. In the end, they were only able to do that with the assistance of Jewish middlemen.

Before the Balfour Declaration, the two conspiracies were working against each other. It was in the Zionist interest to keep the protagonists in World War I as evenly balanced as possible, i.e. keep the US out of the war, until the fall of the Tsar, their hated enemy. Then they auctioned their support to the protagonists.

Suppose that the U.S. had entered the war earlier, and mobilized its troops and sent them to the front. Then Britain would not have made the Balfour Declaration, as "a contract with World Jewry", whereby Zionists got Palestine in return for getting the U.S. into the war - because the U.S. would already have tilted the balance.

The catch was this: the Zionist one knew about the Tory one, because Cecil Rhodes had invited Lord Rothschild to join it; but the Tories did not know about the Zionist one: rhodes-will.html.

The conspirators control the major media, but there was a time, in 1917-9, when the anti-Zionist media proprietor Lord Northcliffe tried to go his own way. The conspirators evicted him, even though he was chief proprietor of The Times, and he died mysteriously soon after: toolkit3.html.

The "War on Terror" is a new Crusade: it's about religion, not Oil. In the Islamic countries that are invaded and occupied, oil pipelines etc will be sabotaged by the resistance. The Oil industry would not risk the Empire for so little benefit.

The "Left Opposition", i.e. the Trotskyist, Fabian & Green forces, oppose the War, but by saying that it's only about Oil, cover up the religious factor: the push by the Zionists to "restore Solomon's kingdom" and build the Third Temple (where the Dome of the Rock now stands). Islam is in the way: tmf.html.

The "Left Opposition" is the "Open Conspiracy": opensoc.html. It tried to make a World Government out of the League of Nations: wells-lenin-league.html. It has given us "Gay Rights" and destroyed our family life, as happened in the early (pre-Stalin) period of the Soviet Union: sex-soviet.html. Stalin ruined the plot.

By distracting from the religious motive, the "Left Opposition" act as "gatekeepers" for the Zionists. Noam Chomsky is the leader today: cia-infiltrating-left.html. He praises Israel Shahak and Norman Finkelstein.

Shahak discloses the danger of the Jewish religion: shahak1.html. But on his website (archive), Chomsky never once mentions Shahak's evidence that religion is an important factor.

Similarly with Norman Finkelstein, who wrote a book called The Holocauast Industry: finkelstein.html. Chomsky, at his website, despite praising Finkelstein as a Left activist, never once mentions the expression "holocaust industry":

Western Civilization seems to be dying: the older generation is being prevented (by the "Open Conspirators") from transmitting it to the younger generation. We're going through something like Mao's Cultural Revolution, with its attack on the "Four Olds". But was there ever such a thing as "Western Civilization"? Was it something Europe invented to justify White Dominance? transciv.html.

Is Zionism allied with Liberal Internationalism, or with Communism? Was Stalin murdered? death-of-stalin.html Was there a Cold War between Moscow and Jerusalem, over which would be the centre of a socialist world? zioncom.html.

Jewish-Asian engagements:

Propagandists vs. Technocrats: Jewish "Software" versus Japanese "Hardware": japan.html. An encounter between religious Jews and Tibetan Buddhists reveals much about the inner life of both. The Jew in the Lotus: lotus.html.

Is there a struggle between the two great accumulators of Capital - Jewish and Asian? Was this what the "Asia Crisis" was really about? asia-crisis.html.

The Jews are not a "race" or a "nation" but a religion: japan.html. However, there is a non-theistic variant of the Jewish religion (just as Buddhism in an atheistic religion): philos.html.

David Ben-Gurion, for example, was an atheist, who nevertheless thought that Jews had a mission, ordained by the Bible, to "unify the world" and (by building the Third Temple) to "bring light to the Gentiles": bengur-bible.html.

The attack on the World Trade Centre - was Mossad behind it, to get the West to fight Islam? wtc.html Will it lead to a world war over the Dome of the Rock (to build the Third Temple in its place)? dome.html.

Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, on how Mossad tricked America into bombing Libya: ostrovsky.html.

The Multi-Function Polis (MFP), a high-tech city of the future, was proposed in 1987 by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry, to be built in Australia: the MFP Saga.

Where did the "APEC" idea come from? It suggests an amalgamation of George Orwell's Oceania and Eastasia spheres (from his book 1984). Orwell, a Trotskyist of the nicer kind, got the idea of the three world-zones from James Burnham's book The Managerial Revolution (Burnham was also a Trotskyist, who became a leading anti-Communist during the Cold War): burnham.html.

Chalmers Johnson said that APEC was "a cover for Australia's joining Asia"; Samuel Huntington said that Australia was trying to defect from Western to Eastasian civilization. David Ben Gurion articulated his Jewish-centred version of APEC in 1962: bengur62.jpg.

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This website is dedicated to Ben Chifley (1885 - 1951) and Bob Santamaria (1915-1998).

Chifley created Australia's postwar socialist economy. "Socialism" meant public ownership, not "Gay Marriage" as it does in these Trotskyist times.

Trots talk of "Socialism", but they stand for Communist Dictatorship and World Government.

Chifley would have none of that; his Socialism was a mixed economy, such that McEwen and Menzies saw fit to continue it. They deserve commendation for that.

The Trots and other Communists helped bring Chifley down via the Coal Strike.

The author outside Chifley's house in Bathurst, NSW, in 2010: Chifley-house-Bathurst-2010.jpg.

Chifley was able to contain the opposing tendencies within the Labor Party, but his successor, Evatt, naively accepted Soviet assurances over the defection of Vladimir Petrov and the abduction of his wife Evdokia:

This happened just after the fall of Beria; a recall to Moscow was commonly the prelude to execution.

Evatt split the ALP - not Santamaria. But Santamaria was blamed. Later, as Hawke & Keating privatized & deregulated the Socialist economy Chifley had set up, Santamaria stood steadfast in defence of it.

More on Australia's socialist economy is at xLeague.html. Its dismantling is described at xTrots.html and ambivalence.html.

"The man blamed for the ALP split in the 1950s was the only national figure to stand by Labor's core values" - Clyde Cameron, Labor MHR & Minister in the Whitlam Government.

More from Cameron:

"No other person had such an influence on the political scene as Santamaria during the last 50 years of his life; and no other political figure engendered the same devotion from his followers, or fear from his opponents. In fact, it is also true to say that no other figure commanded the same lasting respect from both friend and foe."

Bob Santamaria - the Battler's Friend: santamaria.html.

Anthropologist David Maybury-Lewis wrote in his book Millenium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World (Viking Penguin, New York, 1992):

"The ancient Egyptians believed that a totality must consist of the union of opposites. A similar premise, that the interaction between yin (the female principle) and yang (the male principle) underlies the workings of the universe, is at the heart of much Chinese thinking. The idea has been central to Taoist philosophy from the fourth century B.C. to the present day {p. 126} and is still embraced by many Chinese who are not Taoists. Nor is the idea confined to the Egyptians and the Chinese. Peoples all over the world, in Eurasia, Africa and the Americas, have come to the conclusion that the cosmos is a combining of opposites and that one of the most important aspects of this dualism is the opposition between male and female." (p. 125).

Feminism is based on a denial of that sexual polarity and complementarity. We need a new Engagement between the Sexes: engagement.html.

To survive amid nihilism one must find a philosophy. Here's mine:

Once grasp the great Form without form
And you roam where you will
With no evil to fear
Calm, peaceful, at ease.

At music and viands
The wayfarer stops.
But the Way, when declared
Seems thin and so flavorless!

It is nothing to look at
And nothing to hear;
But used, it will prove

- Tao Te Ching, poem 35, tr. R. B. Blakney as The Way of Life.

Knowledge frequently results
from knowing others,
but the man who is awakened,
has seen the uncarved block.

Others might be mastered by force,
but to master one's self
requires the Tao.

He who has many material things,
may be described as rich,
but he who knows he has enough,
and is at one with the Tao,
might have enough of material things,
and have self-being as well.

Will-power may bring perseverance;
but to have tranquility is to endure,
being protected for all his days.

He whose ideas remain in the world,
is present for all time.

- Tao Te Ching, poem 33, tr. S. Rosenthal.

Henry C K Liu on Taoism and Modernity: daoist.html.

Readers who study this site thoroughly will realise that a certain amount of contradictory material is presented. That's because the truth is not always clear; and also because it's beneficial to "read around the topic", seeing a variety of viewpoints.

There's a story from India about four blind-folded men feeling an elephant. One felt the trunk, one the tail, one a leg, one another part. Each got a different impression.

You and I empathise with these four men because, unlike them, we "see" the elephant, as "privileged" observers. But in this website, I do not "see" the elephant; I am blindfolded like those four men. However, I am privileged to be able to interview each of them, and to assemble their impressions of the elephant.

The elephant, then, represents the machinations behind the scenes.

In the face of the "dumbing-down" of intellectual standards, the aim of this website is to lift up, to bring to the reader insights from penetrating writers unknown except to a few experts - people like S.G.F. Brandon (judgment.html) and Cyrus H. Gordon (gordon.html). The public needs such information for informed debate. In no sense is the quoting here a substitute for obtaining the books themselves: footnotes, bibliography etc (essential for any thorough research - and these are serious books, for those interested in research) are omitted in nearly all cases; in those rare cases where footnotes are supplied, only selected ones are. This site is intended to entice the reader to follow up the works of those authors; the juxtaposition of these writers, and the differences between their viewpoints, are hopefully a stimulus to further examination and independent thought. Intellectual life thrives not when we all sing the same chorus, but when divergent yet well-argued cases present us with further problems to solve.

There is no consistent, ideological, "editorial line" at this site. The disparity in viewpoints within the material featured is due, more than any other reason, to the incompleteness of our knowledge, and the need not to miss vital information by excluding informed but sometimes disagreeable accounts. Feel free to send me contrary material, if you are prepared to engage in examination and discussion with me.

There is no counter on this site: I have chosen not to monitor my readers in any way. I have no idea how many find the site useful; therefore I rely on your letters, to let me know.

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