William Pierce calls Blacks "sub-humans", & justifies decimation of the American Indians - Peter Myers, January 22, 2001; update February 4, 2005; my comments are shown {thus}.

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Nazi-sympathiser Dr William Pierce here articulates the worst of White racism, in which he judges people not by their character or performance, but solely by race. He makes no exceptions for individuals who stand out, whether by innate ability or through effort.

Any challenge to the current social inequality requires co-operation among the disadvantaged sectors of society - of whatever race. By sowing the seeds of racial strife, Pierce is inhibiting any effective challenge to the New World Order.

Pierce's abusive, emotive language could lead to the destruction of Free Speech and the justification of Totalitarianism. Pierce is as much a threat to Free Speech as any Zionist or Communist.


Subject: ADV02-26-00: Elites vs. Masses Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 00:56:57 -0800 From: ADVlist@natvan.com Reply-To: national@natvan.com Organization: National Alliance To: "American Dissident Voices" <ADVlist@natvan.com> American Dissident Voices Broadcast of February 26, 2000

Elites vs. Masses by Dr. William Pierce

I think that we see the same sort of mentality at work when military officers support Clinton administration policies on homosexuals and on women in combat. In the past they were unanimously opposed to these policies. But then the Jews demand that homosexuals be accepted in the military and that women be permitted to be on submarine crews, and the political appointees in the Pentagon scramble to issue new regulations in line with these demands, and the career military people begin readjusting their thinking to bring it into line. I think that they really justify to themselves their changed views on these matters. Not one in a hundred will do the honorable thing and resign in protest. Instead, they will conform their opinions to whatever is demanded of them -- just as the secret policeman I occasionally speak with, and his Constitution-supporting colleagues, will without hesitation violate every Constitutional right I have if orders come down from Washington to arrest me as an "enemy of democracy," or whatever.

You know, it's not too difficult for us to figure out what has happened to us in retrospect. It's not too difficult for us to understand the mechanics of the way in which the people who control the mass media are able to determine public policy by playing on the psychologies of the susceptible elements of the population. What is eerie to me is the way in which the Jews instinctively went for control of the media at a time when no one had the advantage of hindsight. How did they know, in the first quarter of the last century, when motion pictures were in their infancy and television was only a dream in the minds of a few visionary engineers, such as Philo Farnsworth, that the key to the control of the world lay in Hollywood? ...

Many of our people who think of themselves as patriots feel that we have been betrayed by our elites -- and in a sense we have. After the Second World War, when the Jews began pushing their various programs to multiculturalize America -- that is, to break the power of the White majority -- these programs impacted most heavily on the Whites at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale. The White professional and business classes, the Whites with more money and mobility, were better able to protect themselves. When government programs began destroying White neighborhoods and White schools, they could move to safer neighborhoods; they could send their children to private schools. Affirmative action was no threat to them, because Blacks couldn't handle the sort of work they did. The real traitors -- the Kennedys and their ilk -- lived in private compounds with armed guards and felt that they would be able to live well and be safe no matter what happened to everyone else.

And today we still have a high concentration of traitors among the wealthiest Whites. We have the disgusting spectacle of the richest White man in the world trying to buy favor with the Jews and the non-Whites by giving hundreds of millions of dollars to vaccinate Blacks in Africa and pay tuition for Blacks in America. But really, we have few White heroes in any class. The disgusting behavior of Bill Gates is more than matched by the disgusting behavior of the White workers who cheer for Black basketball players and let their daughters run with sub-humans, and by the mindless adoption by White yuppies of every Jew-promoted fashion, no matter how degenerate. And anyway, when I speak of White elites I am not thinking primarily of rich Whites. I am thinking of Whites able to think for themselves, regardless of income. Being rich doesn't automatically bestow the ability to think independently, but being able to think independently does give a person certain advantages in the struggle for survival. ...

And, as I indicated a moment ago, it's not just the professionals to whom we must address ourselves. It is the elite minority of our people able to think for themselves, regardless of what they do for a living. The lemmings may not be bothered by the prospect of mulatto grandchildren, and perhaps Bill Gates isn't either, but among the thinking minority plenty of White people are bothered by that prospect. ...

Now, thinking people never will be able to outvote the lemmings. And a howling mob of the dispossessed outside the city gates, acting alone, never will take a strong citadel, but with allies inside to open the gates, the prospects for taking the citadel improve dramatically. We live today in a technocratic society. Money and the media and politics may seem all-powerful at first glance, but all of these elements of power are completely dependent on a technocratic elite, an elite that understands the mechanism that keeps the wheels turning and that has its hands on the levers which control the machine.

Furthermore, the mediacrats depend not only on the engineers and programmers who keep their machinery of illusion running, but also on a creative and artistic minority who create their illusions for them, and not all of these toilers in the illusion factory are Jews.

And so while our television screens are filled with images of the media-approved politicians strutting and smiling and kissing Black babies, we'll continue helping the independent-minded portion of the population understand what's happening. We'll continue building an organization based on that elite minority of the White population. And we'll continue building our media capabilities, our ability for communicating with everyone in the White population willing to listen. I'd be happy to have you join us in this effort. =-=-

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of November 18, 2000

Lordy, Lordy! Payback Time Is Here by Dr. William Pierce


... Really, if there's any group of people in America who deserve to suffer, it's the White middle-class. It's the people who have been warned for decades about where this country is headed, but who were too shortsighted, too timid, and above all too greedy, too selfish, to do anything about it. During the 1960s, when Blacks were rioting and burning our cities, middle-class Whites refused to take a strong stand against them because that would disrupt the country even more and would be bad for business; instead they tried to appease the Blacks with all sorts of new civil rights laws and other government programs. They tried to buy them off. The Whites just wanted to continue indulging themselves; they didn't want to do anything that might require a bit of austerity in return for the long-term improvement of the country.

In the 1970s, when the real push was on to racially integrate the country through forced busing and forced housing and forced employment laws, and many White working-class people were demonstrating in the streets against this forced racial integration, the comfortable middle class, which was not being as adversely affected as the blue-collar class, refused to become involved. The White lawyers and doctors and accountants and professors and engineers and small businessmen just looked the other way and kept on stuffing their faces. Their kids weren't being bused to Black schools; their employment wasn't being threatened by affirmative action. They certainly weren't going to jeopardize their own comfort and security and respectability, just because of what was happening to working-class White kids and working-class White parents.

Of course, many middle-class Whites were concerned about the degenerative trends which were all too obvious in America during the 1960s and 1970s. They just weren't concerned enough to do anything. Their solution was just to vote Republican and keep making as much money as possible, so that they could insulate themselves and their own immediate families from what was happening around them, and to hell with everyone else. And so we had the Reagan era, and the White middle class thought that their strategy of compromise and appeasement and selfishness had worked.

Well, of course, it hadn't worked. Such strategies never work in the long run. People who will not fight eventually will be eaten by people who will fight. A community whose members are so self-centered that they will work only for their own personal benefit and not for the common good eventually will be destroyed by its enemies.

And our enemies have been at work, day and night. They opened our borders to the subhumanity of the Third World and began building up their numbers. They encouraged feminism and began reducing our numbers by persuading our women that careers were more important than families. They infiltrated and took over our educational establishment and taught our children that they should be ashamed of their own race, that their own history and traditions weren't worth learning about.

And the children of the White middle class learned instead that doing drugs and putting safety pins through their noses and wearing baseball caps backward and listening to Black rappers is cool. And the daughters of the White middle class began bedding down with Blacks and becoming pregnant with mongrel babies, and their parents didn't like it, but they tolerated it, as long as they could hang onto their money and their comfort and their lifestyle. And eventually the enemies of our people were strong enough to launch the Clinton era. But the members of the White middle class were still comfortable, and so they tolerated the Clinton era too, with all of its treason and degeneracy. They tolerated the total Judaization of their government. They tolerated the Clinton government's bombing of Belgrade to force Serbia into line with the New World Order. They didn't like it, but they tolerated it. ...

{end quote}

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of January 12, 2002

What Is Moral? By Dr. William Pierce http://www.natvan.com/pub/2002/011202.txt


When our ancestors arrived in America from Europe in the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, they encountered intense opposition from the Indians, which was natural enough, since the Indians were here first and didn't want us taking their land. But after the first few massacres of White settlers by Indians, our ancestors rolled up their sleeves and virtually exterminated the Indians, and I don't think they had to do a lot of moral agonizing about it first. And it wasn't a gentlemanly war either. We deliberately left smallpox-infected blankets for the Indians to find, knowing that the Indians had no natural resistance to the disease. When we raided Indian villages we killed everybody, young and old, male and female, just like they did when they raided a White settlement. To our ancestors, the choice was: get rid of the Indians, or give up and go back to Europe. I doubt that moral qualms led many to go back to Europe so as not to have to kill Indians. To virtually all of them it was more moral to conquer the land for their descendants and to increase the territory and the power of their race than to let the Indians keep the land. Theirs was the morality of survival, the morality of life.

A couple of things have changed since those days. First, we had a much stronger sense of identity, a much stronger sense of racial community, then than now. When it was a matter of Whites versus Indians, everyone knew whose side he was on. Second, we lived much closer to Nature then. We had not been softened by so much security and so many comforts, and reality was something we had to deal with every day in order to survive.

Actually, I've oversimplified this example of Whites versus Indians. By the 19th century some East Coast White liberals had decided they were on the Indian side. They were Whites who had been safely established in the cities for a couple of generations and softened thereby, and they didn't have to face Indians on the frontier. They wrote books, gave lectures to groups of gentlemen, and preached Sunday sermons to the credulous that idealized the Indians as "noble savages," ignored the horrible atrocities committed by the Indians against White settlers, and emphasized White depredations against the Indians. Fortunately, by the time their activities began to have much effect on public opinion or government policy, the Indians were pretty well finished; otherwise the population of the United States today might look much like that of Mexico.

{I support those white oppenents, whom Pierce condemns}

Today the process is somewhat similar, but in reverse. Back in the 1960s nearly all of us already were too soft, too comfortable, too secure, and the propagandists for a new morality, the morality of surrender and death, already had poisoned our souls. We had to treat the Blacks fairly, we believed. We must not accuse the good Jews along with the bad Jews, along with the Zionists. We must not advocate anything that would punish the innocent with the guilty. We had to have a just cause before we could do anything. But now, with the hour of decision at hand, with the grim reality of racial extinction before us, some of us are beginning to understand that the morality of survival is a higher morality than the morality of fairness. I hope that the books I have written, and the lectures and sermons I have been giving, as unpolished and ungentlemanly as they are, have had some small part in bringing this understanding to some of our people.

{end quote}

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