Vegetable Seeds might be the new Toilet Paper

- by Peter Myers, March 31, 2020

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Vegetable Seeds might be the new Toilet Paper

- by Peter Myers, March 31, 2020

In the wake of Covid-19, Fruit and Vegetable Prices will Skyrocket; better plant vegetable seeds NOW.

Someone told me yesterday that a cauliflower now costs $13 in the local shops.

Farmers can no longer employ backpackers and migrant workers. They have to employ Locals instead - the very Locals they have spurned for years. In our area, the unemployment rate has recently been 13% (and that's only the official rate), but large numbers of backpackers & migrant workers are brought in.

Fruit and Vegetable picking are hard work; I believe that all politicians should have to spend a week or two each year doing it. They would soon learn a respect for manual labour.

Farmers are going to have to pay their workers Dollars, not Pesos. And improve work conditions - no more slave labour.

This means that the price of fruit and vegetables must rise; and there might be shortages.

This will cause real estate prices in the big cities to fall. One reason they were so high is that low prices for food, and cheap goods from China, left money in pockets which the banks decided to grab as they loaned more and more for the very same house.

But the true value is what people can afford - so that will fall.

And that will cause banks to fail, because mortgages will exceed valuations. Unlike in the US, where you can just hand the keys back to the bank and walk away, in Australia the bank can go after you to cover their loss. But politicians will suffer insurrection if they side with the banks in the wake of the coronavirus.

I believe that city people will increasingly flee to the countryside; it will be like the 'Back to the Land' movement of the mid 1970s, pioneered by the hippies.

I was part of that movement. One of the most striking features of it was that city people, once living in rural settings, adopted the Sexual Division of Labour - the traditional role models that Feminism rejects.

The women had babies at home, were homemakers, and looked after the children. They were feminine and wore maxiskirts.

The men built houses. They learned from magazines, from old books, from the local rednecks, and by helping one another. They did NOT do courses. Courses don't teach you anything - you only learn by DOING. So, if you want to build a house, first build a shed - even a chook-house. Even those tasks have been made illegal, by the Nanny Staters. You need a license to do EVERYTHING.

In the late 1970s, civil war was in the air. Guns were not involved, but the loss of the Vietnam War had created a crisis of legitimacy for the Ruling Class.

As a result, insubordination to authority was widespread. In rural areas, people just went ahead and built homes, or had babies at home, without bothering about the rules. Building inspectors dared not interfere.

These days, with the Nanny State much stronger, Building and Health inspectors WOULD interfere. But after the first few get shot, they will accept the popular mood. That will happen in the US - because people have guns there.

Numerous intrusive laws will go by the board in a very short time.

Traditional norms will return; Sex Change and Gay Marriage will disappear. I'm not saying that Gays or Homosexuality will disappear, but the institutionalisation of homosexuality will disappear. There will be no more Gay Mardi Gras.

The Nanny Staters have got Insurance Companies to enforce their laws, denying you insurance for DIY jobs. But when I built a house in 1979, I had no trouble getting insurance. I believe that those days will return.

The other scenario common in alternative media at present, is that Big Pharma are behind this pandemic, and are busy developing vaccines, which will be forced on everyone as compulsory mass vaccination.

Many of the big Pharma companies are not trusted, in the wake of the MMR triple vaccine causing an autism epidemic, especially when given at too young an age. This had not happened when single vaccines were used (i.e. each of the 3 vaccines was given separately). Also, the NUMBER of vaccines being administered to each child. has increased sharply from the mid 1980s. The anti-Vaxxers are mainly people who actually vaccinated their children, with adverse results.

If YOUR child in not one of those with Autism, you might think that the Autism epidemic does not affect you. But what happens in school, when a child who cannot talk enters school with normal children? I know one 5-year old who can't talk but who has just started school. Does that not present great difficulties for the teacher and the quality of instruction for the other children? Then, when that child becomes an adult, maybe still wearing a nappy or drinking from a bottle, will it not impact everyone? It will collapse the welfare system.

But many people dismiss this as a fake issue - the very same people who dismissed Covid-19 as a media beat-up, a few weeks ago.

Medicines contain preservatives. I use a nasal spray whose main ingredient is Oxymetazoline Hydrocxhloride. But it also contains a small amount of a preservate, Belzalkonium Chloride. That ingredient actually CAUSES Rhinitis (nasal congestion) if used for more than three days; but I get hooked on it. My doctor told me that the EU is aware of the problem, but you cannot buy such sprays without the preservative.

If you look at Mould Cleaners in the shops, you will find that many of them contain the very same Belzalkonium Chloride as their main ingredient. It's an industrial chemical.

The same applies to vaccines. Mercury has been added to many of them, as a preservative. It's since been removed from some, but not all. Vaccines also contain aluminium. Even when ONE presevative has been removed, others will have been added.

It's often MINOR ingredients, which nobody pays attention to, that are the culprit.

So, these doomsday scenarios predict that a police state will be imposed as part of a World Government; and that dissenters will be sent to concentration camps.

I don't think that China or Russia would submit to a World Government. Nor will the public in Western countries accept a police state. A spirit of rebellion is in the air, as it was in the mid 1970s.

The US Federal election is a farce, a contest between two no-hopers. There must be plenty of talented people available - Robert F. Kennedy Jr is one - but the political system constrains them to party membership, which means acceptance of Globalisation, the very cause of our current predicament. Either way, the fox will be in charge of the henhouse. But change is in their air. Something will happen, but we cannot discern it yet.

So, two scenarios are presented: one says that we will be dragooned into a Police State, the other that a populist uprising will get rid of the Nanny State.

In any case, better plant vegetable seeds NOW, before the shops run out. They might be the new Toilet Paper.


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